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I thought I would explain to you how I clip and organize my coupons! I have a way of doing it that I feel is fast, easy, and organized. I use to save each insert and not clip them until I needed a coupon out of them. I have found an easier way. I found that not clipping them would just leave me a messy pile of inserts later as more and more coupns were individually clipped from them.

Here is a video….and below are detailed instructions!

Here is my Sunday ritual:

1- Go to the Dollar Store and buy my newspapers. You would be surprised how much that extra .50 savings adds up every week with 10 newspapers, and let’s face it, we all love to save money! :)

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2- Go home and pull out all of the inserts from each newspaper. There will be a Red Plum, Smart Source, and some weeks an extra insert or two such as General Mills. (Keep a look out for those). I then give the remaining part of the newspaper to my parents who have a parrot whom loves doing his “business” on them! I sometimes will keep some of it for my kiddos to do their art projects on them as well as carving pumpkins.


3- Start out with one type of insert. So let’s say Smart Source first. Take your pile of Smart Source and find the “center” or somewhere near it. Open it up and lay it in an open area (you will need a lot of space).

4-Now do this with the rest of the Smart Source pile. Make sure each insert is opened to the exact same page.


5- Take one page from each of the opened inserts (make sure they are the same pages) and staple the coupons on them. Make sure you staple every coupon front and back and staple over the PICTURE, NOT on the barcode.


6- Now you cut out each of the stapled coupons. This will leave you with a stack of 10 of the same coupons stapled together. Continue to do this with every single page and then do the same with the Red Plum, but make sure you separate all of the Red Plum clipped coupon stacks from the Smart Source coupons. This is so that if I refer to something such as 9/12 RP you need to know where to find it and if you have all the coupons together you won’t know what coupons were from which insert. Next 2 steps will explain how I keep them separate.

*TIP- If you have an insert that is two pages you just open the pages up as if it were one big insert, see picture below.*

7- So now you have all your inserts coupons clipped. I leave them stapled together. This makes it so much easier when at the store so I don’t lose random coupons. Then say you want to use 2 out of the 10 coupons you can just pull them off slowly, it’s really easy. Or say you want to use all 10, then you can just hand the stapled stack to the cashier and yes, they will accept them stapled together.

8- I buy freezer ziplock bags (from the dollar store) and label them with the date and what insert it is on the front. So I would put 9/12 Red Plum or 9/12 Smart Source. Put your stapled stacks in the bags and voila! When I refer to something saying 9/12 RP you know exactly where to find it!!


9-I have crates in my garage that I store the coupon filled ziplock bags in. On the front of the crate I put a label with the month. So that means in each crate you will have 4 weeks of coupon inserts so if there were two inserts in every paper that month then you will have 8 ziplock bags filled with coupons.

I have found that this is the easiest way to organize the coupons because you can easily find the coupons if you are using something like the “Grocery Game”.  It is more organized and a LOT less messy then having stacks of cut out inserts. If you’ve been doing it this way you know how messy those inserts get after clipping a few coupons out of them!

BTW- I pull out my FAVORITE coupons, the ones I know I am going to use or need to use and add those to my coupon binder so I can have them at the store.

I hope this helped you and didn’t confuse you, if you have any questions at all please contact me, I want to help you!

Also, Check out my post here about how to make a coupon binder and lots of readers tips!

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  1. Shawn says

    Ok, you must excuse me I’m a newbie But when you say and I quote
    ” Then say you want to use 2 out of the 10 coupons you can just pull them off slowly, it’s really easy. Or say you want to use all 10, then you can just hand the stapled stack to the cashier”
    Doesn’t most all coupons specify you could only use (1) Coupon per visit? Or can you use 10 of the same coupons during the same visit? I was curious when I hear avid couponers using a coupon multiple times.

    Thank you by the way I love your website and stockpile! It’s really awesome.

    – Shawn

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Shawn, you can use one coupon per item is what that means. Your item is the 1 purchase, so 1 coupon per item. Hope that makes sense….it’s a great question and a lot of people get confused about this. =)

    • Kelsey says

      There are some grocery stores that accept double coupons (if you have a Fry’s, they do. And Albertson’s has certain days that they will do it). This means you can use 2 coupons even if they say only 1 coupon per visit.

      • Amanda says

        If you are apart of military and shop at the commissary you can use a military coupon and a manufacter coupon on 1 item!!!

        • Ashley says

          I don’t think you can. I have been told my commissary store workers that you can not combine coupons at the commissary. Although, there are some cashiers that are cool and will let you. I think it even states on the DECA FB page you cannot combine the coupons.

  2. Veronica Preciado says


    I have a quick question for example if there is a store offering an item buy 1 get 1 free and I have a coupon buy 1 get 1 free coupon for that item does that mean I get 4 items for the price of 1? I’m not sure how that works.



    • Shay says

      If you have only one coupon then you can only get two items for free. Here is her explanation in her FAQ’s

      11- “Can you please explain how you get 2 items for free when you use a B1G1 Free coupon with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale?”

      With B1G1 sales if you use a B1G1 COUPON then you don’t have to pay anything. It’s kind of confusing but basically the free item you are getting with the coupon covers the item you would have paid for. So say there’s a sale on cereal for B1G1 Free…you’re getting 2 cereals and since you have a coupon for a FREE one and the sale is for a FREE one then both end up being FREE.

    • Abby says


      Im pretty sure what that means is that you pay for 2 of them and then you get 2 free!! I hope this answers your question!:)

  3. Ksena says

    Thanks for your tips! I am new to this and I haven’t found a good way to organize…this sounds easy and organized! I like it! :)

  4. Kay Lee says

    I’m an on & off again couponer, but I finally found a way that I like & am going to stick with & thought I’d share. I bought a $1 photobook from the local dollar store & then used recipe cards that I had laying around at home. I broke the pages into categories, canned food, cooking, dairy, etc…I have it alphabetized. Then on the index card I write what coupons I have in that section, all I have to do is cross of the coupon when used or print another. (For now I have Target coupons in the back & any supermarket in the front, but I think I’ll get a seperate photobook for targets.) I love this because it’s small enough to put in my purse & I can also write out my list & pull out all the coupons I need & put them in an empty page.

  5. shellyg says

    I used to use the accordion style coupon wallets & it was a mess, so I discovered I had a leather daytimer that zipped up & could also be used as a purse. I put in a couple dozen clear pouches & labeled the tabs. They had the correct hole punched for the daytimer. Now I simply take it with & it goes over my shoulder like a purse. I can easily flip thru the clear pages & see the coupons much easier.

    Second thing…. I have discovered that if you have those electronic coupons put on your customer card… you can get that deal AND a paper coupon on the same item.
    So watch which ecoupons you have on your card & match to any paper coupons AND any store promotions. During one shopping trip… the store deal was “buy 10 frozen items & get $5 off your total bill. So I had an Ecoupon, paper coupon (doubled to $1), store promotion (50 cents) AND I had a “$3 off your net shopping trip” register coupon. So you can see that is the way to “stack” coupons on 1 item.

    • Erika says

      I messed my first coupon trip up without thinking of the coupons I put on my store card. They wouldn’t allow me to use the “better” paper coupons because they scanned my card first. Should I not even bother putting coupons on my store card or should I have been able to use the electronic and the paper?

  6. Kelly says

    Thanks for the wonderful site! What about the coupons that now say only 4 like coupons per order. How do you get around that? Do you just start a new order?

  7. Stephanie says

    Like you said, this can get over-whelming! I am new but so want to learn the ropes. You talked about the paper insert coupons and how you organize them, but what about the online ones you print? Do you print multiples and staple them together and use them like the paper inserts?

  8. Jen says

    I really like you’re way of separating out your coupons but it might just be a little too labor intensive for me. I really like just pulling the inserts out, put them in my accordian file which yes, I actually take into the stores with me. Since I have 6 kids at home, it’s hard to organize any of my shopping trips at home, so i have to do my work at the store. It’s not the most efficient way, but it works for me. I will be passing this on to my older daughter who is living in CA and has a lot of time on her hands. I expect her to be a better couponer than I am in a few months.

  9. Maria says

    I actually started couponing less than a month ago. I have (2) 3 Ring binders organized into different sections and use baseball card holders and currency holders to store my coupons. I then have every single coupon entered into an Excel spreadsheet, with the product name, value, expiration date, where it’s located in the binder, and what paper the coupon was in. That way I can easily sort by expiration date and keep my coupons up to date. Not to mention it’s easier to find out if you have a coupon for a certain item. For example, if Lean Pockets go on sale, how do you know off the top of your head if you have a coupon for it? You have to rely on someone else telling you what paper the coupon was in. I on the other hand can do a simple search in Excel and know in a second whether or not I have a coupon for that certain item.

  10. Amanda says

    I have just started looking into couponing…being a mother of 3..i could definitely use the extra money. Ive never used coupons but I would love to start and become efficient when using them…your website has given me allot of good ideas..thank you for taking the time to share! Are some stores better than others when it comes to using coupons?
    Thanks so much!

      • Kim says


        Most sites only allow you to print 1-2 copies of internet printable coupons, just as Noelle has stated above. However, I kind of found a way around this if you don’t have access to multiple computers. I have a printer which is also a scanner/copier. I got it from Walmart on sale for $38. Its a Canon and they currently have this printer on sale, not sure when the sale ends though. So what I do, is just print ONE of each internet coupon that is available and then make as many copies of them as I need. Its been working for me, so hopefully it will work for you too. :-) Happy Couponing!!!


        • Melissa says

          Scanning and reprinting a coupon is actually considered fraud. I would not recommend doing this. This is one reason why stores are very hesitant about accepting printed coupons. I had a manufacturer’s coupon from Post-it and I printed one from their website. Wal-Mart was not going to accept the printed one because they said it looked like it was a copy, even though it was printed directly from their website. Please rethink the option of scanning and reprinting.

          • linda says


    • Rochelle says

      My printer allows me to scan stuff in and make copies. Is this legal to do? Wouldn’t this be the same as printing this out?

      • Andrea says

        You can’t make copies of coupons. It’s not legal, no. You can print out the ones they give you and if you look, most have a pin number or some sort of unique identification number. Scanning/Copying the coupon can get you in trouble, and is absolutely coupon fraud. As mentioned previously, this is why stores are so hesitant to accept printed internet coupons… Kroger is only allowing one internet coupon per day per item now. So for instance, you can’t go and buy 2 bottles of Pepsi and use 2 internet coupons.. they’ll only accept one. Making copies of those coupons hurts everyone. :(

        • Michelle says

          online coupons have an allowance on how many times they can be printed out. Once they reach their limit it is no longer available to be printed. I am fairly new at this, but what I am doing is going to a few different websites and printing off the same coupons.

  11. Amanda Clark says

    I just had to tell you that the stapling idea is very hedlpfulm! I already used Ziplocs & had the separated into departments (household, grocery, health & beauty, etc.) & then alphabetically, which I still do, but I now mark them SS or RP with the date.
    You have made couponing a lot easier or me & I thank you for that! I also appreciate the head’s up on all the freebies, samples & everything. I am a member of several money saving groups, but this was my first & is my fave. I still haven’t constructed a binder & it’s hurting my speed at the store, so that’s my next priority. Thanks again. -Manda

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Thank you Amanda and you are very welcome!! I try to make it simple and easy to understand because I remember how confused I was when I first started. =)

  12. Kasi says

    Could you explain how a coupon would work with a sale of buy 1 get one 50% off? I’m just learning to coupon and that one has me passing up deals cause I’m not sure what the outcome would be. Thanks.

  13. Nicole says

    I am me and my husband are military and we like to save as much money as we can I just started doing coupons. sometime i feel like i am not saving much on something like buy two save 40 cent to me that is not a good deal. How do you know what a good deal is? I would love to have a stockpile like the one pic i seen on your facebook but i just feel like i am not getting a good deal..

  14. Angie says

    Here’s my question…I’m always reading that the more your buy the more you save and I get that part but how do you calculate the number of coupons vs items bought to get them for either free or close to free? Is there something I’m missing? If I have a $5 off coupons for an item that’s $8.88 I can only use one coupon for each item bought so each comes out to $3.33. How does it equal free with more bought?

    • Cathryn P says

      the way I understand it is when you have items that are less than the value of your coupon, you’ll get an overage. That overage, many times, will be added to your total. So, for example, if you have that $8.88 item – $5 coupon that will equal the $3.88. Well, now let’s say you have three $2/1 coupons for deodorant (or something similar) that is on sale for $1. Now you have a $3 overage. So now you subtract that $3 overage from your $3.88 and you’ll pay 88 cents

      I hope that helped!

    • Cassie says

      Angie. If your store allows you to use more then one coupon you could get a better deal. For example at target you can use 3 different kinds of coupons. Manufactured coupons, Printed coupons and Target coupons. So if you had an Item that was $8.88 a $5 off Mfg coupon. Then found another printable coupon for $5 they would have to give you $1.22 towards your other purchases. They do not give you cash back though. You have to purchase another item. So grab a few candy bars :) Good Luck!!

  15. Ashley says

    I really like the staple idea…. I wonder if you use paperclips instead?? I know it would be easier to take them apart but would the clipping be easy as well?? Just a thought!

    • Kim says


      All you need is a staple remover, you can get them for $1 or less, just about anywhere. Thats what I use and its a whole lot easier then tearing them off one by one if your only using a couple of the stapled stack. Hope this helps! :-)


  16. Denise says

    Thanks for the great idea. I had a coupon binder and the system was working great. But someone decided they needed my coupon binder more than I did and stole it. I lost all my coupons.

    • Erica says

      Denise, that’s horrible!!! I’m sorry you lost your binder, but hope you are able to get another soon :)

      • says

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  17. Jessica W says

    this is a great tip! i will be using this for sure. it will make shopping much easier. Thank you

  18. Michaela says

    I am new to all this couponing – I would like to start out small and then branch out. I have started to clip coupons and am now making sure I use them when I buy toothpaste, shampoo etc when it is on sale. Where do you think I shouls start?


  19. karebear says

    What is the “Grocery Game”? I have a Cas-it Binder that I think is 3in maybe it’s more, but is at least 3in and I just got it about a week ago and I filled it ! I have to push on it and it is stretching the zipper. and I only have inserts from 3/13 up to now. I just have so many. I don’t live in town so it is much easier to take it all with me. Any advice on what to do? I don’t think and in or 2 at this point in the game is going to help my problem. Thanks for your help.

  20. tabitha creamer says

    heres something that i have found helpfull for me.i like to scrapbook,so i have a pic. cutter,(not sure thats the right name for it) you can get them in differnt sizes,i found mine at wal-mart on sale. it has a base that you lay your pic.on and a grid to make sure you have it also has this little piece of plastic that you slide your pic. under to help hold it,after you slide your pic thur it has a blade you lift slide the pic. under the strip of plastic to the place where you want to cut the pic.then just push the blade down.i have found this works well with cliping coupons so much faster for me.

  21. alison says

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to couponing too and I was wondering..when I watch the shows on tv they purchase like 20 of an item …where and how do they get that many of the same coupon?

      • Andrea says

        You can print them online or buy multiple papers. I also get coupons from friends/family members who get the paper and usually toss the coupons. Stores often give out coupon booklets too. And most company websites will offer coupons, as well as the company Facebook pages. :)
        You can’t make copies of internet coupons! It’s considered fraud!

  22. ginai says

    Making copies of coupons is illegal! this is why we are having problems with the stores not wanting to accept the ‘printed’ out coupons, the ‘new’ couponers are so misinformed by this.. please, please STRESS that making/copying coupons is not acceptable. and only causes grief to ‘regular’ couponers because now stores are now more reluctant to accept the printed out versions.

    As for that ‘extreme coupon’ show, it has RUINED it for many old time couponers, because like it says, they go to the extreme… I think it is really shows a persons character to walk into a store and ‘clear’ the shelf… why not leave some for the next person? I AM a couponer… I like saving money, but I don’t need 59 boxes of pasta, or 62 jars of mustard. that is just simply being a greedy person. I bet it is those very people who go to the buffet and pile their plates with all the food, and not save any for the person behind them, and then do not even eat all the food they just stacked up.
    sad really. greed is an evil.

  23. Rhonda says

    Ok I am new at this also. Just got one of our local store add and it had kraft coupons in it. They don’t say manufacturer’s coupon they say in ad coupon on them. They also say redeemable at Nash Finch Supplied Retailers. So can I use these at any store that sells Kraft or does it have to me at the store that had them in thier add and can I combine these with manufacturers coupons?

    • Anna says

      You would have to use it at Nash Finch Supplied Retailers unless another store in your area accepted competitors coupons. Also you would have to look at that stores policy to see if they would allow you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Hope that helps.

  24. Elizabeth says

    Hi my name is Liz, I lost my job 2 weeks ago, I have 4 children and i am a single mom living in Phoenix, and i want to start clipping coupons, I got the sunday paper but I am not understanding on how to really save money, I heard some websites give you coupons, but I have no clue of those sites, I got this website from the cashier at walmart. Can someone please help me and give me the name of some websites on how to print and use coupons, and where to ge the best deals. I greatly appreciate this. Good Bless
    Thank You

    • Susie says

      Go on Facebook and do a search for coupon, freebies, etc. There will be a lot of pages to “like”. After I “like” a page, I look on the left side and see their “like” list, then link to various other pages. Most companies now have FB pages and you can get coupons, freebies and samples from many of them. Hope this helps!

  25. kelly says

    was looking for category list that you use don’t see it on website did i overlook this. great webiste thanks for all that you do to help others save.

  26. Jackie says

    Feeling really dumb! I went and bought 9 news papers today and there are no coupons in any paper!!!! What?!?! I live in a small town and thought coupons would never work here, boy was I right! Ha, all we have is a Walmart and HEB….. Just never thought I’d have to check every paper for a coupon insert- I have learned my lesson!

    • Sarah says

      There are websites out there that show a schedule of coupons coming out in Sunday papers. Usually, there are no coupons on holiday weekends. I didn’t know this either, as I am a newbie at couponing but looked around and found that information. I’m not sure your location or papers available in your area but I would check around to see where your coupon inserts are available. Good luck and don’t feel dumb! It’s happened to me too!

      • Jackie says

        Thank you Sarah for the encouragement! I bought my papers this Sunday and have sorted them, I need to cut them out! Local grocery stores are not that great with coupons – Walmart and HEB hmmm I shall see

  27. peggy marshall says

    i’ve been clipping and using coupons for ever but dont quite get the “jest” of how to actually get the items for free. Does it just depend on the “market area” or are all stores pretty much the same. Im in dallas texas.

    • Lina says

      i feel you on that one…im new and im still trying to figure out how to get items for free..i just need to be more organized because I look for coupons in my binder when I get there. your lucky cuz you have all these other stores there. I live in Lubbock and we only have a few. I wish we had a Kroger or HEB here. as far as getting it for free, i think you have to buy more of the item. i dont know…im trying to learn just like you…i hope you get some items for free..godd luck!!

  28. Jackie says

    Found an ad in the walgreens paper for bogo on cover girl makeup and there are $5 off 2 items and $1 off any one item so can we use both coupons with the bogo? I have calculated we would get 1 penny for every 2 products. Is this correct? I’m a newbie and I’m trying understand the math here, thanks

    • Lani says

      Jackie, I’m with you too. Im a newbie too.I don’t get how to calculate all this coupon stuff on how to get it close to nothing or for free. I would love to learn more too. Good luck.

  29. says

    Hi! I am a newbie to this… I am trying to get started and am wondering how the store brand coupons work. for example: Kroger won’t take Target coupons but target will take kroger…Is there a “rule” for this? Also, who has the BEST coupon policy (grocery stores) I understand Kroger just changed theirs?

  30. Nocole says

    Hi, I just want to thank u for sharing all ur great tips! I would like to ask how long have u been doing this to get ur stockpile? Do u show where they double your coupons? I live in California and we don’t have anywhere that doubles any suggestions?

  31. Megan says

    I live in California and I was able to get the LA times for .19 cents a paper. So I am getting 6 papers every Sunday for about $62 for the year. Here is the post that I found it on from a site that I pay to subscribe to:

    Hi! I tried searching the forums for anyone else who may have posted this before with no results. So excuse me if this info has already been posted before. However, Nancy suggested that this would be great info to share with the Southern California users on this board.

    Anyway, I just signed up for CouponSense last night and wanted to look into my options for getting just a Sunday only Subscription for the Los Angeles Times. When I got to their website and clicked on their subscription link I noticed they had a field for entering a coupon code.

    A quick Google search for “Los Angeles Times promo codes” and I ended up on Retailmenot which has been a really good source for promo codes that I’ve successfully used in the past:

    If you click on the above Retailmenot link then click on the first promo code number listed: 460024, it will open up a new browser window that will send you to the L.A. Times subscription page AND copy the promo code to your clipboard. Click on the “click here” link found in the “Subscribe to The Times” box, and you’ll get the page where you can paste the coupon code into the appropriate field. Enter you street address and submit your information, then you’ll be able to select from one of 3 subscription types:
    Thursday through Sunday service
    Everyday service
    Sunday only service

    You also have the option to select from 1 to up to 3 copies of the paper to be home delivered.

    I am not sure if it will still work, but can’t hurt to try. I ordered 3 under my name and 3 under my husband and all 6 show up every Sunday.

    Hope this helps someone!

    • Corinne says

      I went thru the whole order process (for 19 cents a paper)… including entering my credit card number… only to then be told they don’t service my area. Not too crazy that my credit card info was supplied for something I now can’t receive. :(

  32. Sabrina says

    I clip my inserts like this also, but I could never survive putting them randomly into ziploc bags. I bought myself a Pro Deluxe coupon organizer from amazon that has 130 different categories in which I sort all of my coupons. I tried the binders and all kinds of other ways but I have found this to be the best way for me thus far. This way when I am in the store I have all my coupons handy in case I run across an unadvertised deal or clearance item.

  33. Meghan says

    Really happy i read this…..TTTHHAAANNKKKK YOOOOUUUUU !(: Btw couponed for x-mas candies and i got over 40 snickers nutcrakers for free !

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  35. Ashley says

    Just a helpful tip: I organize my coupons the same way and I find it very helpful to get on a computer and type out all the coupons shown in each book, print the list, & put it in the bag. It helps those who dont search for deals online & come across a deal in store or in a ad. That way your not fighting through millions of coupons. Saves lots of time! Happy couponing (: – Ashley

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  37. Jan T says

    Love all the tips you have at your site. My husband and I are getting ready to retire and we need all the help to find ways to save money at the store. I am working on creating a binder and I can’t seem to find the insert sheets you have that hold 3 coupons on a page. I have the baseball card sheets. I do a lot of Internet coupon clipping and they are long coupons so they really don’t fit well in the baseball card sheets.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Jan T

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    Home Depot’s largest store is located in Anaheim, California.
    If you regularly do business with multiple people within a department, trying to come up with multiple gift ideas can be downright perplexing.

  48. Sharon S. Jones says

    I thoroughly enjoy this site. I have been viewing it for years. This is my first attempt at saving with coupons. I am a little bit confused but I realize that it will take time to really understand the concept of it. I am so thankful for your site. It is very informative and clear to understand. The answers that you have given are simple and direct. Also, I appreciate the fact that you have provided the necessary information and tips to help anyone interested in using coupons. Starting out, I don’t expect to do what you do, but at some point I hope to save really big. I want to learn how to use coupons to save so that I may be a blessing to others in need, churches and other organizations that have feeding programs. There are only two people in my household, so I really don’t need very much, but I certainly would like to help others. That is why I want so much to do this. Thank you for providing us with the store policies and all that you have provided through the web site. May you truly be blessed abundantly above all that you may think or ask of God,

  49. Cyndee says

    I tried to go to your link at the bottom of your page and it doesn’t go anywhere. is the page still there and I need a different address.

    thanks for the info.

  50. says

    Let’s transpose that experience to an online experience.

    Make sure that you become an excelling student of the process but also make sure you have a good business system to support you so that your efforts will not be wasted.
    Unfortunately, for some people it will be easier to speak your audiences language than others.

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