I like to print off coupons from these places for items that I use often in my home or know I will use. I don’t like to print a ton of coupons for random items because it seems they just go to waste and never get used. I also will print coupons from here when I can see that there is a sale matched up with an item. Don’t worry, if I come across a good deal and a coupon needs to be printed, I will post it and a link to where the coupon is so you can print it then otherwise it can be too overwhelming.

There is one exception to this…if I spot a high value coupon ($1 or $2 off) then I will print it right then because sometimes those high value coupons don’t last long. – This is by far my favorite and I print a lot of coupons from here! There are a ton of great coupons for items found at most grocery stores.

Red Plum – More grocery store coupons.

Smart Source – You can find more grocery coupons here.

Target – I love these coupons, some are Target Store coupons which can be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon for doubled savings!

Cellfire – is great because it will load the coupons directly to your shopping card for the stores you shop at!


  1. Julie Van Orman says


  2. Audie Siegel says

    where is the Ihop coupon?

  3. How often do the websites change their coupons or add new ones? How often should we be checking them?

  4. Maria Robertson says

    I can’t print this coupon

  5. Has anyone seen any post cereal coupons?

    • I don’t know if you’re still interested, but at Walmart at the Customer Service Desk they had booklets with about 20 coupons in it and one was for $1.00 off 2 post cereals

  6. cellfire has a free visine coupon. Pass it on…

  7. where to find more coupons


  9. Roslyn, why would you suggest a website like ? They charge money for coupons, and isnt the idea of coupons to save money so that we can afford to get groceries for our families in these hard times ? Just sayin….

    • Some people like to buy thier coupons instead of clipping them, this is good if you are going to use it to stock up. A lot of extreme couponers buy coupons. When you see the show (which I am not a fan of), those people are buying coupons. It’s a good option for some, but not always. Sites like this sell the coupons for really cheap, so you do still save in the end. Also, if there is a regional coupon that you want and it is not in your area, you can buy them from these sites. What you *shouldn’t* pay for is sites that charge a fee to do the matchups and stuff, because you can find that stuff for free on sites like this one. So you are right about that! 🙂 I have also bought coupons on eBay.

  10. every time I go to ANY website (this is just one of the most popular ones) if they want me to download a coupon printer then i might as well leave the site and mark it off the list because Ive tried and tried with several sites and trouble shooted for hours with these sites and still can not get any coupons printed. so my question is…do you know of any good sites i can use that i do NOT have to download anything to print out the coupons?

    • Every printable coupon website ive been to ive had to have the coupon printer. Its the manufactures way of making sure everyone only prints 2 copies per computer (which is usually the limit) With your troubleshooting problem, im not exactly sure how your specific computer is set up with firewalls and antivirus, but sometimes they make it so you cant download things as easy.

    • i also had problems, i use internet explorer. i found if you download mozilla it usually fixes the problem & you can print. i also had problems printing the catalina couons and had to use mozilla to do that. hope that helps

  11. I love purex he brand laundry detergent! I use it all the time. I also love tide and gain, but they are too expensive for me to buy. i would love coupons for these items.

  12. on the target coupons, is there a way to know which one’s are store and which one’s are manufacturer before printing?

  13. Can you use the Target coupons other places like WalMart since they price match?

    • susan Quesenberry says

      if you go to walmarts website they now have a tab for samples and saving, for free stuff and coupons for walmart. They have their coupon policy on there that explains everything but from my understanding they except competitors coupons also.

  14. hey i am a mommy of twins and go thru a ton of diapers and wipes. do you ever get coupons for huggies wipes or pampers diapers?

  15. Hi if you are reading this i am your biggest fan! I love your work! I go on this website everyday, thank you so much. -Meghan

  16. Hi, do you have to pay for printing the coupons because every time i try to print a coupon it won’t print. they always come out mirror image and in my computer it is off.

  17. Is there any other website besides this one to get coupons for not only groceries and dining, but for retail for women, men, and kids? I’m having a hard time trying to find theml..

  18. can i use coupons from rebpulm and at the same time?

  19. Regards from Ballykinler 😉

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  47. Is anyone having problems printing the red plum coupons. I finally got my printer to work woth the and smartsource, but not red plum. It keeps saying Java is blocking it becuse the publisher does not have permission or something like that. This gets very irritating. GRRRRR

  48. Still having problems printing coupons. Firefox gives me this: The page isn’t redirecting properly
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.
    I have enabled cookies, but still won’t do anything. Now last week it worked fine until that stupid Catalina site was trying to download then my computer didn’t work right after that. Now I can’t print anything from SS, RP.

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