Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

crock pot breakfast casserole

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Tomorrow morning I am going to be making this next recipe again so I decided it was time to get my post together and finally post this delicious recipe. You can make this Breakfast Casserole for breakfast or for dinner…who doesn’t love a hearty breakfast for dinner right?! You can change up the ingredients a little if needed or if you have different veggies on hand. I like to use veggies I have that are just sitting in my fridge about ready to go bad. I’m sure you will love this easy crock pot recipe…enjoy!

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

What you need:

  • 1 bag Frozen Hash Brown Potatoes (32 oz)
  • 1 lb Bacon
  • 1 Small Onion diced
  • 8 oz Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • 1/2 Red Bell Pepper diced
  • 1/2 Green Bell Pepper diced 3
  • 12 Eggs
  • 1 cup Milk

Super easy directions:

  1. Cut bacon in to small pieces, cook and drain (You could use precooked bacon to speed up the process).  10
  2. Add half bag of hash browns to bottom of slow cooker. 4
  3. Add half your bacon. 5
  4. Add half your onions.
  5. Add half your green and red peppers. 6
  6. Add half your cheese. 7
  7. Add remaining hash browns.
  8. Add remaining bacon.
  9. Add remaining onions.
  10. Add remaining green and red peppers.
  11. Add remaining cheese.
  12. In a medium sized bowl beat eggs and milk together.
  13. Pour egg mixture over your casserole. 8
  14. Add salt and pepper on top.
  15. Cook on Low for 4 hours or warm for 8 hours. 9

crock pot breakfast casserole collage


  1. Hi! I am coing over from Krazy Life Of Coupons. This looks sooo good. Wish me luck because I am trying this out Saturday morning.

  2. I made this tonight, minus the bacon and red bell pepper. DELICIOUS! Checking out the rest of your site. Thanks!

  3. Kim in MI says

    What size crockpot did you use?

  4. Followed your recipe completely. Set crockpot on warm for 8 hours, eggs didn’t set up. It’s runny still. Help!

    • The same thing happened to me. I added sliced tomatoes to the top of mine and i was thinking that added too much moisture. My potatoes didn’t cook all of the way either. I was thinking maybe it should have been cooked on Low and only use half the milk and brown the potatoes a little before adding them. Did you find a fix? I was going to make this when we had company in a few weeks. Sure glad I tested it first, that would have been a fail.

      • 17yearOldChef says

        It isn’t matter of moisture/liquid. Eggs will generally remain in the same viscosity if kept at a steady heat, no matter how long you cook it. Since many people said that their eggs were still runny, perhaps the temperature of their crockpots didn’t go past 140-150F? Check the temp of your warm/low settings.

        Maybe just leave it on high for a bit, and then leave it to stay warm until morning.

  5. I’m making mine in the oven right now… I’m in way too much of a hurry to eat it! I covered it with foil and put the oven on 325; I’m going to check it at about 45 minutes and then I’ll uncover it for maybe 10 more minutes to get the top browned… This is a test run so I may want to adjust the time some! I love the crock-pot idea for busy days like Christmas morning when I don’t want to have to get up and cook, I just want my food ready and waiting for me… Thx 🙂

  6. How many would you say this recipe serves?

    • My recipe came out perfect! Plus i made mine with Chorizo and spinach with added cherry tomatoes etc..I went all out.

    • With a dozen eggs (yikes!), plus hash browns AND cheese I’d say six. If you throw in some bread – toast, bagels, muffins – possibly 8. That’s adults. If you’re serving teen aged boys, all bets are off!

  7. The recipe sounds delicious! I need to know how many it serves though??

  8. Did anyone find a fix/reason for the runny eggs/uncooked potatoes that happened? I’m looking for ideas for Christmas morning breakfast and this seems so perfect since I could just set it up the night before. Looks delicious too. Any tips would be great…

    • Had this today says

      I simply cranked up the heat on the slow cooker to high while I was building the casserole in the slow cooker. After about forty five minutes I reduced the temperature to low and four hours later there was some liquid around the top edge of one side of the cooker. even though when I checked the internal temperature of the casserole it was 150 to 165 throughout that point, including where the liquid was. I simply cranked the temperature back up to high for thirty minutes then packed it up and took it to a church brunch for Christmas. Upon arriving at the church I simply plugged it back in an left it on high for the next forty minutes as I had to leaved it unattended at that point. It turned out great. Some of the edges were crispy but that was the part I liked most. Potatoes have a high moisture content, combined with the onions and peppers, so I am pretty confident that is where the liquid came from. I also dressed the top of the dish with two slices of bacon and two red and two green pepper rings to give it that Christmas look.

      I added ham and sausage with the other ingredients then I added a little dry mustard powder, garlic, Mrs. Dash, a few flakes of red pepper and I made sure to season each lawyer of the hash browns with salt and pepper to keep it from being bland. I used both mild cheddar and also medium cheddar. I left hot sauce and ketchup out next to the slow cooker. The hot sauce was pretty popular to compliment the dish.

      By the time the brunch started it was perfect. I came home with an empty crockpot. For those asking about how many does this serve, you can easily get ten large servings from this. If you are serving it with other items, you can expect it to please a crowd of several more. .

  9. I tried this recipe and I cooked it on warm all night (9+hrs) trying to avoid the moister problem. When I woke up it was still so wet. I opened up my crockpot turned up the heat and left the lid off hoping it was solidify but still no. We finally took it out and cooked it on an electric skillet. It tasted good but not worth the stress. Thumbs down to this one for me 🙁

  10. Made this for Christmas morning and it was a hit! I used an oval crockpot, used only 10 eggs (cause that’s all I had!) and 3/4 cup of milk (because of the runny comments), put it on low and it was done in about 6 1/2 hours when I woke up. Was not runny at all, very well cooked and everyone liked it! Will make again for sure!

  11. I made this for New Year’s Day company and it was delicious what did I thawed out the potatoes and let them dry out also cooked the peppers. Cooked on high for 3 hrs. Put a paper towel under the lid it was perfect

  12. Based on other reviews, I thawed, drained, and patted the potatoes very dry. I also lightly cooked the peppers and onions for a few minutes. I put paper towels under the lid and cooked on warm for almost 4 hours. It probably was really close to done, but brunch wasn’t for 4 more hours, so I kicked it back to warm and it was PERFECT. Zero moisture issues. Everyone raved about it, and not a speck was left (served 4 adults and 4 teens with some going back for more, but we also had other dishes)..

  13. This Recipe did not turn out as posted. I did add mushrooms and cooked sausage. This filled my 9 court crockpot to the brim. Per the comments I cooked on high and checked it every 40 mins I left it on high for a total of 5,5 hours and the egg did not cook 30 mins prior to my party beginning I through the crockpot pan in the oven. It did finally cook but it wasn’t that flavorful and in the end it took up valuable real estate in my oven. I would not recommend to try this recipe.

  14. How many does this serve? Sounds yummy!!

  15. This was not good. After finding out the

    • (Continuing the previous comment) Found out the hard way about the eggs not cooking. Made everything like the recipe calls for, and left it on the warm setting for over 10 hrs. It was very runny. Turned the crock pot to high for 4 hrs and it finally thickened up. The edges got crispy, but the middle seemed fine.

      It turns out that it tastes very bland. No amount if seasoning or hot sauce helped. The hot sauce merely covered over the underlying blandness. Will not be making again.

      I thought it was weird that the recipe says you can cook it for 8 hrs on warm. Turns out that us not the case. I wonder if that is a typo. Maybe it’s supposed to read cook it on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours before switching to warm. Either way it did not turn out good.

  16. I followed the directions, but used 10 eggs instead of 12. Mine cooked all the way through. It needed some more seasoning though, it was a little bland.

  17. Christine says


    I have a problem. In our country I can’t buy any Frozen Hash Brown Potatoes. What can I use than?

    Thank You the answer 🙂

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