Diamond Candles Only $13.50 (Reg. $30!)

These are very large candles (bigger than the picture looks)

Update – I found this sale under the area “Raleigh/Durham“.

Wowie! I have a pretty anwesome deal for all of you who love diamonds and candles! There is this HOT new product out called “Diamond Candles” and if you haven’t heard of them yet, you’re missing out. These super popular candles are the HOT thing right now and make for awesome gifts. Every candle has a ring in it worth $10, $100, $1,000 or $5,000! You can watch Youtube videos of people revealing their special ring!

Right now on Plum District you can get these Diamond Candles for just $15 (reg. $25 + shipping) but when you use the code VISA10 you will get them for only $13.50! There is a shipping fee of $5 so only $18.50 for these cute candles shipped to your door! These are normally $25 + $5 shipping so you are getting a great deal.



  1. Is anybody else having trouble finding this deal?? Is there a certain area you have to be in?

  2. Just bought a cupcake one! Excited to try out these cool candles 🙂

    • I’m not seeing where I can choose a scent… help??

      • Courtney C. says


        When you buy it thru Plum District, you just buy the voucher (you don’t pick anything specific.) Then you’ll get a code to go through Diamond Candles and you can pick a scent there.

  3. Courtney C. says

    Also, if you go through diapers.plumdistrict.com and enter code TAKE30 you can get it for $10.50 – it has to be the first time you’ve used the code (i think the code expires today or tomorrow) and also it’s a little harder to find the deal that way, but I found it in Minneapolis.

    you can also do that for other items too. I ended up ordering the personalized Otterbox case for my iPhone. the case is $60, but the plum district deal is $45. I used the code and got it for $31. Good luck and hope it works for someone

  4. I’m in Texas can I still do the Atlanta one?how does it work?

  5. Courtney C. Thank you so much for leaving that info! The Take30 code worked for me under Minneapolis as well! Got 2 vouchers for Diamond candles for $21!

    • Courtney C. says

      No problem at all! I was super excited when I got the code in my email the other day, so happy to pass it along!

  6. $5 off coupon code 🙂


    expires 9/20

  7. I love all the jewelry with sapphires. The band is pleasant.
    and the diamond stud earrings are nice also. but, I love sapphires.

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