10 DIY Cures For Bad Breath

DIY Cures For Bad Breath


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DIY Cures For Bad Breath

Maybe it’s something you ate at lunch? Or maybe you have suffered from bad breath for awhile. Either way there are quite a few simple natural remedies and food items that can help conquer bad breath quickly. Check out this list of DIY cures for bad breath below:

  1. Parsley: Chewing on that parsley garnish that came with your meal can actually help clear your breath of smells lingering from your meal.
  2. Cinnamon Sticks: These sticks aren’t just for your apple cider anymore! Take a bite of a cinnamon stick to kill the bacteria in your mouth.
  3. Dill: Eating a little dill can mask the odor of bad breath quickly.
  4. Water: Swish water in your mouth for about 20-30 seconds to clean your mouth and remove leftover food particles.
  5. Cheese: It’s been proven that cheese can fight plaque and fight mouth odor. A few pieces of cheese is a great snack that will keep you full and your breath fresh.
  6. Carrots: Grab a carrot next time your feeling self conscious about your breath, it will help get rid of the smell. Other options include celery and other fresh vegetables.
  7. Cloves: Chew a few pieces of this spice to naturally enhance your breath.
  8. Apples: An apple a day keeps the bad breath away? This is a great option for a mid day snack and breath freshener.
  9. Lemon Herbal Tea: The lemon in the tea can mask bad breath and leave you with a sweet aftertaste.
  10. Yogurt: Studies show that eating yogurt when you are experiencing bad breath can help fight bacteria and get rid of the odor.


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