DIY Febreze

DIY Febreze


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DIY Febreze

Febreze has always been a great tool for freshen up the house in a flash! But did you know you could make your own with products you have laying around the house? To start you will need spray bottle of your choice to put the mixture in. Simply add the combinations below into the spray bottle and shake it up! Make sure to do a quick spot test if you are using these combos on furniture. Check out the combos below and your house will be smelling fresh in no time:

Combination #1

1 Cup fabric softener of your choice
1 Cup white vinegar
2 Cups water

Combination #2

2 Cups warm water
1/4 Cup fabric softener of your choice
1 TBS baking soda

Combination #3

2 Cups water
1 Cup fabric softener of your choice


  1. Ashley H. says

    Has anyone tried this and found it was as good as febreeze??? just curious….

    • I have used the second recipe for about a month and love it. Tried something new the other day though: less than half a capful of the Downy Unstoppables in a spray bottle, then fill the spray bottle with water, let sit for about an hour until they dissolve. My favorite homemade febreze yet!

  2. Just curious – if you have an unscented fabric softener, could you add essential oils for scent?

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