Elf on the Shelf: Elfy’s Activity Tonight (Plus Buy Your Own and Start a Christmas Tradition!)

Let the games being!! We started the Elf on the Shelf Tradition this year and here is “Elfy’s” activity tonight….that’s his name.  😉

I will be sharing his activities with you hopefully every day, if I can get my kiddos to be good so he’ll come back from Santa’s every night.

If you want to get in on the fun you can buy your Elf on the Shelf here from Amazon.

Be sure to check out the other naughty activities Elfy has been doing here (and for more ideas)!

Haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about (I swear I haven’t just lost my mind)….read more about it here:

Year after year, children and adults alike are baffled by the mystery of how Santa really knows who’s been naughty or nice. After much urging by the elves and Mrs. Claus, Santa has allowed his biggest secret to be revealed in The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition. At the start of each Christmas season, the elf appears to serve as Santa’s eyes and ears, traveling back to the North Pole each and every night to make a detailed report of the day’s activities. This keepsake gift set includes a light skin, blue eyed girl North Pole pixie scout elf and a hardbound watercolor picture book. Children can register their elf online to receive an official adoption certificate and a special letter from Santa.

Before the family awakes each morning, their special scout elf will fly back to their home from the North Pole. However, since these elves like to play games, don’t expect to find them in the same spot!  While some like to hide in the freezer (probably because it reminds them of the North Pole) and others prefer to sit on the fireplace mantle or hang from the chandelier, these elves love to play hide-and-seek with their families. 
Be sure to let us know your ideas!


  1. Samantha Barowsky says

    Love this. My sister started doing this for my 3 month old nephew this year. Last night “Socks” the elf drew a picture for my nephew and climbed up to a picture on the wall to hang it next to it.

    The night before she decorated the edge of the TV with stickers. And for her first night she took a triceratops for a ride.

    So cute! My nephew loves finding her each morning!

    • dawn fillinger says

      how does your 3 month old find anything except his feet, and thats excellent for a 3 month old??? Im calling you out!~n sorry no way a 3 month old BABY can find or understand about elf on a shelf.

      • Samantha Barowsky says

        Haha! Oops! Proofread FAIL. He is 3 YEARS. My bad, I knew I should have paid more attention to my typing.

  2. My elf was flirting with Barbie today in my classroom!

  3. Elf mile-high club? j/k

  4. Thank you so much for posting these! I have been less than stellar at remembering to move our Elf every night and you are my reminder. 🙂

  5. I have never heard of this but it looks like fun. How do you decide what sex elf to buy. I want to buy one for my twins a boy and a girl.

    • Samantha Barowsky says

      I don’t think it matters, personally. My sister got the girl elf (all that was in stock) for my nephew and he couldn’t care less. It’s just personal preference I think.

  6. Our elf made a visit for a day in the summer this past year. He works wonders!! After all, Santa is still watching all year round, right? 😉

  7. My question is do you change the elf’s name every year?

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