FREE 1 Month Trial Pair of Contact Lenses (Colored or Normal Lenses!)

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People have even been able to score colored contacts with this offer!

If you’re in need is some new contacts you can get a FREE 1 month trial pair of contact lenses – just click picture above and then click on the picture on the second page to get yours!

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  1. melinda says

    It gives me a certificate that you have to take to an eye doctor and it says you may be required to have eye exam and pay visit fee…no thanks

  2. kizzi G says

    If you went to the eye doctor already then there’s no need to get another exam but if your do for one then it works out great for you.

  3. casey says

    You can always request free trial lenses from your eye doctor when you have an exam. And like ANY contact order, you HAVE to have an optometrist sign off on the prescription. They should honor any request you have to try different brands – you don’t know how you will like them until you try them! The only thing they won’t do is order multiple trials of the same brand (duh.. you have to eventually pay for them!) So this offer is a great way for people to learn about brands they may not have tried, but it is pointless to follow through with the trial certificate.

  4. Amanda says

    All I got was an hour of different “offers” that just seemed never ending, no matter how many times I said NO to them.

  5. Kelly Brittain says

    I received 2 certificates for different brands of contacts. If your eye exam is up to date…then you shouldn’t need another one….but I usually have to go every six months for contacts or I can’t get prescription filled.

  6. Julie says

    I work for an eye Dr. And contacts are a medical device, so we cannot just give you a free pair. It has to be at your yearly visit, or we will need to see you again if it is a brand that has not been seen on you, and if it is not your yeraly you will be charged. Also, the certificate like Casey said is really only the trial pair you get at your appt time anyway. Also no manufactuer allows us to order samples of colored lenses with your rx, they are only Plano lenses (no rx) and they have demo written on them

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  9. says

    iv learned nothing is for freeeeeeeeeeeeee even when its says freeeeeeeeeeeee its all to get your email and home address so they can send you spam emails and junk mail so just remember that lol

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