Enter to Win $5,000 a Week for Life!

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How awesome and amazing would it be to win $5,000 a week for life?! It would be awesome too if one of my RHC readers won!! Well, you can enter to WIN $5000 a WEEK for LIFE from Publisher’s Clearing House! Good luck and remember, you can only win if you enter. ;-) They are announcing winner for their $5K a week FOREVER Feb 28 on NBC. It is $5K week FOREVER, not just for life. The winner chooses someone to leave a legacy to, and they will receive $5K for the rest of their life….

*I only filled out the first part and it said my entry was in, I closed out after that.

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  1. Lance Thompson says

    This would be so amazing to win $5000 a week because I can help my mom
    out and the rest of my family that needs money!! I feel that I need to help them
    but can’t because I have no money to!

  2. says

    Winning $5000 a week would mean the world to me because I could help my mom out with stuff and the rest of my family! I would help them out now if I could but I have no money to!

  3. says

    I would help my family out before I help myself out if I win $5000 especially my mom and grandma that don’t have any money and she deserves it and I would help her a lot if I won!!! I think about this every night and day how I would help people and not only my family but really anybody that really need help with money. I would never be gritty with the money. I’m pending on this a lot NBC!

  4. says

    PCH this would mean the would to me if I won $5000 a week. I would help my family out before anything especially my grandma because she needs the money and I would help out all the time just don’t have the money. I would never be gritty, I would help really anybody out that really needed help!! PCH I am depending on u to help me out, u have no idea how much this would mean to me!

  5. Ariel Gonzalez says

    If I win I want to help the poor people because I know what they are going through a hard time because I went through it too and I want to help them and I want to help my parents because the did alot for me so i want to help them out too.. so please pick me! I can help everyone with that money poor pepple,homeless people so pick me please!…i can make a big diffence!

  6. Shauntrellia Hordge says

    It would help me get out of debt if I won. Me and my kids will finally have a 0lace to stay. It will mean a lot because we won’t go hungry again. So, I really need to win this money.

  7. deandre says

    Only God knows how much this means to me I need this not only will my family but everyone around me will be helped please

  8. Nathan says

    I don’t NEED this, no one really NEEDS this. It’s all want and not necessity. I would love to have this though, so I can just spend money. Buy New stuff, drinks, gamble, and have sex with beautiful women until i died a week later. $5000 down the drain. “MURICA!”

  9. cedric says

    This would help me & my family out alot, if i win or lose im just happy that i was able to have this chance

  10. Lisa Perez says

    This would help me further my education, being the first family member to get into grad school and not be drowning in loans since my parents live pay check to pay check.

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