Entertainment Coupon Book Files Bankruptcy!

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Entertainment Coupon Book Files Bankruptcy!

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Entertainment Coupon Book Files Bankruptcy!

I felt this was very important and that I needed to inform all of you….You may not want to buy the Entertainment Coupon Book!! They just filed bankruptcy this morning (after being around for 50 years…bummer) :-| and although their website is still working, they will most likely be canceling orders.  :-?

What do you do if you have a book already?!

I recommend using your coupons ASAP because even though they have an expiration date on further out, companies may or may not accept the coupons. I guess they should accept them still because they aren’t expired yet but just a warning, just in case.

Please spread the word and I recommend not purchasing a book if you’re offered one!


Thanks, Coupons in the News

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  1. Christina Gutierrez says

    That’s cause they’re thieves! They renewed my book without my permission oh man did I go ape-sh*t on them! Charged my card 25 or 35 whatever it was but it was the point they did it WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! ..yes, got a refund ;)

    • Jacob says

      and it’s dumb people like you who sign up for something because YOU didn’t read it…and then bitch about wanting your money back when you shouldn’t have that probably caused a good deal of their problem

  2. Kirsten says

    They did the same thing to me. Grudgingly agreed to give me a refund but were going to charge a restocking fee of $8. I had to dispute it with my credit card company but they resolved in my favor. This explains their desperation.

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