I thought I would put together a list of some F.A.Q. I get asked. I will start out with some recent questions I’ve received and if you have a question you would like me to answer and post here, then click on “Contact” above and ask away! 🙂

Also, remember to watch my Videos where I answer some FAQ and show you examples of my binder, how I organize & more!

1-“Where do I find the coupon tabs that are in your binder? Thank you—Debi”

Here is a list of my personal categories that I use in my coupon binder. You may want to tweak them a little bit depending on your needs. You can also see my video HERE showing you my binder.

*Boxed Items
*Canned Items
*Personal Care

Also, Check out my post here about how to make a coupon binder and lots of readers tips!

2- “Hello I am new to using coupons I am looking at your target deals and it says use coupon from the 9/12 RP or 8/22 SS what do the RP and SS stand for and how do I find those coupons. Thanks so much LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!”

Whenever you see something like RP, P&G, SS, it is talking about the name if the insert from the Sunday paper. So if you buy the paper on Sundays (that’s where you’ll get your coupons, and the Dollar Store has them for $1) they will have inserts in them full of coupons. Every Sunday they will have a RP (Red Plum) and SS (Smart Source) and some Sundays they will have a P&G (Proctor and Gamble). So if a post says “9/12 RP”, it means the insert was from the Sunday paper on 9/12 in Red Plum.

3-” I started doing supercoupoining a few months ago, and am trying to figure out the best way to organize them. If you do a binder how do you find them by date also? Your blog lists them by date like 11/04/10 ss …so how would I find them in a binder system? thank you in advance for any help you may able be able to tell me. Have a great day. -Lina”

I actually use both systems. I use the bag system with the dates written on the front of the bag and organize them that way. Then you need to organize the bags. You can either organize them by the inserts so Red Plum would all go in one bin and Smart Source in another…OR you can organize them by date so like one month worth of coupons goes in one bin. It just depends how you want to do it. If you choose to do it by the insert, you can still find them easily when we use dates on blogs. So if we say 10/24 RP then you just need to go to your “Red Plum Bin” and find the bag labeled 10/24.

Also, with the binder what I do is just put my favorite coupons in it (the ones for items I use or will need to buy or want to buy). Now some people don’t want to deal with all the other coupons in the inserts so they just clip the ones they want and put them in their binder and then when coupon blogs refer to certain dates you wouldn’t go by that, you would just have to look in your category. So for example, if the coupon is for Gum 10/24 RP. You will ignore the date and just look in your “snacks and candy” category to get your coupon. I personally keep all the coupons that’s why I have to use both systems.

4- “Can you please tell me what some of the “coupon jargon” means?”

*P&G-Proctor and Gamble
*SS-Smart Source coupon insert
*PG-Proctor and Gamble coupon insert
*RP– Red Plum coupon insert
*Peelies-sticker like coupons found on products.
*ECB-Extra Care Bucks (CVS money)
*RR– Register Reward (Walgreens money)
*MQ-Manufacturers Coupon
*OOP-Out of Pocket Expense
*Q or CPN-Coupon
*YMMV-Your Mileage May Vary (A deal may work for someone else, but may not for you.)
*TMF-Try Me Free offer
*FAR-Free After Rebate
*CAT-Catalina coupon (Manufacturer coupons that print out from a machine at the register depending on what you buy.)
*B1G1F, B2G1F-”Buy one get one Free”, “Buy two get one Free”
*TEAR PAD– A pad of refund forms or coupons hanging on a shelf at the store.
*BLINKIE-A machine that spits out coupons.
*UPC-Universal product code (those black straight lines with numbers under them)
*POP-Proof of purchase (like a product label or UPC)
*DCRT-Dated cash register receipt
*GC-Gift Card

5- “When you have a manufactuer coupon and a store coupon should you give the cashier a certain one first?” – Julie

Good question! Yes, you would hand over the manufacturer coupon first and THEN the store coupon.

6- “What is the best way to shop at walgreens the managers have told me you can not use register reward to pay for other items that you would get register reward for. will you can but you dont get the register rewards from that purchase.”-Anonymous

That’s true about the RR at Walgreens and that’s a big reason I like Rite Aid better, because you can roll the register rewards. I would recommend doing separate transactions at Walgreens if you want to get multiple register rewards. Sometimes I will do item A first then item B in the second transaction that also has a RR and then use item A’s RR from the first transaction to pay for it. Then use the reward I get from item B on another transaction buying item A again… (Just keep going back and forth with 2 items) so you can spend the least amount out of pocket, in a way it’s like rolling them. Also, pay at the “cosmetics counter”. The cashier gets a bonus on any beauty products you get there (so it puts them in a better mood) and that way you don’t have a line behind you when you’re doing several transactions.

7- “Do you have a certain schedule you seem to follow to get the best deals? Like do you buy papers and clip on Sundays, shop certain stores on Monday etc.? Also how many papers do you usually buy each week?”

Here is what I do: Saturday night I figure out what stores I’m shopping and what deals I’m going to get which I will be doing in a minute! Since most of the time the coupons you are going to use are from previous weeks, I get them organized and put them together for the next day (Sunday). On Sunday morning I go get my newspapers and if I need to clip any coupons out of them I either do it in my car or go back home and do it. Usually there aren’t that many out of that Sunday’s paper so it’s easy enough to do it in the car. Then I go to my stores…usually Rite Aid first, Walgreens, Smiths, then Albertsons and occasionally Target. Some weeks I just go to Rite Aid, and Walgreens depending on what deals are out there.

When I get home I usually clip and organize my coupons (It’s actually pretty fast and you can watch my video to see how I do it.

I know it sounds like a lot and a long time but I’d say half of my Sunday I spend on my coupons and the other half with my family. 🙂 Now you may want to get your newspapers Sunday and then go out Monday but where I live, a lot of hot, good deals will be gone if I wait until Monday…Plus, I figure I’m going to be out getting my newspapers anyway so why not get my shopping done.

I get between 5-10 newspapers depending on what coupons are going to be in them and if there are Albertson’s “twice the value” coupons in it or not.

8- “I was watching your video on how to set up the coupon binder and you mentioned that you can send expired coupons to a military base. I am a military wife, does that mean i can use any expired coupon at the Commissary?”

Stateside (within the continental United States) commissaries do not allow the use of expired coupons. Only overseas U.S. military commissaries can legally allow the use of expired coupons. After a coupon has been expired for six months or more, it is useless even at an overseas military commissary.

9- “What is shop at home? Can you explain that please! I am brand new to doing coupons and need all the help I can get Thanks” -Ann

Shop at home is a website that you go to before you shop online. You use their links and it will take you to the website you want to shop at. Then as long as you go through them first, you will get a certain amount of cash back. Each store has a different amount of cash back offered. I hope that makes sense…It’s definitely worth signing up for though because you will get a $5.00 sign up bonus and cash back on any purchases you make online! 🙂 You can sign up HERE.

10- “I am still not seeing drastic results such as others. My question is how do I get things that we eat and that are on sale for less than 40dollars a week? Thanks in advance -Kelley”

My tip for you would be – stockpile! It does take some time to get your stockpile up but once you have a large stockpile then you can spend your grocery money on staples and things to put meals together. It’s kind of hard to explain but let’s say you want to make lasagna one night and you have a stockpile of tomoato sauce that was on sale a month ago, pasta, and cheese you froze from a sale a month ago (yes, you can freeze cheese). Well now when you go to make the Lasagna, you are only going to need to buy a couple things to put it together (that staples). That’s when you will start noticing your grocery bill go down! Like I said, it does take some time to build a good stockpile but every week there’s new sales which means more and different items to add to it which in return means LESS you have to buy at full price when you go to make your dinner meal.

11- “Can you please explain how you get 2 items for free when you use a B1G1 Free coupon with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale?”

With B1G1 sales if you use a B1G1 COUPON then you don’t have to pay anything. It’s kind of confusing but basically the free item you are getting with the coupon covers the item you would have paid for. So say there’s a sale on cereal for B1G1 Free…you’re getting 2 cereals and since you have a coupon for a FREE one and the sale is for a FREE one then both end up being FREE.

12- “The Rite-aid circular has coupons with ‘Rite-aid’ printed on them but state manufacture coupon up at the top. Is this a store specific coupon or a manufacture coupon that I can use anywhere?? I see this quite often with Target as well. Sometimes the coupon will state “reedemable at walgreens”? – Irene”

Yes, that can be confusing….the Rite Aid ones can only be used at Rite Aid. The Target ones however, can sometimes be used at other stores. Sometimes it will say on the fine print. If they are in a circular ad, they can only be used at that store. Walgreens will have the same type in their circular ads.

Now as far as the “redeemable at” coupons, it all just depends on where you try to use them….some stores will let you use them and some will not.

13- “I have 4 kidos so a family of 6 here… I need all the help I can get. I watched you videos… Can you give me any other tips to get started? THANKS! Michelle

You will love using coupons, you can seriously save so much money and should never have to pay for toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, razors again….I remember when I first heard that when I was new to using coupons I thought that was crazy, but really it’s true. I would suggest going through the site and reading all the tabs where it says “Coupon 101”. You can actually click on the “coupon 101” tab and there are a lot of my tips there. I would also recommend clicking on the “FAQ” tab where I’ve answered peoples questions.

BTW- My biggest tip for beginners, is to ease into it and not try to get EVERY deal, choose one day a week you want to go out and shop and make sure you are all prepared before going to the store. For example, figure out your shopping list/what coupons you are going to be using, etc….

14- “What if I cannot afford to buy or put together a coupon binder?”

You do not need a binder to save money…..You can clip your coupons and put them in ziplock bags (I still do this sometimes) and just write the dates on the front from whatever inserts are in it. That way when I post a deal and say 2/27 RP, you know to look in the bag that says 2/27 RP. Pull your coupons out and get an envelope for each store, then place the coupons you will be using for that shopping trip in your specific stores envelope.

15- “This past Sunday, in the paper that was delivered to my home, I had 2 RP and 2 SS inserts. I went to Walmart and purchased a couple more. When I got home and was ready to clip, there were no RP inserts!! So, my question is… Do the newspapers in all the stores not have the same inserts?!”

The papers in YOUR region or area should all have the same inserts (different regions can have slightly different inserts) but in your same city, you should have the same.

Now, with that being said, there have been a couple times when the $1 store doesn’t have any inserts (but most of the time they do). Also, one time I got a stack from the gas station that was behind the counter and the cashier had to actually clip the bundle and it was the strangest thing, half of them had inserts and half didn’t!! That doesn’t happen often at all but when it did happen to me I returned them. 😉 I’m not sure why it happens….

16 – “Question.. I’m I allowed to use a buy one get one free Gillette body wash and a 2 dollars off of 1 together?”

Yes (depending on your store, but yes for the most part)…you are using the $2 off coupon on the item you are purchasing. The buy 1 get 1 coupon applies itself to the “free” item.


  1. Shannon Jackson says

    Hi there..I do have a ?..can you please tell me which “coupon Clipping” (I hear alot of extreme coupon shoppers on TV mention them all the time) sites are best? I know that there are tons of them..but you since you have it going pretty well already I thought that It wouldnt hurt to ask or at least lead me in the right direction to find them.
    Thanks, Shannon

  2. Hello, I have been looking through the stores tab, where can i find the target manufacturer coupons? i guess i don’t see anything in print with manufacturer coupon, please help i am a beginner, thank you. BTW, i think your website is awesome!!!!

  3. Corina Mendoza says

    Hi Sarah
    I was just wondering why you don’t have the deals for grocery stores like Frys, Safeway, Albertson etc? I was also wondering what you think about using couponsense? Do you think it is worth the price? I have been using the website for about 4 months and have saved about 50% or more! I just wanted to see what your take is on those type of websites! Thanks for this cool website, I love couponing!!

  4. Hi I am very new at this and my 1st time was a complete failure, I was wondering how can I get large amounts of things like toothbrushs ect. for free? thanks.

  5. I too am new to couponing, and I have been literally obsessed with the idea lately. I feel sick now when I go to the store knowing I am not prepared to save my family money or start a stockpile just yet. I am feeling very “lost in the links” there are just 100s of 1000s of sites for coupon organization, lists, and actual coupons that I am feeling bombarded and overwhelmed. I feel like I have to constantly be online searching for deals and ways to improve my shopping/couponing stratagies and I need some advice from a pro…Is there a certain way to more effectively make my lists and follow deals at all my stores without feeling the stress of searching constantly to do so on 1000 different sites or inserts? Also, why are most coupon sites having the same exact coupons and even though they aren’t the same companies they say print limit reached? I even tried more than one email address when registering. I guess I really just need a game plan and routine that isn’t changing to follow so I don’t feel this way. My family can seriously benefit if I can do well at couponing and I am willing to put in the work, but I feel as if I am ruining this or taking the fun out of it the way that I am approaching it. I am a single mom of a disabled child and taking care of my baby nephew, as well as a full-time student and this is starting to get exhausting, please help!!!! Just a plan to follow is all I need, please!

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Jaimie,

      First of all, one of the biggest things I learned when I first started was to not try and get EVERY SINGLE STINKIN’ deal! =) I use to do this and THAT was a big part of the stress. When I started just getting the deals for items my family uses, I was a lot better off and didn’t have a bunch of stuff in my house that I had to organize (which will add to the stress) just because it was free.

      I would say stick to 1-2 deal blogs like RHC to get your shopping lists done. I post deals for CVS, RITE AID, & WALGREENS on Saturday and Target usually on Monday or Tuesday. It can be stressful to try and go to a bunch of different blogs to find deals everywhere unless you have a TON of extra time (and most of us don’t).

      Also, be sure to explore around my site when you have time one night because I have posted a bunch of helpful tips, videos, tutorials on how to organize and whatnot. Just make sure and organize the way that is MOST useful to you! Because, there are a tonnnn of different ways to organize and you really just have to figure out the best way that you like doing.

      Hope this helps some…. =)

  6. Hello:)

    First of all…love the site!!!

    Second- I am new to couponing and I was wondering when does everyone go shopping? What days and more importantly what time? I have tried around 8pm but it seems the shelves were bare. When I go right after work I have a long line behind me when checking out and most of the time people are rude behind me. So I was wondering if any experienced shoppers had a certain time or day of the week the go?!?!


    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Lisa!

      Thank you for the sweet compliment! I personally go shopping on Sunday morning. I get my shopping lists done Saturday night. Sunday is good because that’s when the new ad starts for the drugstores where most of the free toothpaste, brushes, floss, shaves etc are.

      As far as grocery stores, Wednesdays are great because that’s when the new ad starts.

      If you shop when the new ad starts it’s the best because then you can find the items before everyone else gets them all. =)

      Hope that helps!

    • Always in the morning, if you can! Some stores restock their shelves in the late hours, 11pm-6am. Also, many people are their most cheerful after a good night’s rest, like the Walmart greeters who actually greet you when walking in! Loads of people are at work too, which is nice for us stay-at-home mommas. My advice comes from not being a crowd-person, having worked retail, and years of observation…good luck!

  7. Hi!! I REALLY love your website! The videos are a great way to learn!!! The one question I do have is if I want to stock pile an item that ends up being free but its only because of the internet coupons. So my question is… is there a way for me to be able to print more then 2 internet coupons? I hope that made sense Thanks again for all your helpful tips!!!!

    • I found that if I print from a separate computer I can print 2 off each machine (new IP address) – otherwise it just allows you two prints of each coupon. HTH 🙂

  8. I am new to this couponing thing and I have seen a lot of stock piles that have food that expires in then them. Including milk and other dairy items. How do you make sure those things don’t expire before you are able to use them?

  9. I am confused on coupons that are for a zip code that is not my own zip code. Does the stores in my zip code area accept the printable coupons that i have to enter a certian zip code to print. I am new at this and i dont want to print off coupons that are out of my area that wont work.

  10. When there is a b1g1 sale and you use the b1g1 coupon, how is it that it makes it free? i wanted to try this at walgreens this week, but was scared i would have out of pocket. lol just need more nsite on this. Thank you so much. I love your site and refer it to all my friends and family!!!

  11. Is there a signup required at Walgreens to get a card so that you earn RR?

    Do you know if there is any rules about more than one card at CVS and the like at the same address for multiple adults? I had to more my parents in for caregiving and they already have a CVS card?

    • there is nothing required to get rr at walgreens, they come automatic when you buy the specific product that they advertise. 🙂

      • I’m thrilled that Starbucks is opening if only because the other places all keep crappy &#I082;2ndie” hours that don’t suit business people well. Open early and stay open late! Starbucks achieves that for me.

  12. I have a questions regarding using coupons for their ad paper. For example: This week they have king size Hersey bars on sale for $0.99 with their in ad coupon- limit 6. If I wanted to purchase 6 candy bars would I need 6 different in ad coupons or does one coupon give me $0.99 for all 6 candy bars?


    • Not sure about other stores, but at Walgreens, you only need one in ad coupon – it automatically takes it off of each like item.

  13. i have figured out the B1G1 with the coupons but what about if an item at walgreens is B1G150% off and you have a coupon for B1G1 FREE you you just pay half price for both wanted to ask before i tried it THANKS!!

  14. Hi Sweetie,
    Since I saw “Extreme Couponing” I got so excited tears literally streamed down my face.
    I am a senior citizen, I want to get involved in this world of couponing. I am so proud of you and all the other women who are saving money for your families. I have read your site over and over again on how to get started, and a few others. I have so far , received 3 sunday paper inserts. I got my binder yesterday, and ordered my 9 pocket pages. I am however soooo very confused on how many coupons you can print online and use with a manufacturer coupon.My store “Frys” does double coupons and on the first Wedneday of every month seniors get an additional 10% off! I go to bed thinking about how much I can save and stockpile and get up thinking about it. I am so overwhelmed . I have a recycle dumpster at my park just down the street from my home. I am however ambarrased to get into it. I am so excited but I can’t seem to actually put things in motion. I am home all day, with lots of time on my hands, I don’t drive but can get at aleast a once a week trip in.
    I don’t get how you get free items . I saw the ibuprofen for 0.09cents. I use that med everyday for my osteoarthritis pain. Sure would help me financially. I just don’t understand how you can get so many for 9cents :(. Sweetie, I understand how busy you are with your family, I have 2 grown sons and 2 grands. Any information you haven’t posted on your site would be greatly appreciated .
    Linda 🙂

  15. michelle gregg says

    Hi–I love your videos–I just decided this weekend to give this all a try and my first trip out was a somewhat failure. I tried to get the free rolls of tape from Walgreens and I ended up paying .99. I used one mnf. coupon and the total came down to .99 but the cashier tried another 1.00 coupon and it wouldn’t work. I gave them my WG savings card first–should I have waited to give this to them until AFTER they took the two manf. coupons off??? I just watched your video on how to match your coupons and I have been trying to figure that out for a couple days. I see these great deals posted but I don’t have the RP or SS that goes with them. Should I wait and try matching when I have a few weeks of coupons?? Thanks for any help you can give me and the help you already have!!

    • I know it’s too late for the deal you mentioned…but for future reference….
      You can use one manufacturers coupon for EACH item you get. Walgreen’s sale was buy one at 1.99 and get two free (if I remember correctly). You would need to use TWO $1/1 coupons to get that third tape free.

      Hope that made sense.

  16. I have another question–I just posted a question but it doesn’t show here so I don’t know if I did something wrong. Anyway–I was looking at your deals from Target and you show some pictures of shelf tags that are good deals if you use one of the Target web coupons. How do you know there is a coupon for them if you are at the store? Do you just automatically print all the coupons and take them with you in case there is something at a good price?? thanks–Michelle

  17. Your site has really helped me, especially your videos. I have one question for you, walgreens has the off clip on for 8.99 – 1.00 in store coupon. I have a manufacturers coupon for BOGO free and 2/2$ manufacturer coupons, can i use all three? If not, can I use the BOGO and 1/2$ coupons. THANKS FOR ALL YOU HELP.

    • You should be able to use one manuf. coupon per item. So, you get the first clipon for 8.99, and use the in store coupon to make it 7.99. You use the BOGOF coupon to get the second one free. I think you should be able to use ONE of your $2 manuf. coupons with that as well, to bring it down to 6.99 for both clipons.
      I’m still somewhat new to this, so I’m not promising I’m right! Hope someone else chimes in to let us know!

  18. Hi, I just wanted to say that I have learned so much in the past couple of hours on your site. I am new to couponing and have learned how to organize them from your site. I live in a small town and only have a Walmart, Martins, CVS and several dollar stores. My question is: Do you travel outside of your area to shop? The nearest big city is about 80 miles from my town. Thank you for all of the information on your site! 🙂

  19. Rachel Buckmaster says

    Just wondering where and how to send expired coupons to military bases. Thanks!!!

  20. walgreens has a buy 1 get 1 free sale and I have a buy 1 get 1 half price coupon, does that mean I will pay half price for both? does anybody know I’m going tonight !!

  21. I have aquestion on the B1G1 free coupons, When you use the coupons andit sttes “minimum amt.” do you get up to that mini amt. iftheitem is less? For example:

    B1G1 axe body wash, scans $2.99 and the cashier writes $2.99 or should it be the minimum amount of $6.00?

    • no..you get a free item valued up to $6..but if you shoose an item that is $2.99 you do not get the remaining credited to you! hope this helps

    • The cashier is going to write the amt that is being charged, which is the 2.99 it just can not go over the amt on the coupon 6.00. hope this helps…I can be a little confusing with certain things about couponing but it is oh so worth it..trust me i am saving left and right i use to spend so much oop, now i am spending a fraction of what i use spend with coupons. I am just starting but i am doing a lot of research and i got a lot of great techniques from this site as well as others and couponing is a big thing. Good luck with everything.

  22. First of all wanted to tell you I love the site…but I had a question about cvs?

    ok lets say there is a deal purchase 2 of whatever brand and get $10 ecb back…what if I buy one on my first shopping trip then another on my second trip..would I still get the $10ECB?? thanks so much

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE the site! Wondering if you or any readers could help me out– There’s a deal for Garnier shampoo/conditioner that’s 2/5.00… can I use 2 Q that are $1/1 (since I’m buying 2 items?) I’m low on shampoo, so I want to do this.. If not, I’m picking up the Vo5 deal for .77 each.. can’t beat that (if you’re not a brand snob!) 🙂

    • I love this site too, and yes you can use two Q’s as long as they state it is for one and not saying for two then you would be getting .50 off instead of the 1.00.

  24. I am new to this coupon thing and I am slowly getting the hang of it. However, I am stuck on one issue that I see you and a bunch of other people do.
    Say I have 2 coupons from RP that are $2 off one XYZ product. I find that product at Walmart for $1.97. Can I use both of my coupons to get the 2 items free? I guess what I am asking is, does Walmart allow you to use more then one of the same coupon, on the same transaction? I am sure you have covered this before, but I was not able to find it on my own.
    Other then that, awesome website, and you’re very beautiful 🙂

  25. Walgreens-b1g1free coupons—– for the 2 items can I use 2 b1g1 coupons and get both for free? I have thought about it sooo much I’m going crazy. It’s probably a stupid question I just need to know forsure.I used so many coupons one trip to walgreens and i had a situation likethis and it went through, but if you can’t use 2 b1g1 coupons to get both products free then I owe Walgreens some money. 🙂 thanks for any help!!!!!!

  26. Hello, I have just gotten started using coupons and I was wondering how it works when you have a coupon for buy one get one free and the product is on sale for buy one get one 50% off? Thank you.

  27. hello, i have a questions… this coupon pages let me print 2 coupons, i did some a months ago still it says print reach limited so when can i get new ones? i m new:))

  28. Hi-
    I am new t this coupon thing, been doing a little here and there. I look at your site everyday and go get some of the sales or bargains you post. I have noticed though alot of what I am getting is non food. I am trying to get a better hang of deals on food. I am from Pittsburgh, Pa and shop at Giant Eagle, Shop & Save, and sometime Foodland. They have great 10/$10 sales but I can never seem to find any coupons for these items which really stinks! Am I missing something? I see alot of food items in the pictures you shared of stockpiles…mine consists of dove mens soaps, deoderants, shaving cream, shampoo, bengay, and most recently nail clippers…haven’t got any food yet…it’s driving me crazy.

  29. ive just heard some upsetting news. the manager at my walgreens said starting july 30th you cant use RR in the same day you get them and that we are going to have to start mailing them in. WHAT? has anyone else heard about this. Tell me its not true!PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

  30. hi, ive read all the post and so interested and excited. i left my comment on the expired coupon for military. we arrieved here in guam and station in airforce base. with a family of 5 and with only one income. my question is how do i add my name here in order for me to get some expired coupons? i would love to start couponing but dont know where to get them here in guam the newspaper here dont have coupons 🙁 please anyone response thanks in advance..

    • I have tons of expired coupons…I just went through my binder and took them out so they are all recent. If you send me a message with your info i’ll be happy to send them your way 🙂 I too have a family of 5 and one income, I know how difficult it is. My email address is HeatherLyn25@aol.com

  31. Alex Barnhart says

    I was wanting to get Sunday papers from different areas to get the coupons. Do you the best way to go about doing that?

  32. Shana Mulinix says

    I have a question about one of your Albertsons shopping videos with the twice the value coupons . It looked like you got multiples of same product doubled with one twice the value coupon. Can you use 1 of the twice the value coupons on multiple items of the same thing as long as you have a coupon for each item and get them all doubled? Does that make sense?

  33. Stacey Mottram says

    Hi ,I love your site, Thank u so much for taking the time to make these AWESOME videos…u have taught me so much in just 2 weeks.. I was wondering if you found a good source to get coupons for other things like Printer ink? Im in desperate need and not sure if there is such coupons out there?? Thanks so much..and PS; I Love the feather in your hair, It looks awesome! Thanks Stacey

  34. ok so i have a question regarding walmart and there ad matching policy. i know it says it has to state an exact price and size but i heard that i could take coupons from the walgreens december book and show that to a clerk at walmart and they will do an ad match. does that work and if so will someone explain to me and i also dont understand the register rewards from walgreens? any little tidbit would help =) thank you

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  36. Hi, I’m new to this..I know that you can use 1 manufacturers coupon for each item, but can it be the same exact coupon printed 2x used twice?

  37. I signed up for your newsletter- how do I get your book by doing so?

  38. Deedee Beale says

    Where can I find store policies on coupons?

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  46. Hi, I signed up for your newsletter and verified my email but I don’t seem to be receiving any email updates nor the ebook. What should I do?
    Btw.. thank you for having this blog 🙂

  47. Hello, how do I get a coupon off of the coupon database? I really want to use the Ken’s dressing coupon

  48. Hi,
    just wanted to say first off im a really big fan! 🙂
    but also was wondering i apply for millions of freebees/samples every day and they say they take 4-6 weeks and i wait and nothing comes at all (well maybe like 3very small things) i was wondering if there are certain sites i should visit, i’m getting really confused and upset and starting to think its a waist of time, yet alone non stop calls to my phone from people out of state i had to give my number to. 🙁

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