FLASH Giveaway for Raining Hot Coupons’ Readers (5 Julep Maven Mystery Boxes) Up to a $1,000 Value!

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FLASH GIVEAWAY with 5 winners! What does that mean you ask? Well, it’s where I randomly post a giveaway…you enter and it ends the same day I post it, meaning a winner will be chosen and notified TODAY! What’s great about these Flash Giveaways is since it ends soon you will have a better chance of winning since entries will be lower. ;-)

5 lucky readers will each win a Mystery Box from Julep Maven and each one is valued at $60 – $200!! The winners will be chosen at 9pm MST tonight (8/6) and need to respond to the winners email by 5pm MST 8/7 or new winners will be chosen. There are limited boxes available that is why the time frame is short.

Below are some Mystery Boxes people have received in the past (yes, those are gift certificates you see ;-) )!!

Here’s how you can enter to win a Julep Mystery Box…

  1. Sign up for the Daily Deal email (you will also get a FREE How to Coupon eBook!) and leave a comment below after signing up saying you signed up and a coupon tip. *You must verify the email they send for this entry to count.
  2. Share this post…click on the blue share link on the Facebook post.
  3. “Like” Raining Hot Coupons on Facebook

Want to get a Julep Maven box for just 1 penny?!

Julep Maven has this HOT offer once again! You can score high quality nail polish and mani/pedi items for just one penny!!

Basically you will need to take a quick “style quiz” here which will then customize a box for you. Then, you can get the box that was made for you. This is normally $19.99 + FREE shipping but right now you can use the code COLOR2012 which will make it just one penny (for over $40 worth of items)! You will notice COLOR2012 the cost drops to $1.91 until you say what state you are in, then it will go down to $0.01!

*Please note – you will then be signed up for their monthly program where you would be charged a monthly charge of $19.99 on the 27th of the month if you choose to continue your membership. If you don’t want to, you can cancel by calling them at 877.651.3292 Monday – Friday 9am-5pm PST.

This giveaway is not associated with Facebook in any way. I am personally supplying the winners gifts.

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  1. Kristen S says

    I am so very new to couponing but I have learned to go to Shaws where they double coupons $1 or less! Already am a email subscriber, facebook and twitter!

  2. Luba says

    Already signed up with my e-mail, fan on facebook, and shared your post!

    Coupon tip is to keep an organizer for all the coupons and categorize them. Easier to keep track of them when you go shopping.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  3. treasure says

    I am already subscribed to the newsletter, but here is my couponing tip……
    Save coupons and don’t use them for retail prices, wait for a sale…. typically Walmart doesn’t have really really big sales but places like Kroger, Safeway, Winn Dixie, Rite Aid Walgreens and CVS are the best to use coupons especially with a rewards card :)

  4. Sara Ankerson says

    i signed up! I think you mean a coupon tip like something helpful? Im not that experienced, but i would say make sure you have time set aside to look. It is better than being rushed!

  5. hilda torres says

    I’ve been a member and before u go into the store sit out in the car for a few minutes and set the coupons u are gonna use along with your grocery list before u enter the store.

  6. Deena H. says

    I am already signed up with you and love all the deals you post! I will now go share the post :) Hope I win!!

  7. Stacy Frazier says

    I am already signed up for the daily deal email so I can’t do that again. I have liked Raining Hot Coupons on facebook for a while now:)

  8. Danielle B says

    I signed up for the daily email. My coupon tip is to check into your local grocery stores coupon policy so you can maximize savings on your shopping trips. My local store takes competitor coupons and doubles all coupons.

  9. alexis p says

    i signed up… liked you on fb and shared the post… TIP: military bases over seas take expired coupons.. so find someone stationed their and mail them to them.. since they dont get them like we do :)

  10. gaby e says

    I’m signed up!!so nervous..i don’t know why, lol…
    my coupon tip is if you find a good coupon on the Sunday newspaper go back & buy a few extra copies & save for a later date!!Usually the better deals are near the expiration date!

  11. Deena says

    Already signed up and liked on Facebook. Coupon tip: just because you have a coupon for an item doesn’t mean you need or will use the item :)

  12. Olivia Spencer says

    I signed up! My coupon tip is if your just starting then take it slow and ask questions if you have any.

  13. krista says

    I’ve signed up for your email list.
    Coupon tip: don’t forget to bring your coupons in the store with you! Half the time I forget them in the car lol.

  14. Kristel Castro says

    Signed up and hopefully win something this time! I love Raining Hot Coupons!

    Coupon Tip: Take all of your extra items from couponing and free samples and pay it forward. I love making goody bags of free make up and toiletry items for the women at the local Womens Shelter.

  15. lisa says

    I am signed up already and my coupon tip is, when you get a coupon in the mail for a free product, wait for a sale before using it. Too many times I have gotten a coupon for a free product and I went out and used it only to have it go buy one get one free the next week and I kick myself because I could have gotten 2 items for free.

  16. Kelli says

    I’m signed up for the emails – and my coupon tip is this…share with friends! They may have coupons that they don’t need and vice versa!

  17. Pilar V. says

    I have already signed up for the Daily e-mail and a coupon tip is: Stay organized with the coupons. I like your page on Facebook and I shared.

  18. Amanda Frye says

    I have already signed up for emails long time ago and liked on facebook!! Great coupon tip is to be organized and check dates!!

  19. cindy says

    i am already signed up and my coupon tip is always keep your coupons handy so you don’t miss out on the great deals out there


    Signed up for daily deals. Coupon tip : do your best to match up coupons with sales to get the best price.

  21. Alyssa says

    Receiving your emails :) Coupons tip: be organized! It’s the biggest headache to stand in an aisle and see something on sale but have to spend 5 minutes digging through coupons to find the one you’re looking for

  22. Nicole W. says

    I’ve already signed up. My tip is to only use coupons on items you would buy anyway or want to try. Otherwise, you’re not really saving money.

  23. Shelly says

    I signed up, shared it and have liked you on FB! I’m new to couponing, so don’t have any great tips except that I now actually look online for each item I need before I go shopping to see if I can find a coupon. Also, look at the Target website as they have very high value coupons for their products there!

  24. jennifer hall says

    i signed up, look for good deals in sales adds and good coupons on the net, like hunt4freebies stuff and coupons.

  25. Jennifer Johnson says

    Signed up! I like to use baseball sleeves to store coupons in my binder so they are more organized!

  26. holly saunders says

    shared and love your daily emails…Tip Donot commit coupon fraud or you will go to jail.read your coupons carefully and always have a copy of the store policy at all times

  27. naomi miller says

    Im a faithful follower, I love to use my .99 and under coupons at Buehlers and Giant Eagle where they double in value

  28. Amy Lang says

    Already signed up for e-mails. My coupon tip is to only cut out the coupons you will actually use and share the ones that you do not need with friends & family.

  29. Allison says

    I already get the emails and I like you on fb. I also shared :)

    My tip is you can use store coupons and manufacturers ones to get double savings.

    Thanks for this great giveaway:)

  30. solariana says

    i signed up -tip- figure out what day of the week your store discounts meat and grab it and freeze it! great for stews~

  31. Kristine says

    Thank you! I will be watching my email later today. Shared on FB and have been enjoying your daily emails for awhile now! Congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

  32. dani says

    Already liked and already subscribed! My coupon tip, coupon at cvs! Coupons ples extra care bucks, you practically get the stuff for free! My favorite place by far! :)

    • Andreanna says

      And – I almost forgot! My coupon tip would be to be organized when going into the store so you don’t miss any good deals or forget to use a valuable coupon!

  33. Tamika says

    subscribed. Couponing tip… well, I’m still new to it so I don’t have many tips. Umm, don’t steal news papers! :)

  34. Pamela LaRue says

    Already signed up :) coupon tip:make sure your coupons arent expired before you go shopping! Love your page!

  35. Ashley says

    All signed up!!! Coupon Tip: Be organized by category and store!!! Helps when weekly ads and deals come out!!! :)

  36. Briana says

    I subscribe. And the best tip is to make sure you are organized. Nothing worse than getting to the check out and realizing that you forgot some coupons or items.

  37. Christina says

    Have subscribed for a long time, shared, and my coupon tip is plan ahead. The more organized you are the more savings you will see.

  38. Danielle Bupp says

    Alright…already subscribe and like you on facebook. Shared the facebook entry too! Hope I win! I’ve been lucky lately – so I hope this continues!

    • says

      i forgot my tip! lol

      i like to keep my coupons filed by date as well as category, that way ones that expire first are in the front (making cleaning out expireds easier)

  39. Kimberly Puccini says

    Signed up and my coupon tip is to look for ways to double up by using manufactuer’s coupons as well as store coupons – for instance, I find this works best for diapers! :)

  40. Bridget Heiple Reich says

    I get the daily email. My coupon tip is to watch RHC facebook page and email to learn about all the deals out there and never forget your coupons at home! I like you on facebook and shared on my wall. Thanks! I would LOVE to win this!! :)

  41. Melinda D. says

    Already signed up for newsletter, shared and liked the page. My coupon tip is do it with friends and share the savings. I like things my friends dont so we swap the coupons we dont use. Lots of saving help

  42. Misty L. says

    Already signed up and a fan! My coupon tip would be keep them in your car haha. I ALWAYS forget my coupons.

  43. angela ruiz says

    I just signed up!! My coupon tip is to collect coupons then sort and organize. Always stay on top of sales then combine coupons with the sale!! :)

  44. Rebecca Giarratano Ward says

    Already signed up for e-mails. I only clip the coupons for the stuff I will actually use or someone I know will use – that way Im not wasting money just because something is “cheap”. When it will sit in my pantry!

  45. Natalie M says

    My very best coupon tip is to use your site! I don’t have much couponing in me so I love that you do the work and I get the benefits! I subscribe, like, and shared :)

  46. johnathans_jiggle says

    Find out where your store keeps their discounted products. I’ve found gluten free bread for $2.49 (half price!!!) by shopping this way, combine that with a $1 off coupon and you will have AMAZING deals!!

  47. Wren says

    I signed up!! Being organized is the key!!! Checking your grocery store coupon policy before hand will help you a lot also!!!

  48. Michelle W. says

    I’m signed up and I always make sure to have a copy of the stores coupon policy just in case they try to not take a coupon :)

  49. Danielle says

    I am an email subscriber for a while. My coupon tip is to print coupons that you think you’re going to use at the beginning of the month because by the time the item is on sale, the coupon is usually gone. I also “liked” you on facebook.

  50. Gwen miller says

    I signed up for your email. I am a huge fan on face book, and I shared the post. Thank you for saving me so much money and for all of the the great give aways.

  51. Savannah Morphew says

    I signed up :)

    My coupon tip is plan out which you want to use before getting to the store (unless you catch a great deal on something unexpected) this way you are more organized.

  52. says

    Signed up, Liked, & Shared. My coupon tip is always make sure you read the coupon to make sure you are buying the right product because the picture might not include something that is eligible to use with the coupon.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! GL everyone! :)

  53. Tiffany Torres says

    I am already signed up for the e-mail and shared :) My coupon tip is to frequently go through your binder/organizer so that high value coupons (or coupons in general) don’t expire on you! :)

  54. Melinda Parker says

    I signed up. Tip: only use coupons to buy things that you actually need. Don’t buy items just because you have a coupon!

  55. Sherri Q says

    I’m already signed up for your daily deals. My coupon tip is make sure you go on double days to get the most off…AND don’t be afraid to make multiple purchases to use more coupon and get them doubled.

  56. Juli says

    I’m already signed up for the email. My coupon tip is to plan your trip before you go to the store, and organize your coupons in the order that you walk through the store. It makes shopping so much quicker and easier.

  57. Heather says

    I was already subscribed to your emails and like your page. I just shared. :) Make sure to sign up for email reminders for discounts from the companies that offer them so you know about and get a jump on the deals before everyone else!

  58. Kimberly Welborn says

    I signed up! Also use manufacturer and store coupons at the same time, when possible, for extra savings!

  59. Amy Bolser says

    My coupon clipping tip is that I only clip and use coupons for items that I use. All others I send to an organization that sends them (and newly expired ones) to military families serving overseas.

  60. Kasee Johnson says

    I’m already a follower! You’ve been my go-to Facebook wall for couponing since I started a year ago! My best tip is the hardest one to remember: Don’t buy an item just because you have a coupon! It’s not that great of a deal if nobody will eat it.

  61. Laura says

    I signed up for the e-mails, shared and liked! My tip: When couponing, plan ahead! Clip coupons of stuff you need on a regular basis.

  62. Lisa Widman says

    Tip: have your kids help sort your coupons with you it can be a fun way to spend time together while teaching them how to save :)

  63. Renee Parks says

    already signed up! Tip: pace yourself. Sales come in cycles…there will be a great deal again before you know it. YOu dont have to buy it now.

  64. Vicki Neulinger says

    My tip is don’t forget to check your grocery stores website for coupons that you can preload on your store’s bonus card (savings card). They can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons for extra savings

  65. Heather K says

    I just signed up! I love shopping at Weis since they double their coupons up to 99 cents! That makes for great savings for my childrens food!

  66. Marlene says

    I just signed up! I’m new at couponing but one tip I have found to be helpful is to make sure to stay organized & have a plan before going to a store to save :)

  67. says

    I signed up! I love this Giveaway! I wish I had an amazing coupon tip, but I’m here to learn! As a general rule, I try to “stack” coupons or apply them to sale, discount and clearance items when possible :)

  68. Michelle Bergeron says

    I already “Like” RHC and am a subscriber. Coupon tip…be sure to look for opportunities to stack a manufacturer and a store coupon along with a sale item to get the best bang for your buck (or ever better)!

  69. Krista says

    Signed up! My coupon tip is to always be prepared before you go to the store. It helps to have a plan going in, but don’t every leave your coupon book at home just in case you come accross a sale you didn’t catch during pre planning!

  70. Liberty Boblett says

    I signed up for the Daily Deal email! My coupon tip (and what works for me!) is to separate out what coupons you are going to use by the store you are going to. Also, make a list of things that are on sale and pair up your coupons w/the sales.

  71. Lisa N. says

    I have subscribed to the emails, shared the deal, and I already liked the facebook page. My coupon tip is to organize your coupons by two things: types of items, and STORE it is valid at. I don’t know how many times I’ve mixed up which coupon goes to which store!

  72. Chastity E. says

    I’m already subscribed. My tip: Clip your coupons & sort them by type. For example, beauty products, grocery, freezer items, etc. Pair up your coupon with sales (usually within 1-2 weeks of release). Additionally, I clip ALL the Sunday coupons, use all the ones that I need. For the leftovers, I gather $100 worth and post them to e-bay for $1. The $1 pays for mytime of clipping them and also offsets the costs of all the papers I buy! Finally, for any coupons I have that are outdated, I send to the military families as they can use them for up to 6 months past expiration. I love sharing the savings!

  73. Jennifer Crowell says

    I am signed up for the daily email. Tip: keep an eye on raining hot coupons to find the best deals!

  74. Christin Barbera says

    Signed up! Always make a list to go with your coupons and look in the store ads to see if you can save even more $$$!

  75. Bonnie Lacroix says

    I have been an email subscriber forever as well as a fan on Facebook:) My coupon tip is check all the ads to make sure your coupon gets you the best price and don’t be afraid to hang onto it as sometimes you will find a better deal the next week.

  76. Sandy says

    shared…and I typed my tip wrong so here it is again…give expired coupons to military..they can still use them.

  77. Nichole Sabo says

    Already signed up. Coupon tip, organize your coupons by expiration date. That way you know which ones you need to use first.

  78. Alex Bousquet says

    I personally have great luck stacking beauty coupons… you end up saving so much money on nicer drug store stuff!

  79. Kris Walters says

    I signed up and have learned: if its somthing you dont use , need or want,
    its NOT a deal..its a waste of money and or the item.. unless you
    are donating it.

  80. angela says

    I already receive your wonderful emails, coupon tip, make sure you know your store coupon rules before going ;)

  81. Kris Walters says

    I’m signed up and I learned: if its somthing you dont use , need or want,
    its NOT a deal..its a waste of money and or the item.. unless you
    are donating it.

  82. Ann says

    I signed up and liked on facebook. My tip is to always bring all your coupons in the store with you, you never know when you will find a great clearance deal to combine with a coupon!!

  83. Liz says

    Signed up! Hope I win! My coupon tip is dont buy everything you have a coupon for. Only the things you need or will donate.

  84. Amber Mesar says

    Done!! This looks like an awesome giveaway!!

    Tip: Friday I used a P&G coupon for $5 off a Swiffer WetJet, plus a coupon for a free WetJet refill and got an awesome deal! They don’t expire until the end of August!

  85. crystal anderson says

    I just signed up.

    My coupon tip is to hold on to your coupons and wait for the best deal to come.

  86. Amanda says

    Already signed up :) My tip is to make sure to keep organized so that you don’t over look a coupon and miss out on a great deal!

  87. Jade Knight says

    I’ve signed up for your news letter and I *love* this site, the freebies are amazing and I’m learning so much about couponing. I’ve been a fan on facebook for a while. I’m just starting out so I my tip is probably already well known, but I like to use my Shop Savvy android app on my phone to do a search for items that I have a coupon for, then group my coupons by location. That way I can grab the deal when I’m in town and not waste gas or time scouting the aisles :)

  88. Krystal Hollon says

    I signed up and am already an email subscriber. I used to clip every coupon but I have learned it is easier to place the coupons unclipped in a file cabinet with a folder that has the date of when you received the coupons on it. This makes it SO much easier especially when you get a lot of coupons. Otherwise you will have to go through every month and get rid of old coupons.

  89. Stacey I says

    I get your emails! My coupon tip is to make a list! Go through the ads, cut your coupons and have them in separate piles according to store with that stores list. I put mine in envelopes or one envelope with separaters in between stores.

  90. Denise C says

    I already subscribe, but I subscribed again using a new email addy! :) I also already Like your FB Page!

    Tip: Grab a coupon or two from the pop up coupon dispenser at the store, even if its not a coupon you’d use, you always have a friend who will! They are always good to swap with!

  91. Chrissy says

    I have been a fan on facebook for awhile and now I am now your email list. I just started the coupon adventure. My tip would be to make sure you check the sale ads and compare your coupons to the ads for the best deals. Plus check your site daily for all the great deals that you post!

  92. Courtney B says

    I already receive the emails, shared the post and My coupon tip is don’t use a coupon unless your going to use the product.

  93. Amber Traylor says

    I’m already a subscriber! I try to stack coupons with items on sale plus use my rewards card from the store I’m buying from to get the most savings! Thanks! :)

  94. Meagan S says

    Done! Very exciting! My tip would be to continually go through all of your coupons and pull expired ones.

  95. Claudia Horn says

    already signed up and will share in a second. my tip is to have a organized coupon book or coupon binder, less stress at the store and you can see what is expired or still good.

  96. Darcy T says

    Oh, my couponing tip is to ALWAYS take your coupon binders with, because you never know what you’re going to find on clearance that you have a coupon for!

  97. Lynda DiFrancesco says

    Ooops…forgot my coupon tip. I save the most money by following the lead of bloggers such as you!

  98. Marlene Miller says

    Already signed up for emails and shared the link. My tip is, share coupons with family and neighbors. You may need something they have and don’t use. And join coupon blogs like Raining hot coupons. I have gotten several freebies thanks to this site. I haven’t had to buy a razor all summer. : )

  99. Amanda says

    I am signed up. Always know the stores coupon policy up front, you can stack coupons at alot of places and use coupons on the buy1get1 items(on both items…even the free item) that way you strech your money even more!! I shared on facebook and already liked you on facebook forecer ago..lol Thank you!!

  100. whitney says

    I liked your page on FB!!!! I also signed up to receive your emails and shared!!! My coupon tip is to keep track of items you’ve bought by doing cost/quantity to get a per unit cost.

  101. Courtney says

    I “like” you on facebook, I receive the emails, and I’m sharing this page. My coupon tip is to buy 2 Sunday papers every week to double the savings!

  102. Christina Gutierrez says

    Already get em ..last time I wrote to make lists on sunday when the coupons come out and i finally followed my own advice (YAY) got my food shopping done this morning CAUSE I WAS READY!! lol ..and that’s my tip ;)

  103. Vanessa says

    I already receive daily email and follow you on Facebook. And just shared the post!
    Coupon tip: never forget to check your coupon blog to find out about deals we may have overlooked!

  104. Alicia says

    I signed up!!!

    Tip: Always look for double coupouns. I like to print out coupons with long expiration dates and save them for when a good sale is on!

  105. Fiorella says

    I already get the daily emails :D
    But my tip is to NOT throw away Expire Manufacturer coupons! You can send them to the military families overseas and they can use them up to six months after they expire. :D

  106. Heather K says

    I get the emails, and and a Facebook Fan. My tip is to always keep an eye out for the ‘sticker’ coupons on items when you are shopping!

  107. Pam Poulos says

    I signed up and confirmed :) My best coupon tip that I tell everyone especially the cashiers when I am checking out @ the store to follow ur page on facebook . They are always amazed @ how low my bill is by the time I use all my coupons …. even better is the people behind me in line cheering me on … I give u all the credit though :)

  108. Jessicah Fox says

    I signed up, liked and shared! Thank you so much! <3
    LOVE your deals!
    My coupon tip would be to get coupons for things that you use and not things that you won't use just because you got a good deal… in the end, if you're using coupons to buy a bunch of things you won't really use then you aren't saving much money because you're wasting products which wastes some money as well.

  109. Rachel says

    I am signed up for the email list, shared the post and my coupon tip is to not forget to unsubscribe from these automatic ship services or you will spend a lot of money for your “free” things!

  110. Kaylee Oliver says

    I receive your emails and I like you on Facebook! :)
    My tip would be Only pick 2-3 stores to coupon at otherwise it’s likely you’ll get overwhelmed.

  111. Lauren Worth says

    Thank you so much for offering this! I liked, subbed, shared, and signed up for email :) I really love Julep. No idea how I haven’t heard of you before. I’m pretty obsessed with coupon sites. My tip is to have multiple computers so you can get more of coupons >:) And to have this site handy so you get the coupons in the first place!

  112. jennifer cagle says

    I already receive the daily email and my coupon tip is: always bring your coupons with you, you never know what you might find on sale or clearane and you might get some free or close to free stuff!

  113. Tanya A. says

    I did all of the requirements above. But I have a question…I was already signed up for the daily email but I didn’t get the free ebook. was there a link in the original email? trying to find it.

  114. Maura Dunn says


    Tip: Some walmarts will swap they don’t take competitors coupons but they do! Only take what you’re gong to use for that store!

  115. Tami says

    I’ve been signed up for the email for a long long time, hopefully I still count! :)
    Shared the post.
    My coupon tip is watching deal sites like Raining Hot Coupons, or slickdeals for good deals!

  116. Jennifer says

    I subscribed to your emails, like you on facebook, and shared the post. My tip is to stack manufacturers coupons with store coupons to save even more.

  117. Kari Frazier says

    shared already on your e-mail and love yourfacebook page. Here is my coupon tip:Always when you go to a store or any place to shop bring your coupon binder. You never know when an item can be on cleanerced.

  118. says

    I have signede up and liked on facebook. My coupon tip is to get with friends, usually something they don’t use/need you may and visa versa.

  119. April Mann says

    I shared this on FB, and I just signed up for the email using another email address that I frequent. I can’t have too many reminders about coupons. ;) My coupon tip is cut out only what you think you will use and then wait for the sales. Before the ads come out every week, I cut out my coupons. This saves me from cutting out too many and wasting time. :)

  120. Kat says

    Already a subscriber, like on facebook and I will share =) My tip would be…Don’t forget your coupons at home, can’t money that way.

  121. Stephanie C says

    Love your page!!
    MY tip is, save coupons even for things you dont normally buy. You could find a good deal on a new product you have never tried!

  122. Elizabeth Touchet says

    Damara Jones Jennings: It is ok if coupons expire! Do not buy just
    because you do not want to waste a coupon!

    • Kari Frazier says

      If a coupon expires then you can not use it. Am I right????? PLease correct if I am wrong. I now that you can send your expired coupons overseas to the troops.

  123. Kari Frazier says

    Done everything. Here is my coupon tip: Always carry your coupon binder with you at all times. You never know when an item will be on clearence. Good luck to everyone. This giveaway looks amazing.

  124. devon clay says

    I already liked!!!…and my tip would be to never go to the store hungry or you ended up buying unneccessary items :)

  125. Julie says

    Already get your newsletter (love it) and like you on fb! My tip is to always check for online coupon codes before ordering something online – shopathome.com has lots of great online coupons and you get money back for making your online purchases! :)

  126. brenda says

    i have now signed up for your emails and i have shared your post and liked you on facebook ty for this opportunity

  127. Beth says

    Liked on Facebook and signed up for daily emails. Coupon tip – ask friends and family to save Sunday coupons for you!

  128. Kristle says

    I already get the daily email & “liked” on FB :)

    tip-remember to stack manufacturers coupons with store coupons to save even more

  129. Nastassia says

    I also get the newsletter and have shared the post!

    *Coupon tip- Always look for discount codes on at least 2 different sites when shopping online.

  130. Nikki says

    All signed up! Use your coupons to stock up on the things you use a lot, try to avoid going overboard on things that are used less often so you aren’t overwhelmed with stuff.

  131. Carrie Kuhns says

    I signed up for the daily email…. My coupon tip is to try to match your coupons with the weekly sales to increase your savings! :)

  132. connie says

    Already signed up and shared .Have yourself a good coupon sight to keep up to date on all good deals and freebies like raining hot coupons

  133. Kim says

    I already receive your emails and like you on Facebook. My coupon tip is to keep an eye out for the stick on coupons that you sometimes are lucky enough to find on products you might be buying.

  134. says

    Subscribed to emails, liked on FB as Sarah Guthall, and shared on FB as Sarah Guthall.

    Great giveaway and thanks for the opportunity!

  135. holly n says

    i am signed up for your mail list and liked on facebook. my tip is to +LIKE your fav couponing websites so you get notified asap when there is a deal! i have gotten so many HOT goodies this way!

  136. Ashley says

    Liked, shared & subscribed! My coupon tip is to always stay organized in a coupon binder and check the store flyers to see where you would get a better deal! :)

  137. Abby says

    I subscribed to your emails and my coupon tip is to make sure you only get the deals your family would benefit from, not every deal is a healthy one!

  138. Melissa says

    I signed up! My tip would be to organize your coupons in a binder and stay on top of keeping them current. Also, only clip coupons for the things that your family actually purchases.

  139. Alexandra says

    Receive emails every day and like you on facebook! My coupon tip would be to not forget the ones on the internet because i am very good at doing that haha!!

  140. DHM says

    All signed up. Clip your qpons and organize them asap. Don’t let them pile up or you will never get to it.

  141. Kristin says

    Signed up already.
    Don’t forget them at home. I keep mine in tuck since we like to make impromptu trips to town.

  142. says

    I signed up and shared!!! I love Julep. Great products!
    I try so hard to “coupon shop” I’m not good at it, so I’m looking forward to the emails! I keep coupons in a small organizer, by the type of food… MY problem is remembering to pull them out at the register!!!

  143. Skye says

    Already an email subscriber and have liked you on FB for a long time. Coupon tip: Organize your coupons by the month they expire.

  144. Jamie Hinson says

    Already “like” you and get your emails! Don’t forget to use coupons before they expire! I do that all the time…

  145. AMy Johnson says

    I have been following you on facebook for awhile now… Look forward to seeing what goodies you have in store for us everyday! Signed up for dialy deal emails! TIp: Keep coupons organized by categories or by aisles. This helps with time… Thanks :)

  146. Michele V says

    I like u on FB and I’m signed up for your emails! My tip would be: don’t let your store rewards expire! Try to use them the same day you get them, so you don’t forget about them like I have!

  147. Kiz says

    Signed up, liked, shared. Coupon tip: Compare the post-coupon price to the store brand version of the item you’re buying. Just because you get a coupon for something you’re already going to buy, that doesn’t mean that the after-coupon price is always lower than the store brand.

  148. Amy C says

    My Coupon tip is to not forget your coupons at home! Also, it great to be a coupon fairy! (leaving coupons you wont use on the shelve)

  149. Brittany G says

    Signed up for the daily deal email. Tip: Even if you think you may not use the coupon, clip it/keep it! I’ve discovered a lot of new brands and items that I never thought I would like and that I now really love through couponing.

  150. jessica Dittemore says

    I like you on FB and I’m signed up for your emails! My tip: don’t let your store rewards expire! Use them the same day you get them, so you don’t forget about them!

  151. Valerie says

    signed up and liked on facebook. dont get what you dont need unless your helping others out. its just a waste.

  152. Lil Dupre says

    Loved and shared.

    I like to put all my coupons in alphabetical order, as well as per catagory. Helps me out alot

    • Labecca says

      My tip would be to talk with others about the deals they get. Sometimes they find things that you didn’t see in the first place!

  153. Keriann says

    Already get Raining Hot Coupons Daily Emails! Thanks for the great giveaway and all your hard work finding us deals!

  154. Leslie says

    Already signed up for the emails. Liked and shared. The best advice I can give on couponing is make sure you grab the correct item on the coupon. There have been many times I have grabbed the wrong thing and not been able to use my coupon. Good luck to everyone

  155. Jennifer Bond says

    I’m already signed up for the daily emails and I shared the post on FB! Coupon tip- stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons to save the most! Also some coupons doesn’t exclude trial sizes so you can get a travel size item for free!

  156. Ule Logue says

    I signed up for the emails – my tip would be to carry coupons with you, you never know when you’re going to find an unadvertised deal!

  157. Tricia says

    Ooops, coupon tip – get organized – I have a very inexpensive wallet that keeps things organized and I pull the coupons I know I’ll need before a shopping trip!

  158. Eileen says

    I signed up (confirmed my email), shared on FB, now commenting here. Couponing tip? Take the time to clip and go over your ads (I’m terrible about not taking the time to go over the ads!)

  159. lisa b. says

    I’m already signed up for your emails and like you on Facebook. My coupon tip is to print coupons as you see them and then cut while you watch tv at night! ;)

  160. Tina says

    Already signed up for email list, and just shared!

    TIP: Download the Raininghotcoupons App for you phone. Especially if you are out and about or not always near a computer.

  161. Brittany says

    I like raining hot coupons, shared the link on Facebook and subscribed to emails. Thanks for the giveaway!

  162. Keilah says

    Signed up, and confirmed my email, liked on facebook.

    TIP; Download the raininghotcoupons app for your iphone. especially if you’re out and about, or not always near a computer.

  163. Dana Paliotta says

    hey! i signed up for the Julep newsletter! and my little coupon tip is to cut your coupons out (neatly) before you go to the store! sort them by category helps too! but don’t buy it if you don’t need it!

  164. elizabeth says

    I signed up for the emails! I have already “liked” you on facebook!! :) Coupon tip: don’t buy something just because you have the coupon! best advice I’ve ever gotten!! :)

  165. Alaina Purdon says

    Signed up, shared, and my tip is to not throw away your expired coupons! :) Military spouses overseas can use your coupons up to 6 months expired and rely on the kindness of others to receive them. We are isolated out here and cant just run to the store to get the newspaper or even sale items. :)

  166. Stephanie says

    I already sugned up and like you on FB. My tip is: cut coupons before looking through the ads so you can organize by store.

  167. Cheryl S says

    Sign up my email and confirmed. Shared on FB. Coupon tip: Service members overseas can use coupons six months after they expire. So after your coupons expire for you, they can still be used.

  168. Caroline C. says

    all signed up!

    coupon tip? –> Check to see if stores allow manufacturer and store coupons to be used. You could save double!

  169. Erin Borum says

    Shared and I already like you and am signed up for newsletters. My best coupon tip is to stay organized and always keep the essentials with you. You never know when you might find something on clarence.

  170. monan says

    I signed up!!!!! Love & look your site daily.
    My coupons tip is to date the coupon inserts and cut & file a few each day so that you do not have to spend hours at a time! Cut only the ones you will use.

  171. Kassi says

    I am signed up for the email, I like you in FB and I shared! My tip is don’t try to do all the deals you see. It gets to overwhelming! Pick the ones you really want and do those.

  172. Brandi Smith says

    I signed up for the email, confirmed, shared, and already liked. Always plan for unexpected sales when you shop. I get my list and coupons together before we leave the house, but always add an additional $30.00 to my totals for things that may be sale priced, or clearance marked, but aren’t advertised.

  173. anna b says

    I already get your daily email. I already Liked you on Facebook. I shared the link on Facebook. I love, love CVS! Always plan your trip and put the different coupons in envelopes for different transactions. Don’t forget the Magic Coupon Machine.

  174. Kim says

    Was already signed up. Use a coupon binder that has separate sides to separate groceries & non-food coupons. Also, download the Raining Hot Coupons Android app

  175. Margot says

    I’ve liked you on FaceBook & I already receive your e-mails–my couponing tip? Take the time to search the online databases of different websites to find coupons for products you already buy…

  176. Ashley Miller says

    Im already signed up for your daily deal emails. My couponing tip is to price match at walmart, so you get every store in your areas for their low price, but only having to go to one store!

  177. bri says

    Have loved your site for a couple of months. I’m already getting your emails and like your page. What else can I do?

  178. bri says

    Love your site been following for a couple of months. I’m already getting your emails and like your page. What else can I do?

    My only couponing tip is to check sales before you use your coupons. I had some coupons about to expire and went to CVS where I’ve had good luck before and used 4 coupons. Found them at Kroger cheaper later.

  179. Kathryn Compa says

    I signed up already.A coupon tip is to stack manf. coupons with store coupons and also store sales if possible and also rebates ,to minimize out of pocket expenses.I also roll my rewards on other reward giving items to extend the savings further . dollar off coupons first,Store coupons next then manf. coupons is the order in which to maximize savings!Thanks!

  180. Gayle coveny says

    Shared, liked, tip: actually remember to bring the coupons with you when you leave to shop lol my biggest downfall

  181. jennifer caron says

    Well I have been an email subscriber for awhile and I already like RHC on facebook. I am fairly new to couponing and I guess my tip would be to carry your coupons with you everywhere! I always look on clearence shelves and match them up with coupons for tons of freebies or close to it… :)~

  182. Emily says

    already signed up for daily email. shared on fb and my tip is to create a shopping list/menu around the coupons available and what is currently on sale at local grocery store.

  183. Sara Woodill says

    I signed up as soon as I read this. What an awesome giveaway! My coupon tip? Don’t be scared to try a new brand. If you get it for free, or almost free, you aren’t really losing anything. Plus if you don’t like it, you can always pass it along to someone who does! There are a lot of low income families around here (like mine is) so I love to share what I have to help someone out! If I can get a good deal on goodies, you can bet your booty I’m going to get extra and give them to my neighbors n loved ones just to brighten someone’s day! Its the best feeling ever!

  184. Hannah Hinkson says

    I signed up for the email list, shared, and liked you on facebook. My coupon tip is don’t forget when they expire because I always do!

  185. Mandy D. says

    signed up and shared! my coupon tip is be patient and wait for the best sale and always watch raining hot coupons page!

  186. Alexis says

    I have been signed up, your site and tips are AMAZING!! Not sure if I can add but will try- those 50cent ones add up!

  187. Kelley Holley says

    I’m signed up, liked, and shared. My couponing tip is don’t forget the expiration date, and if you don’t use them, other people will!

  188. Trish Remacle says

    I’ve been signed up for a long time & check your site daily! I’ve also shared! My tip, is to make a list of the great deals before you leave home and have your coupons organized. Thanks RHC, you’ve saved my family lots of money :-)

  189. Stephanie says

    Signed up! My coupon tip is to buy and stock up rather than buying because you need it. Skim the weekly ads and shop based on sales, not by need!

  190. Michelle says

    I have been signed up for a long time and I shared the giveaway.
    Don’t buy things you won’t ever use just because it is cheap/free unless you will donate it. No point wasting or throwing things out just because they only cost $.50

  191. Jara says

    Signed up! Coupon tip is to always stay organized according to the store you shop at to make for a quick trip! :)

  192. Betty says

    Done, done and done ;-) My coupon tip is: if is free buy it, if you are Not going to use it donate it to your local shelter. You can make a difference in someone’s else life by couponing.

  193. Leslie McMahon says

    I’ve signed up, and really appreciate your ebook!

    I liked your tip about taking the same page from several of the same insert and stapling the coupons on them, making sure you staple every coupon front and back and staple over the PICTURE, NOT on the barcode.

  194. Robbyn says

    Subscribed to daily deal email and my tip for couponers is to not beat yourself up if you don’t get to the store that week, sometimes life gets in the way and its not that big of deal the sale will come around again.

  195. Tina says

    I am already signed up for your daily deals emails and have been for quite some time now :-) Also, I “liked” you on facebook way back when….I just shared this on my facebook page. My coupon tip of the day is to never leave home without your coupons and to share with others if you do not need some of them.

  196. Renee Combs says

    I signed up for your daily deals! Thank you!!!! I already liked your page and I shared the Flash giveaway! Hope to win! My coupon advise is always look at RHC facebook page and at other store ads before you go shopping!

  197. says

    Signed up for the newsletter and confirmed subscription. :)

    My couponing tip for beginners–Start small! It can be overwhelming. Start by just taking a few coupons with you to the grocery store for things you know you’re going to buy on that trip. Or you can start by just couponing for one particular category (ie. baby items). Or start by only clip coupons for things you use. It’s much easier to branch out to bigger things than it is to start with EVERYTHING and get overwhelmed.

    Don’t give up! Remember, any savings is better than no savings. You might not save 90% like you see on tv, but even if you only save a couple of dollars, it’s money that you’re SAVING. :)

  198. April Fisher says

    already signed up :) Here’s my tip. Note your coupons on your shopping list, or any ad matching you plan to do (@ Walmart for example) then you won’t forget when you go to the store or checkout:)

  199. Christy Grimsbo says

    I receive your daily emails. My coupon tip – keep them in an organizer, organized by which store you’ll be using them at when you are finding your weekly deals.

  200. kelly says

    Signed up! My tip is to not be worried what other ppl think as they watch you count you coupons and jump with excitement that the shelf hasnt been cleared…

  201. Lauren says

    I signed up for the daily deal email! Share coupons with friends, what you might not use, a friend can, and vice versa.

  202. Danita Kidd says

    I signed up and shared this post. My tip is to search for coupons online for products you want to buy.

  203. Lisa says

    Awesome find… i don’t wear makeup normaly so when i can get it cheaply to just give it a try is always great!!

  204. Fiona N says

    I’ve signed up, followed and share this giveaway on Facebook as name: fiona nuyen
    My coupon tip is: sharing with my friends!

  205. Mary DoMoe says

    Hope I win!! Coupon tip: When shopping online, try to search for promotional codes for additional discounts or free shipping!!!

  206. abby says

    i already am signed up for emails and like you on facebook and just shared this post :) hope you are enjoying your new bundle of joy :)

  207. Sarah Murillo says

    I signed up, liked, and shared! My coupon tip is to never throw away a coupon, because you never know when you will need it or find a great deal and get it cheap, or free!

  208. Denise says

    I’m subscribed to the newsletter, Like you on facebook and have shared this giveaway. My coupon tip is to find a blogger that matches your life style (kids, pets, etc) and follow them closely!

  209. meesh says

    Im signed up already!! My tip is to split up stores with a friend to do the weekly match-ups to cut the time in half!!

  210. nicole kokoo says

    oooohhhhh i would like one of these please!!! i subscribed, shared the link and also liked on facebook.

  211. kristin jarrett says

    i was already signed up and my tip would have to be find a good match site because if your like me and have 3 kids it is makes life alot easier

  212. Crissy says

    I am signed up. My tip for couponing is not to buy stuff just because you have a coupon, I only buy what I would normally buy.

  213. Candice says

    Already liked on fb and signed up for the email. I shared the post, and my tip is to create a separate free email address to use for coupons, etc… to keep it all in one place and to keep you personal email clear.

  214. Brandi Hudson says

    already receive your emails! always print in black when printing coupons. saves money on the expensive color ink!

  215. Stacey says

    I like you on FB and get the email.

    My best coupon tip is to stack manufacturer’s coupons and in-store coupons. More bang for your buck!

  216. Cindy says

    I receive emails liked & shared on fb … My tip Only by it if you use it or can get it for.50 cents or less or you will waste a lot of $ & end of giving a lot away!

  217. Kelley Koors says

    Shared and have been a fan for a few months. I had all my co workers like your page too! They love it as much as I do

  218. Lindsay says

    I love the daily e-mails, and if I could I would “love” RHC on Facebook, but as it stands, I “like” it. Oh, and I shared the deal, even though that means my chances to win get reduced.

  219. Christina Birckhead says

    I’ve signed up for daily deal mail and liked your page a long time ago! Just shared this post to all my facebook friends!!!!! :-)

  220. Emily Stecher says

    I signed up!

    My coupon tip is to keep your coupons in an envelope if they are paper ones, and if they are email deals to keep them in an email folder to keep track. You can also put the expirations dates on your calender/ google calendar to make sure you don’t miss your opportunities.

  221. Jill says

    I am signed up for your daily email already! My favorite money saving tip is to “wrap” gifts using reusable shopping bags. These are usually around $1 – way less than a paper gift bag, and it’s like an additional gift! Thanks for all you do :)

  222. Bianca says

    I receive your daily emails, already like you on fb, and shared it on fb:)

    Coupon tip: Don’t try to overdo it! Start slow and only get what you need/will use or can donate!

  223. Jamie Z says

    I get your emails. My coupon tip is to combine with store sales and store coupons for deep discounts and even free items!

  224. Amy Grassman says

    I have already liked on Facebook, reiceive the daily email. And my best tip is get your friends together at least weekly and trade coupons …that way you get what you want or need and so do your friends :)

  225. Ildi Feinberg says

    I receive your daily emails, like you on FB and shared!
    Coupon tip: always have your coupon binder with you.

  226. Kelly G says

    I signed up for daily emails! My best coupon tip is to shop the weekly ads for Walgreens and CVS and take advantage of the cash back deals when you have the matching coupons for the best savings.

  227. Jamie zumhingst says

    i’m already subscribed to the email, & like you on facebook. just shared! & my best tip is to always have your coupons with you…too many times i have left them at home or in the car lol.

  228. Shawna says

    I loooooove your website and my tip is to always bring your coupon binder even though your coupons are picked out, because discontinued items are great to use coupons on!

  229. Angel Yang says

    Been subscribed to your emails since december of 2011 :)
    just shared and liked on facebook.

    I find it easier to organize coupons by food and non-food items in my coupon book, but thats just me. I also organize the first two dividers that are going to expire this month and the last two will expire a month later or so.

  230. emily g says

    Already a subscriber to the deal newsletter & liked on FB … Shared from here to FB and directly from FB cause I wasn’t sure which one you wanted. Hope it counts!!

  231. Toshi Oswalt says

    I have signed up! :) Thank you for this website, I love the tips and freebies as well as the great coupon offers.

    Coupon Tip: Always keep your coupons on you and keep them organized for quick shopping trips!

  232. Lisaanne says

    already a Facebook fan. Shared it and almost always share everything you put on your site!!
    Coupon tip: go to raining hot coupons, couponmom.com; or supercouponing/coupontom.com for great deals and a way to find what coupon works for what product!!

  233. Danielle Horsley says

    I signed up and my tip is to only use coupons for things you need, buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need doesn’t save you money.

  234. Edna says

    Signed up for your email and shared your post on FB. Coupon tip: Just because you have a coupon for something you dont normally use doesnt mean you cant use and get a great deal!

  235. Ali Pedersen says

    I already get the daily email.
    Shared and liked on facebook.

    Coupon tip: Take your coupons with you everywhere you go. You never know what you might find.

  236. Geena says

    I m new to couponing, went thru a lot of sites while learning abt it…n I think raininghotcoupons.com’s hot n cool…!

    Hence, liked,subscribed & shared…! :)

    Tip: sort ur coupons by validity date in categories…coz it cud save time n effort …n maybe embarassment .. ;)

    Happy Raininghotcouponing…!

  237. Murni says

    Already signed up and like it on FB. My coupons tips are always ready with coupon on you whe doing shopping trip and buy stuff on sale!

  238. Medinamomof2 says

    Already a subscriber and shared it on facebook.

    Coupon Tip: always carry your binder whenever you go shopping and always make a list & sort all coupons before shopping.

  239. says

    I’m already a subscriber and like you on facebook. Coupon tip: clip coupons you might not use and donate the items to local charities

  240. vanessa says

    already get your emails and already like you on facebook and my tip is to always take your coupons with you never know when you will find a sale! :)

  241. Amber Gibson says

    already signed up and all the rest!
    Coupon tip: always clip coupons for items that you would buy if they were cheaper than the brand that you usually get. Who know when there will be sale.

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