FREE 2 Year LEGO Magazine Subscription!

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How fun would it be for your kiddo to get a magazine in the mail….Well you can get a FREE two-year LEGO magazine subscription for FREE! Kids just love seeing their names on things that come in the mail!

Valid in the U.S. and Canada. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. One membership per person, group or organization. Read the full terms & conditions for additional restrictions.

As you can see in the image below, I get a TON of magazines completely FREE in the mail (no credit card needed and no bills ever!). In fact I’d say I get at least 4-5 magazines a week.


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  1. Jenni B says

    I have this subscription already for my little guy and it’s totally worth it…if you can get it for free, or even if you pay for it. 😀 He really does love having something come in the mail just for him! I got “server too busy” as well when I tried it just now…hopefully the traffic dies down???

  2. Ariel says

    I just got it! I have twins so I put both of their names on it…I need to find a girly thing for my daughter. lol They have the Toy Story lego set pictured on the front of the magazine that comes up and they absolutely love it!

    • Billi says

      There have been coupons in past issues along with special days for Lego Club members only to get free legos!

  3. janelle says

    Thanks, got it for my nephews. They will be SO excited to get something for them AND a Lego thing at that, in the mail :)

  4. juanita stewart-lafrance says

    it says avalable in canada and the US but yet it wont let me pick a province.. its only states that are in the list…

  5. Melody says

    I just ordered this for my Granddaughter. She is 5 years old and loves to read books. She will be so excited to get this. I’m not going to tell her so she will be surprised. Thank you for letting us know about this.

  6. MANDY says

    Just a quick question to anyone trying to sign up for the Lego Magazine from says its valid, but doesn’t have a “Canada” or province option! Anyone else having this issue?

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