FREE Child Safety ID Kit with Case + FREE Shipping (No Credit Card Required!)

child safety id kit

Woohoo! You can score a FREE Child Safety ID Kit with case + FREE shipping and no credit card required (you can skip that page and your kit will still be mailed).

Here’s how to get yours:

  • Go here
  • Fill out the form with your mailing info (on 2 pages)
  • Skip page 3 (you CAN skip this page and your kit will still be mailed since you applied).
  • No credit card required and shipping is FREE!! 



  1. Thanks!!

  2. Why am i being sent to Gerber Life insurance? do i have to fill that out to get the safety kit?

  3. I didn’t see anything that let me skip pages. And aside from the first page that showed the safety kit I didn’t see anything else about it. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. No Way to skip. If I try to go to Complete Checkout, it tells me I have errors on that page, and I have to provide a card or other payment method.

  5. Melody Torres says

    You may request a Child Safety ID Card without applying for insurance by writing to us:
    Gerber Life Insurance Company, 445 State Street, Fremont, MI 49412
    The retail value of this item is in accord with your state’s requirements.

  6. nope, cant skip it.

  7. Elizabeth Curless says

    I tried getting this one time…I never got the kit but they did (and continue to do so) spam my mailbox constantly. I get stuff from them weekly telling me to get insurance through them. I have asked them to stop and they continue to send it.

  8. I filled out the form wit false information except my address and received the kit but no coupons for baby items. 🙁

  9. No way to skip for me, never saw anything about getting the baby kit. Just signing up for Gerber Life Insurance for my kids.

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