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I just got my email to order my shirt! It took a day but I got it.

Hurry over and sign up for the Creme Newsletter to score the shirt pictured above for FREE! You will need to confirm your email after you sign up.

You’ll get a FREE T-Shirt when you sign up for Creme International’s newsletter! Yes,  This offer IS available to U.S. fans as well!  They’ll email you with the details after you sign up – it won’t be RIGHT after you sign up so be patient
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  1. wendy says

    How do you get the t-shirt? I signed up and confirmed via e-mail message, but don’t see how you get the t-shirt.

  2. Kendra says

    I got the confirmation message and no mention of the shirt. “After being registered, you’ll get an email with instructions to get your free t-shirt.
    Remember guys, only one free t-shirt per person. Don’t be greedy! “

  3. Wendy says

    How do you get the t-shirt? I subscribed to the e-mail and confirmed the e-mail they sent me, but don’t see how you get the free t-shirt.

  4. Amy says

    Umm yeah I know not to be greedy I still am not understanding Where when how and what am I supposed to do to get the free tee shirt? I have not recieved an email.

    • Kendra says

      I wasn’t saying that to you. I copied and pasted what they wrote on their site (hence the quotation marks).

  5. Lenore says

    When you get the email, after you click the link to subscribe, go to the link, “update my preferences”. That is where you can fill in your address. Hoping that is the answer.

  6. Lynn Simpson says

    I have looked all over the site and do not see any where to update preferences at,this is to Lenore,maybe you can be more specific where to find what your talking about at.Thank-You

  7. Lynn Simpson says

    I do see the box when you first click the link here where it asks e-mail then under it,it says “really we mean it just fill this out and you’ll get free clothes.Awesome.”
    But you can’t scroll down any to see if there is any kind of form or anything.I put my e-mail in and confirmed it but nothing.Is anyone having any luck with this?

  8. Lynn Simpson says

    oh i was able to shrink page enough to read under the last thing I posted It says “After being registered, you’ll get an email with instructions to get your free t-shirt.
    Remember guys, only one free t-shirt per person. Don’t be greedy!” So we will see no e-mail from them yet for the shirt.good luck ev1 hope that clarifies some.

  9. Kendra says

    From their Facebook page: “To all who have signed up for the Newsletter: we will be contacting you all in the next couple of days for addresses, sizes etc. Please in the meantime, spread the love and get your best friends to sign up to this! We want you all having the best of our summer T’s for the Fall! New T’s and new stuff coming very, very soon!!!!!”

  10. Kristen says

    Dont forget they are a different time zone.
    I signed up hours ago and have yet to get another email..but if I dont thats ok. Im not going to get all upset cause I didnt get a free t shirt

  11. Kristy T says

    Has anyone gotten this shirt? I signed up Aug 28th and still haven’t received it. :-( Just wondering if anyone got it…

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