FREE Dog or Cat Lickety Stik Treat! (First 25,000)

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Yay! Check out what they just posted….(so hurry over and get yours!):

Due to the technical difficulty some of you experienced on our Lickety Stik tab, we have increased the limit to 25,000 to make sure everyone is able to grab one!

Hurry over to the PetSafe Facebook page, to score a FREE Dog or Cat Lickety Stik!

Thanks, Woof Woof Mama

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  1. Tracy M. says

    I love these too! Trying to get one thru the site though is proving tough! Click on the link to fill out my info, but it just refreshes and there’s no form to fill out!

  2. Adriane says

    This is what the site is saying now.
    3 seconds ago
    We apologize if you are experiencing a problem with the Lickety Stik sample page. We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

  3. Nikki says

    I think I got through!!!! It said my sample will be mailed to me. It took me a few tries and I had to keep hitting refresh to get the page to load but I got it. Keep trying.

  4. Kaylan says

    I liked them. Then clicked the log in through fb button. Refreshed the page and submitted my info. All in one try. Hope this helps :)

  5. Rachel says

    After several refreshes it finally went through. I’m excited to try this thing out – my cat, strangely enough, doesn’t seem too interested in treats, I’m curious if this will entice her.

  6. Vickie Held says

    Your request was successfully submitted.

    Thank you for requesting your Lickety Stick. It should arrive in the mail shortly.

    I had to close the page and go back in; the form was there with my name already filled in. Thank you for posting :)

  7. Dana says

    Thanks I was able to get one today and my name was already in the boxes as well! Thanks for re-posting this today!

  8. Linda says

    It did not work for me until I liked their page. Once I clicked like, I was able to fill it out. Then it came up that I needed to refresh the page. I went back into the page and it showed that a sample will be sent to me.

  9. Lisa says

    The form to fill out wouldn’t come up for me too so I just refreshed once and it came up! Filled it out and it said it should arrive in the mail shortly!! My dogs will love me even more when they receive this!!!!!!

  10. Shannon says

    It didn’t load the form for me, so I closed the page and tried again. The form came up right away and I got one just now. Keep trying!

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