FREE Guy Stuff from Gillette!

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Yippee! You can hurry over to score some FREE Guy Stuff from Gillette! Just fill out your info and hopefully you will be one of the limited amount of people to score these Gillette freebies in the mail! That would be a nice surprise.

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  1. Bridget says

    Someone on Facebook posted this: “ok so i clicked on the link it took me to the fb page timeline so i clicked the little arrow by the picture at the top that says events and there is a blank on next to the Gillette no debate pic and it took me to a form then i clicked submit it seems like a blank page but the words are the same color as the page i highlighted them and it said submit successful or something like that not sure if i actually get it or not but i finally found it on my own”

  2. Katherine says

    I just sent gillette a message on facebook and here’s what I got: “We’ve been testing a tab for an upcoming promotion. Keep your eyes out for it in the near future!”

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