FREE Mary Kay Lip Gloss! (First 5,000)

Free Mary Kay Lip Gloss

Another great freebie today! You can get a FREE Mary Kay Lip Gloss when you text LIPGLOSS to 467467. I just got my free Mary Kay Mascara in the mail a few days ago from the last offer like this! Just enter your mailing information, and yours should arrive in 6-8 weeks


  1. Christine Krahling says

    Free Mary Kay Lip Gloss!

  2. Thank You

  3. i love mary kay.. thank u

  4. Love marykay

  5. thanks

  6. Betty Hourigan says

    Love it

  7. Yay I love these lip glosses!!!

  8. I haven’t gotten my mascara yet.

  9. Lipgloss

  10. Danielle Poling says


  11. Anna Miller says


  12. Thank you love this site!!

  13. I’m new…where do I enter my address? I already sent the text.

  14. Kristy Bolejack says

    Not sure what to do….??

  15. After multiple texts back & forth I was finally told the offer is expired. 🙁


  17. My daughter and I just got one. Maybe it is going through a certain amount an hour or so. I would say to keep trying.

  18. sabrina dupree says

    thank you! got mine!

  19. I got my full size skin cleaner the other day. Love it. My face feels so good after using it. I had forgotten about it and it was a pleasant surprise when it arrived.

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