FREE Sample of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin, Nursing Pads, Milk Storage Bags, & Baby Wipes

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Update – this is WORKING now! :-)

Wowie! Hurry over to score a FREE sample of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin, Disposable Nursing Pads, Milk Storage Bags, and Clean and Condition Baby Wipes! This won’t last long so be quick!

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  1. Annette says

    Yep same here… said an attack was detected and wouldn’t allow it to submit.

    Odd…even tried a different email address and home phone instead of a cell number and still wouldn’t allow it to go through.

  2. Cirby says

    I just tried and this is what I’m getting

    csrf token: CSRF attack detected.

    If someone gets it to work Please post

  3. Shanna says

    :( I am getting the same csrf token: CSRF attack detected message as everyone else is. I have tried to refresh the page and exit it out and nothing is working. If someone gets the page working please let us know!

  4. Kim says

    Tried several times today, several different emails, several different browers, two different computers, all same error…

  5. Rebbekka Howard says

    Thanks:) It went through for me. This is what is said…

    Thank you for your samples request. Your samples should arrive within 3-4 weeks.

  6. Stacey says

    It’s finally working! Kept getting an error message earlier in the day. On the laptop now instead of the iphone.

  7. Krystle says

    I recieved the invalid message a few days ago when I tried for the free samples. I just tried again and it went through :) said the samples should be recieved in 3-4 weeks!

  8. Ellen says

    I tried it without dashes in my phone # and it didn’t work. Did it again with dashes and it went right through. Thanks Megan!

  9. victoria says

    The invalid thing meant I had to type my phone number without parentheses or dashes and let the site format it the way it wanted.

  10. jenn says

    if it says invalid, its probably your phone number. it has to have the dashes between. thats what happened to me and it added them

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