FREE Schick Hydro Silk Razor (Text Offer!)


Still available and mine came!!!

Hurry and text the word SCHICK to 24444 to get yourself a FREE Schick Hydro Silk Razor!

Thanks for the reminder, Kristen


  1. Says it will be here 6-8 weeks. Thanks!!

  2. Premium Messaging to this mobile number has been blocked. Only the account owner may request a change to this setting with his/her wireless service provider.

  3. I keep getting this message ^^^

  4. Took me 2 HOURS to get one. Good luck ladies!

  5. 6-8 weeks – thank you so much for the heads up!

  6. got mine 🙂

  7. got it! thanks!

  8. All that I’ve been getting is Sorry, We’re experiencing technical difficulties. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again later. Thank you. Really frustrating!

  9. Awesome! Thanks

  10. GOT IT! THANX!

  11. Got mine, thank you!!!

  12. I got mine yay!!! To anyone having problems- text again and it gives you a new link- then you can enter your info******

  13. Thank you!! Got mine 😀

  14. Got mine!

  15. Christie Barnard says

    My response… You rec’d this msg because you sent a text to a number without the area code or used an invalid short code or you are blocked from using this service. Msg 2133

  16. Worked for me too using a Straight Talk phone!

    • Elizabeth Bottarro says

      I have Straight Talk as well but I keep getting the premium message error…how did you get it to work?

  17. Got mine!

  18. Got mine! Thank you!

  19. If you have a contract plan, Watch your phone bill….. you will be charged 9.99 a month ….. so your not really getting it for free …. you need to check and unsubscribe on your plan

    • Do you happen to know how it would work with a prepaid (ie: Tracfone) phone? I would assume one wouldn’t be charged (in minutes, I suppose, in this case?). Thanks for any reply.

  20. I have a contract with Sprint. I just had them check & there’s no charge on my account… Yay! FREE razors=AWESOME

  21. Took about 3 minutes to get a reply back with the link, but it worked. Thanks!!!

  22. Got the same message as Kristin..have a straight talk not sure why it is not working.

  23. I have sprint thank you Tiffney for checking that out for us!

  24. My girls have virgin mobile and it wont work for them, It does seem that it wont work for pre paid phones, I wonder why?

  25. Ty! Will b here 4/6 weeks ;D

  26. It just says click here to get your offer I am confused

  27. Got mine in 2 minutes! Will be on its way 6-8 weeks.

  28. It’s working very well now! Finished in just a couple of minutes! Thanks!

  29. Just got it! Thank you

  30. Just got mine! Thanks for the great deal!

  31. cynthia jordan says

    I called the schick dep. and they said that you can not get this promo unless you use a cell no email to them will work, and that if your cell is blocked call your provider and get them to unblock for this promo, bummer huh?

  32. Christine Chronis says

    awesome deal. thanks 🙂

  33. Got one…thanks

  34. Ordered mine 2 days ago! It was reallg fast and easy. Boost mobile here, no contract.

  35. Yeah got mine 🙂

  36. Got mine!! Thanks!!

  37. Just so other people know It doesn’t work with a prepaid mobile like Virgin Mobile. (I just tried)

  38. I got mine today, along w/ one $4.00 off any Schick Hydro Silk Refill & one $0.55 off any Skintimate Shave gel coupons.

  39. Got it thanks

  40. says I should receive within 6/8 wks YAY

  41. Yay! Finally worked!

  42. Michele B says

    Got mine, thanks!!!

  43. Got my razor in the mail yesterday! Thanks!

  44. I got 2 one at my home another at my moms thanks!

  45. I also got one.

  46. Got mine..6/8 weeks wait;)

  47. Got mine last time. cant wait to get another one

  48. Got it says it will be here in 6 to 8 weeks 🙂

  49. Jen Bonesteel says

    It’s not telling me what to fill out the “forms” with on my phone. :-/

    • That happened when I tried using my step dad’s phone for my mom to get one. Brings you to the form, but it doesn’t tell you what to put in each field..

  50. Got one thanks!! 🙂

  51. Got mine… thank you! \

  52. Connie Slayton says

    It worked for me. I text the 24444 and it sent be a link in return text… Said allow 6-8 weeks 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  53. Liz Cherie says

    6-8 weeks woohoo! thanks!

  54. At 9:37am this morning I was still able to get this offer!! Thank you for all of your hard work in finding these deals and offers for us!!

  55. Judu Stutz says

    6-8 weeks Meowww! Thank You!

  56. It is possible to do this with Virgin Mobile.. mine went through this time.

  57. I keep getting “DB ERROR” 🙁

  58. I don’t have a smart phone! 🙁

  59. Kim Berry says

    Thank you. 🙂

  60. Got mine! Thx!!

  61. Carrie Ostergard says

    Got mine 🙂

  62. got it thankyou!

  63. Got mine!!!

  64. This has ended

  65. I ordered mine, thanks!! I have a contract plan and a smartphone, so clicking the link I got back in the text made it easy.

  66. Suzie Huitt says

    Thanks so much, got mine! Super easy!!!

  67. Have a Virgin Mobile prepaid cell phone and got mine. Thank you!!

  68. Easy peasy for me too…. THANKS for posting 🙂

  69. Amanda Sue says

    I have a Straight Talk phone & I just got my free razor, yay!! 🙂

  70. Christine BW says

    Thanks ~ Razors can be so expensive for a decent one! Appreciate the help here 🙂

  71. Got one thanks!

  72. Got mine! It should come in 6-8 weeks. Thank you.

  73. got it 😀

  74. I would one plz

  75. this page says it was posted in July but i see the comments from April…
    i texted and i got “Schick Hydro Silk invites you to a Razorvention! Click here to get your offer while supplies last.

  76. it worked after i clicked the link and filled up the info:
    Your free sample order has been placed and your Razorvention is on the way!
    Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
    Like us on Facebook for future offers and promotions.

  77. I always get NOT A VALID NUMBER when I try to get these offers. What am I doing wrong?

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