FREE Wet Personal Lubricant Sample

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You can get yourself a FREE Wet Personal Lubricant Sample! :oops:

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  1. Vanessa says

    LOL the questionnaire asks if I would recommend the lubricant to friends and family. I’m not sure how that comes up in a casual conversation.

  2. Carey-Anne says

    TOO TRUE. although I have to say that this has come up in a couple of casual conversation with my friends…is that wrong? LMAO

    • Kat says

      It’s come up with a couple of my friends, as well! Not too sure how I’d approach that with any family members though. . . LOL!

  3. Brittany Arrand says

    Always a conversation at my recent Passion Party that I hosted…It is hysterical to hear what some people say and will say! Fun sample!

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