How To Keep Your Fridge Shelves Clean

How To Keep Your Fridge Shelves Clean

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How To Keep Your Fridge Shelves Clean

Cleaning your fridge can be a time consuming process and sometimes it’s hard to achieve the cleanliness level you would like. Well there is officially a better way to keep your fridge shelves clean for longer and it won’t involve vigorous scrubbing.

Remove your fridge shelves and give them a good initial clean. Once they have dried cover the top surface with Saran Wrap Press & Seal, most times you’ll find it in clear but sometimes you can find it with a cute pattern.  Once it has applied nicely, slide your shelves back into the fridge and you are done! Now, one set of wrapping can last up to 6 months at a time as long as you wipe up spills as they happen. If you do happen to  have a big spill, water and vinegar will help to clean off the liners if they aren’t up for a replacement.

Once you notice they are looking a little tired, repeat the above process! This will not only keep your fridge shelves clean, it will give you extra time that you would have spent scrubbing down your fridge to do something fun!


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