Hello Kitty Rhinestone Jewelry Set for just $2.59 shipped!

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If you’re looking for a super cheap but cute stocking stuffers or gift, this is perfect! Get a Hello Kitty Rhinestone Jewelry Set for just $2.59 + FREE Shipping from Amazon! The set includes a Hello Kitty ring, earrings and necklace!

And just a little tip.. if you want to ensure your stones stay on, use some clear nail polish to go over the stones before you wear it ;)

This deal is going in the “Raining Hot Christmas Gifts” bag here (see other HOT Christmas Deals)!
Don’t forget to sign up for a FREE UPS My Choice account so you can track your packages so they don’t get stolen or lost this Holiday season! Remember Amazon prices can change at any time!

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  1. Lisaanne says

    Thank you!! My daughter love hello kitty and the tip about the nail polish is awesome!! I never thought about that one!

  2. Tanya says

    Thanks you SO much! I had been wanting to get my niece hello kitty earrings for Christmas, but everywhere I looked they were kinda high! My niece is gonna love them!

  3. Heidifae says

    It is coming from Hong Kong and shipping stated it would arrive Dec. 17 thru Jan 4th so there is a small chance it may come after christmas.

  4. Lisaanne says

    EEEK!! Yeah I saw that after I ordered it.. hopefully it will get here earlier!! Fingers crossed with candy canes on them!!

  5. Stacy says

    Great deal! Estimated shipping for me is Dec 24 through some time in January but at this price, no problem here! Thanks Sara!

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