Homemade Glow in the Dark Bath Paint

bath paint

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I had a BLAST today watching the kiddos play in our homemade glow in the dark bath paint!

This recipe is super easy and way too much fun! It’s SO good for the kids to play with because it really gets their sense going. Miley (my almost 1 year old) played forever in it. She was splashing around, painting, laughing and just enjoying her fun bath. Although it looks super messy (that’s part of the fun right?!) it’s actually extremely easy to clean since you are using shaving cream. This stuff just rinses right away so go ahead, let them make the biggest mess ever.  😉

*See me recipe on how to make GLOWING WATER – this makes the bath even funner and is SO easy!


You will need:

1 – Fluorescent Tempera Paint (you can get these online on Amazon) or from a local craft store. I really like this one because it is non-toxic.


2 – A blacklight (or you can use glow in the dark paint if you don’t want to buy a blacklight but the tempera paint is a little brighter). They have these on Amazon, I have this one but you can get smaller ones at Walmart too which are a little cheaper.

3 – Shaving Cream – I totally use the kind from Dollar Tree! It’s just $1 and lasts a long time!

4 – Glowing Water (optional but super easy) – see the recipe here.

How To Make It:

Fill a container or bowl with a good amount of shaving cream (I’d say about 1-2 cups) and add about 1 teaspoon Fluorescent Tempera Paint. You will then need to mix it BUT I use a paint brush to do this and I tap it and stir lightly because I’ve found if you use a spoon it will make the shaving cream get kind of runny.

I like to put the mixture in a muffin tin (from Dollar Tree) or in plastic bowls (these are nice because they float in the water).

Let the kids make a huge mess and have tons of fun. When you are done, simply rinse the shaving cream off and voila, it’s clean!

The aftermath:

glow paint




Inspired from Glowing Jeweled Rose


  1. Wow this really looks wonderful…. how many hours will it last? I would like to try in my hanging decoration in the balcony…

  2. The glowing paint doesn’t irritate the children skin?

  3. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.|

  4. The paint is maybe non-toxic, but black lights are SO NOT healthy for kids (or anyone)! Bad for their skin, and no-one should ever look directly at it – good luck with that with a one year old. It’s pure UV light – the stuff in sunlight that gives you skin cancer and why you’re supposed to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from it.

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