*HOT* $40 Worth of Julep Maven Mani/Pedi Items ONLY $0.01 + FREE Shipping!

Julep Maven has this HOT offer once again! You can score high quality nail polish and mani/pedi items for just one penny!!

Basically you will need to take a quick “style quiz” here which will then customize a box for you. Then, you can get the box that was made for you. This is normally $19.99 + FREE shipping but right now you can use the code  NEWYEAR2012 which will make it just one penny (for over $40 worth of items)! You will notice NEWYEAR2012 the cost drops to $1.91 until you say what state you are in, then it will go down to $0.01!

*Please note – you will then be signed up for their monthly program where you would be charged a monthly charge of $19.99 on the 27th of the month if you choose to continue your membership.   If you don’t want to, you can cancel by calling them at 877.651.3292 Monday – Friday 9am-5pm PST.

Thanks, Wheel N Deal Mama


  1. Just ordered mine!!! I love savings!! Thanks

  2. SCORE!!! Thanks so much!!

  3. How did you get your ref number? I’m already a member but want to refer a friend of mine.

    • I found this online

      Do you have a referral program?

      Yes- Just login to My Account and click on Earn a Free Month to see your referral link. Share this link with your friends, and you will earn 1 referral credit for each friend who joins using your link. Once you’ve earned 2 credits, you’ll automatically receive 1 free month. Share On!

  4. did you cancel your membership right away or do you have to wait till you receive your items

  5. Yeah! just got this! awesome deal, thanks for sharing!

  6. well you got another credit.. so you should be getting alot of months free lucky you!!

  7. How soon can you cancel your membership?

    • Same question here! I’m nervous to click checkout before I know when I can cancel the membership

      • You may want to call them to see when you can cancel after you receive your first product, i found this online. 😉

        How do I cancel my membership?

        If you wish to cancel your Maven subscription, just call the Maven Team at 877.651.3292. For security reasons we cannot process cancellations by email or online. Please note: you must cancel by the 24th at 11:59pm (PST) to avoid being charged on the 27th.

  8. GOT MINE!! cant wait till it gets tom my house!! 🙂

  9. can someone please tell me how soon you can cancel the membership please?


  11. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the amazing deal! Can’t wait to get my stuff. I was picked as classic with a twist. The colors are a Sky blue and purple mix (periwinkle) and shimmery peachy pink color. Plus getting the hand cream makes this a score!!!

  12. This deal is awesome but things like this are scary. Have any readers here ever skipped or cancelled? It says you have until the 24th of each month to cancel or skip your shipment.

  13. melissa mann says

    i ordered it, thanks! gonna use it for gifts during the year!

  14. This website is AWESOME! Thanks! I got mine!

  15. Yay! Got mine for $0.01 shipped! And not a penny more! lol love this 🙂

  16. katie brisco says

    6% cash back through shop at home also!

  17. There’s already an invoice created for Feb for $19.99…. so make sure and cancel by or skip between the 20-24th

  18. thanks!! I was the ‘it girl’ got clear coat, aquamarine, peachy color & bright green! awesooommeee 🙂 It didn’t take my debit card but paypal CC worked great! u r the bestest ma’am!

  19. DeAnna West says

    I called today to cancel and received a recording saying they were closed due to weather (hmm on the west coast/) and to leave a message with name, email and phone number or to email them… well it says you can’t cancel through email… and who is to say they will acknowledge a message? A little shaky on this deal right now…

  20. I sent them an email and they cancelled it….

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