*HOT* $5/1 Tena Coupon = FREE Liners or Pads!

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Once again, I am giving you all a heads up on a HOT coupon that will be in Sunday’s 7/14 SmartSource insert. Look for the $5/1 Tena Product coupon which will make for some FREE Tena items at Walmart!

*Remember, check your newspaper before stocking up on them to make sure the coupon is there!

Tena Liners or Pads startnig at  $2.86
Use $5/1 Tena product coupon from 7/14 SS

tena coupon

Photo and thanks, The Wally World Woman

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  1. Elissabeth Parsons says

    I wonder if they would accept these coupons at my local family dollar store i could stock up on some of these products for college :3

  2. maria says

    Not in my paper:( I’m in the fort worth tx area anyone want to share? Or where can I print? This means free school supplies for my daughter.

  3. Danielle says

    I found it in my paper, I live in Dayton, OH. Only bad thing is that it was impossible to find papers. I get one delivered to my door to check out what’s in my paper to know how many more papers to purchase. i was surprised we had it because usually don’t get the high dollar coupons. I know there is a site you can go to buy sections of coupons, it gives you just the coupons and you can just buy the Smart Source because that’s which one it was in. I have ordered from there before cheaper than the paper. I am looking for it. If i find it I will post the link.

    • Danielle says

      Well never mind they don’t have that coupon in it. :( I don’t understand why because when that $4 off for Sally Hansen was around, they had that one and I didn’t get it in my paper so I ordered from here. My bad, I thought they would have it.

    • Danielle says

      If you would hit reply under her comment it would send a email to her letting her know someone was replying to her message (well it should because most ppl have it linked that way) but by having the comment down here unless she checks back to this page she won’t see your comment to reply. I didn’t know that before and someone let me know that so figured I would share with you. :)

  4. Danielle says

    I wanted to let everyone know that this coupon does not allow an overage and that is why she just wrote free and not free plus overage because on the coupon it says you can save up to $5 and has a place for the cashier to put the price of the item. I wish I would have read the coupon better before I bought the papers I bought, but owell I get a free item so can’t beat free. :)

  5. Paige says

    Y’all do realize that it says “up to”, so the cashier CAN and probably WILL lower the value to the $2.86 or whatever each one that you buy costs, and they are within their policy. YMMV on the full $5 off each.

    • Danielle says

      Yeah I noticed that once I had already got some extra papers. I should have read the coupon better.

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