*HOT* Amazon: Kindle Only $9 Shipped (Reg. $69)!!?

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This is BACK and new people are getting this offer!!!

UPDATE #2 – Looks like you may also be able to click here to see if you are eligible!

UPDATE – Also, check your emails some are getting the $60 off in their emails!!!

Wowza!! Here is one SMOKIN’ HOT deal some of you may be able to score! You may be able to get a Kindle from Amazon for just $9 shipped (reg. $69!). Now please note, this deal is not working for everyone BUT it is working for about half of you.

Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Go here or here and see if the banner (like in the image above) pops up anywhere. You may need to click this a few times and come back and keep trying. Some readers are saying it pops up right away and some are saying they have to keep trying or come back and try again.
  2. If you get a coupon to pop up, you will get $40 to $60 off a Kindle and these start at just $69 so as low as $9 for a Kindle!

Be sure to come back and let us know what you got!


Thanks, Wheel N Deal Mama

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  1. Danielle says

    This worked for me, first time! I went ahead and ordered the $69.00 one, with a credit of $60.00. Got this for my husband for Chritsmas. Then I used my Discover card reward $$ and paid the balance of $9.00. So ZERO OOP! :) Thanks for this!

  2. Amber says

    Nothing for me either… I even checked my browser’s pop-up blocker just in case that was the problem. I’ll keep trying…

    • Heather says

      I am a Prime Member and have refreshed the page like 50 times, still no popup. I was actually starting to wonder if it was only for non-Prime lol.

  3. Shawna W says

    It worked for me too! When you open the first link and a Kindle picture comes up, click on that picture. The banner is on the page that then opens. Good luck, and thanks Raining Hot Coupons!

  4. Tina says

    I got this with the UPDATED link: We’re sorry. It looks like you’re not eligible to receive this promotion. Please check out some of our other great Kindle offers below.

  5. Deb says

    I wonder what makes you eligible. I order all my books through Amazon & Kindle. I am a Prime member & I’m logged in. So, I honestly think it’s just random.

  6. Jamie Raber says

    I seen another coupon site post, that it is only coming up for certain prime members but not all members. So I was trying to save non members like myself (lol) wasted time. But Im not completely sure myself on this whole thing..sorry!

  7. Barbara Odoms says

    This would have been a great Xmas present for me to give to someone., but I’m not eligible for this offer. Oh well.

  8. Terri Broome-Wilson says

    We’re sorry. It looks like you’re not eligible to receive this promotion. Please check out some of our other great Kindle offers below.

    i am a prime member, so that isn’t the ‘only’ criteria at least…

  9. Carrie says


    If you go back to the link now that your transaction is done, do you still get the banner? Maybe it’s certain IP address or computers that will get it but not others? Just throwing that out there-I’m not getting the banner either.

      • says

        I emailed 3 times and got a couple of different answers, but was politely told I would not qualify. I think I should spending maybe $1000 a month at Amazon including lots of ebooks and I have introduced many people to kindles. It makes me feel bad, so I have decided to stop shopping with Amazon.

  10. Sandy says

    This is what I got…
    Kindle Special Deals
    We’re sorry. It looks like you’re not eligible to receive this promotion. Please check out some of our other great Kindle offers below.

  11. Felicia says

    so disappointed. wouldn’t work for me. I was really hoping to get the hubby a kindle so he would stop taking my nook to work. :(

  12. Erika says

    Really sucks that it looks like Amazon is picking and choosing people to receive this promotion. Says I am not eligible.

  13. Amanda says

    I am an amazon prime member but do not have a kindle nor do i download ebooks and it worked for me! $9 and free two day shipping, what a fantastic deal! Can’t wait to brag to the hubby when he gets home, now I need to decide if I will give it as a gift or keep it for myself ;)

  14. linette says

    I received an email from Amazon.com and it said was exclusively for me $60 off any kindle or kindle fire. I clicked the learn more in the email and brought me to a page and it said click here to redeem offer. I clicked and it said a $60 promotionally credit was applied to my account, so, there is no code to apply. I checked out it took the $60 off plus used some of my Amazon gift card balance. So, I didn’t pay anything OOP. My mom tried and said she wasn’ t eligible either and we are both prime members. She didn’t get the email. either.

  15. Kim says

    SO, why would they want to offer this to people who are already buying digital books? I am a prime member and not eligible. They ought to offer it to people who don’t yet have one. RIGHT? lol

  16. Debbie Stevenson says

    This is what customer service says about the promo:

    Customers who are heavy book purchasers or Amazon Prime customers will be given a discount on any brand-new Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire 2nd Generation, Kindle Fire HD, or Kindle Fire HDX model.

    • Ashley says

      That can’t possibly be true. I read something or at least purchase a new book every day and it’s not letting me qualify.

  17. Monica says

    I’ve never once bought a digital book, I do have amazon prime though, and I got it the first try! :) Thanks so much for posting!!!!

  18. JENE says

    It worked for me. A $9 Kindle! Thanks so much. I’m a prime member. I clicked it twice and it came up both times. The second time it said I had already applied it to my account and didn’t work again. Which was true. It worked! Thanks!

  19. Jodie says

    Not working for us either :( have tried all day as a non member and then ordered prime and nothing changed…still not getting the coupon or email :(

  20. Destiny M says

    I am a prime member and own a kindle fire and purchase something almost every week from Amazon and still didn’t pop up for me and no emails… anyone know the trick, please post!! Thanks! :) Good Luck to everyone!

  21. Amanda says

    Just a heads up. I saw the banner for $40 off, I refreshed a few times hoping that the $60 would pop up, instead it nows says that I am ineligible for the offer.

  22. Lanaya f says

    It just worked for me!! I didn’t get the pop up under my account.. Logged into my hubby’s account.. He has amazon prime! Got the $40 dollars off!! Got the kindle for 30 bucks! Still an awesome deal!

  23. Emily says

    I’m fairly certain that you have to have an Amazon Prime account to get this deal. And it can’t be a free trial account. You have to be paying for Prime. I have it and found the deal (lucky for me) but my roommate, who has a free prime account, could not find it. It’s a really amazing deal, but I don’t think Amazon is letting it be known to everyone.

  24. alicia says

    Chat from Amazon.com help line: “I am really sorry that you have not received $60.00 promotion.Right now we are randomly sending email regarding this promotion to those customers who are heavy kindle book purchasers or Amazon prime members. The amount of discount vary and It could be between $20.00 to $60.00.

  25. Jane Wolf says

    HOLY COW I just got a Kindle for $9 w/ free s/h!!! I had to click on the link to Amazon 3 times, but the 3rd time to top banner on the page (no pop-up ad appeared) had changed to say Kindles as low as $9. I clicked on the banner and it applied my coupon. This did not show in cart until I was going thru checkout. Free supersaver shipping is available on it too!!! I did not get an email offer for this, just used the Amazon link above. Thank you soooo much for this AMAZING deal!

  26. Rebekah says

    I have two amazon accounts (one student one regular). My regular did not have the promo, the student/prime did but only for $20 off. Interesting….

  27. Jenn says

    I was told it’s a random, computer generated promotion that they send out to a certain number of people. They do it with different products all the time. Basically if you’re selected…goody for you. If not…sorry about your luck. LOL!

  28. shaina says

    Tried this morning, no luck. Just checked again and got the offer! Even if I don’t use it, it will be a great gift!

  29. Rachel says

    I’m a Prime member and didn’t qualify. Customer Service was not interested in helping me or, actually, even talking to me (a vastly different experience than I’ve had with them before). My boyfriend is a Amazon Student member and he got $20 off.

  30. Faith says

    I just wanted to say…keep trying!!! I tried FOREVER the other day that she posted this, and it didn’t work, I tried my hubbys acct. my acct. and even opened a new one in my daughters name…it didn’t work on any of them…well I tried again today and first try, I got a $40 off on my hubbys acct… the other two still nothing, but it’s worth it to keep trying! I wish it was $100 off but I’ll take 40, thanks for sharing!

  31. says

    What I gather is that this promo is MOSTLY for people with Prime who buy a lot of ebooks, but don’t have a Kindle :/ I have Prime and get tons of ebooks (especially the freebies) but already have two Kindles on my account, so I doubt I’ll get this. Still a great deal for those who got it. Thanks for sharing the info! :)

  32. Suzanne says

    I got it for $9! Prime member but you don’t see it for $9 until you go to check out. It still showed it $69 when I put it in my cart. Thanks so much for letting me know about this great deal!

  33. Rhonda Brown says

    I chatted with customer service and flat out asked if I could receive the discount, this was their response.
    Kim:Thank you for contacting Kindle Chat Support. My name is Kim. I’ll be happy to assist you today.
    I understand that you want to be qualified for the promo that we have. However, we occasionally offer promotional certificates to potential customers or to select existing customers, to encourage them to shop at Amazon.com that have purchase numerous contents and at the same time a Prime members.
    We value all of our customers highly, and appreciate your loyalty. I hope you’ll be able to take advantage of one of our future promotions.

    • Tammy says

      I’m not a Prime member, but I do order quite a bit. I only received $40 off, which is better than nothing, but would’ve been nice.

  34. Alicia says

    Thank you, I got one for $9 with the $60 off, and I am a Prime member and do not have a Kindle, and I hate reading online so my 13 year old will LOVE this, she loves reading online, I prefer paper.
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  35. Anne says

    I tried the link earlier this week and never got anything. Today I saw your repost and thought why not try one more time. Yahoo! I got $60 off. Just ordered myself the Kindle HD. Also used some Gift cards I had earned from answering surveys and used my Discover Bonus points. What a deal. Thank You!

  36. Tammy says

    I did get $40 off, but I order from Amazon quite a bit. So excited for this! My 10 yr old wants this for Christmas.

  37. Stacy says

    I got $60 off, so we bought a Kindle Fire for my daughter’s Christmas present. I buy a ton of ebooks (mostly free ones!) since I can read them on the Kindle app on my phone and tablet, I didn’t own a Kindle (my husband has an ancient one but it’s not linked to my account) and I have prime.

      • Stacy says

        I just clicked on a link. All I can guess is it was because of the reasons I listed above: I buy a lot of ebooks (although mostly free ones) and have especially done so over the last year, don’t own a kindle, and have prime.

        It’s not really a coupon.. it’s just an offer that comes up when I logged into my account. I clicked on it and it applied a credit to my account for use with the purchase of a Kindle.

  38. Danielle says

    This is the answer I got from customer service “At this time of year we send out many promotions to customers. While some promotions will only go out to targeted customers all customers will get different promotions”

  39. ruth says

    Just worked for me. I got $60 off and got one for $9.54. I am a prime member but do not purchase ebooks. Super excited to try it though! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Amy says

    I wanted this so bad and called customer service and they said it was a hoax? Are people lying? Why would they say that and people are saying they got it?

  41. Jill says

    I received an email from Amazon with the $60 off and I ordered a Kindle HD, all worked great. Customer service is probably getting a million calls because of what was posted. Deals like this will probably cease to exist if they continue to get a million phone calls asking for it, I don’t think they were equipped to handle the volume of inquiries about the promotion. Good luck to all.

  42. Phil says

    Saw the offer when I went to the website. Thought it was too good to be true, but lo and behold… worked! $60 off any Kindle! Got the cheapest for $9 including shipping. Not a Prime Member so don’t know how they choose who gets the offer…

  43. Brianna says

    I’ve literally been trying this pretty frequently for days now. Still nothing. I feel like I’m the only one it’s not popping up for! :/

  44. says

    Wow, the $60/off banner was right there on the page and checkout was so easy, I just added the Kindle to my cart and bought it with cashback from my Discover card! Did that really just happen??

    Note: I am an Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom member.

    I hope this really comes! How exciting. :)

    • Jane says

      I know!! I got the same amazing $60 off and couldn’t believe it! I placed my order on Saturday and there it was on Monday morning, a brand new Kindle in my mailbox! Super fast FREE shipping and Merry-early-Xmas!! (:

    • Jane says

      You do NOT have to be a prime member. I got the $60 coupon, am not a prime member and have never purchased any ebooks or kindles ever before. It’s just a random thing for customers. Good luck!

  45. shannon says

    Just got $40 off! It popped up right away when I clicked on the link! I tried several times when it was avail before…but worked this time :)!

  46. Debbie Kaufman says

    Mine says, Kindle Special Deals

    We’re sorry. It looks like you’re not eligible to receive this promotion. Please check out some of our other great Kindle offers below.

  47. Lisa R. says

    My Kindle broke last week so this would have been great! Spent 30 minutes on phone with Kindle/Amazon and they told me they couldn’t/wouldn’t give me the deal.

    • Jessica says

      Same here :( My Kindle broke, then my husband lost it on his business trip {after he broke it} so I couldn’t even send it to Amazon to hope they’d replace it. And I emailed them and they won’t give me the offer. So sad! I’d loooove this deal!

  48. Diana Collander says

    No deal for me on my account or my husbands! We do have prime too. Would have loved this too, as the kindle app on my tablet and computer doesn’t work well!

  49. Alicia says

    My mom got this but I didn’t. She ordered me the $69 one and had $40 off. Then I also bought the ac adapter and she had some rewards on her amazon credit card and it brought it down to about $37 for both. :)

  50. Amanda says

    This post makes me sad. My Kindle went blank after my warranty was out and have been able to purchase a new one due to money restraints. For the length that I had it I spent over $300 on ebooks. I am sad. :(

  51. Shawnda Oglesby says

    I got $60 off so I decided to go with the hdx 7″ which I got for the price of the 16gb fire hd. plus the $25 video gift card. I am a prime member as well.

  52. Trisha says

    I have 2 accounts with amazon, the one where I purchase books and am a Prime member with did not get a coupon. The other that I use only for subscriptions for household goods had a $40 coupon! :) thanks for posting!

  53. says

    This did not work for my husband or I either round…I have a Prime account. I sent it to my friend who has the student account and she received $40 off on the first click!

  54. Melanie says

    I sent an email to kindle support like someone mentioned to try. Just checked my email and they sent me the $40 coupon. Thank you!

  55. DeeDee says

    Last night I wasn’t able to get a coupon code on my phone, says I wasn’t eligible. This morning I used my iPad and got a $40 off coupon. Was really hoping for the $60 off. I know selfish right? But I’m spent with medical bills this year.

  56. Jenni says

    I emailed Amazon today and asked for the deal, i just asked why I didn’t qualify for the offer. About 2 hours later they responded and gave me the $60 off. Thanks for the tip!

  57. Ali B says

    Don’t feel bad if you don’t get the offer. It is totally random despite what BS line CS feeds you. I know folks not on Prime who never order ebooks who got it and then there are people like myself who have tons of ebooks and prime and didn’t get anything. Complaining sometimes works and sometimes not. They will probably release more as we get closer to BF and they are going to start competing with tablet deals.
    Hey, the best savings of all is not spending a cent on something you don’t need! :)

  58. dawn rodriguez says

    Thanks so much emailed them just got a response back they let me do the deal so $9 for a kindle.You are wonderful and thanks to all those that said it was worth a try to contact them what a deal.

  59. Kayla says

    I am trying to contact them now, and am being told it ended in September. Anyone have more advice on what to say to get the deal?

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