*HOT* Babies R Us: Baby Blue Diapers Only $4.98 Shipped (Just $0.05 a Diaper)! In-Store Pick Up Only

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Yay! Right now on Babies R Us you can score Baby Blues Diapers for just $4.98 + FREE in-store pick up (you will NEED to be able to pick up from the store since they are out of stock to ship)! That makes this 96 pack ONLY $0.05 per diaper which is a HOT price!  This works on size 3 or 4.

Here’s how:

  1. Go here and search for “Babies R Us” then click on shop now – (you will get 1% cash back and a $5 bonus if you are new, this isn’t part of the deal, just a bonus).
  2. Then search “Baby Blues Diapers”
  3. Select the size you need (Size 3 or 4 only)
  4. Choose in-store pick up
  5. Use the code 950342 – which will take $5 off any Babies R Us brand diapers
  6. = Only $4.98 shipped!


Thanks, Southern Savers

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  1. Becca says

    It would only do one pack of diapers for the $5.00 off… not off each pack… and when I went and was at submit order, they were all gone!

  2. kari says

    this was great… was able to go in and out and do more boxes. so awesome. they are going to be a baby shower gift for my sister!

  3. Christine says

    Yay! Yay! Yay! I just ordered 4 boxes! Hopefully I get an email soon saying they are ready for pick up. :)

  4. amy says

    ok so GET THIS I go to get this deal and not only does my store have AMPLE stock, there was a sign up “take an extra $2 off baby blue diapers (priced 3/22- 4/22) but because the sign was already up the manager honored it! I got 18 boxes at $3 a box!!!! (my store had 40 boxes in the back as well, I made sure to find out) I also told several people in the store about the deal and 2 people got a bunch of boxes! Make sure to check and see if your store has this sign up….. not sure if it was just an employee mistake or what?

    • chantelle moore says

      wow!!!! thats amazing!!! good job! wish i could get that, diapers are insanely expensive now and says they arent available for pickup near me :(

  5. heather says

    great deal but these diapers are the WORST…just bought some by accident (not with this deal). i grabbed them thinking they were the huggies brand.

    • Andrea says

      I really hope not…:0( I actually read some good reviews so I’m hoping for the best…worse case scenario, I will donate them. Win win situation in the end :0)

  6. Lezlie Horst says

    Same for me, not eligible for store pickup and out of stock online. Does this apply to Toys R Us stores too?

    • amy says

      yes it does, that is where i got all of mine…. I always go to toys r us rather than babies r us for diaper deals because i guess everyone goes to babies r us lol so toysrus tendss to have the deals in stock

  7. Melissa says

    So if its available in stores, but not online or good for store pickup, we just go to the store and give them the promo code ? Or do we actually have to have a coupon for the promo code ?

  8. Andrea says

    Thanks so much…picked up my 5 boxes for less than $25 bucks!!!! My first time trying out BRU diapers….

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