*HOT* Cute Boots OR Shoes Only $10.00 + FREE Shipping (100’s to Choose From!!)

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Wow! Here is an amazing deal but you may want to act fast before sizes sell out! You can score ANY TWO pairs of Boots for $19.95 shipped, making each pair only $10 shipped! There are 100’s of super cute boots to choose from too!

Here’s how you score:

  1. Go here and sign up for a FREE JustFab account
  2. Click on the “Sales” tab and you will see the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Sale!
  3. Choose any 2 of the Boots or Shoes you see
  4. A magazine will then be added to your cart which will give you a $20 Rebate (make sure the magazine added is worth $20 and if it’s not, you can select another one). I selected People.
  5. You can fill out the form on the rebate to get $20 instead of a magazine!!
  6. You will pay $39.95 BUT after you submit for the $20 rebate you will pay just $10 for each pair of shoes/boots!!
  7. Shipping is FREE!!!
See below – you can get the $20 instead of the magazine!!

Please note – If you order you may want to call (or go into your account very easily) to cancel any further subscriptions after you get your order. You can call customer service at (866) 337-0906 once you receive your order. As long as you cancel your membership by the 5th day of the month, your credit card will NOT be billed the monthly charge.


Thanks and photo credit, Spend with Pennies

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  1. TMH says

    Just from previous experience when buying from JustFab…the shoes smell terrible when you get them (almost mildew’ish) and the sizes are not true to what you would typically wear from the store. If you have to return, you have to pay shipping costs yourself. :(

  2. Terra says

    I did this last time. Was happy with my shoes but never got reimbursed for the magainze subscription. I did follow all the correct steps too.

  3. lacey lynch says

    I have bought many pairs of shoes from justfab and they dont’ make you pay for shipping, they email you a return lable if one isn’t already included. Plus it’s always free shipping. I love all my shoes from there. Great customer service too. You can even get service from their facebook page.

  4. kacir says

    Did the last deal and never got my rebate, I submitted all the information and form correctly so i was pretty disappointed about that… Otherwise I love my purchase from them and would def recommend them, just don’t forget to skip a month or cancel if you dont want your auto shipments..

  5. Stacey says

    I was buying shoes here before and without my knowledge they put me on a draft account and was automatically drafting my account $39.95 every month. I didn’t catch it for a couple of months and when I called they said they could reimburse me for the money they took out that I had to buy shoes to cover the credit. Needless to say I do not shop there anymore!

  6. meredith says

    Did this deal last time and sent in magazine rebate and got the magazines instead. Don’t purchase if you expect to get money back from rebate.

  7. Sarah says

    I never got my rebate from last time and when I went to cancel my account at JustFab (which you have to call them cannot do this online) I had to wait 30 minutes for them to take me off hold and when I finally talked to someone about cancelling the account they kept trying to haggle me into keeping it. But hey maybe it was just me and you will have a different experience.

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