*HOT* CVS: Pillow Pets Only $0.99?! (Reg. $9.99)

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WOW! If you’re going to be by a CVS then you may want to scan their Pillow Pets because people have been able to find them marked down to $0.99 (reg. $9.99!)! Be sure to let us know if you find the same prices and if so send me a picture! I’d love to add it to the post.

Thanks Hip2Save

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  1. Jade says

    I will need to try to find out…now based on the orig price & the name I am guessing it is the smaller pillow pets, not the full size guys.

  2. jennifer says

    i so wish we had one of these in utah! Man i could use one of these for my daughter! These would make great gifts!

  3. Jessica says

    Topeka ks only had the pigs ring up at 2.49 everything else rang up 9.99 I didnt think 2.49 was bad so I bought 4 :), thanks!!

  4. Michelle Jones says

    Its only the pig that is on sale — Woodlands Tx one didn’t have any pigs and all the other ones I scanned are reg price and the other cvs had one pig that was 2.49 and all the other animals where reg price there too..

    • Jennifer says

      Starla…I am in Athens too…which CVS did you go to? I went to the one on Atl. Hwy and they only had the zebra. Love to get the pig for that price…

  5. meagan says

    kind of a rip off, 1) its the little ones 2) its only the pig penguin and zebra 3) only certain cvs are doing it.
    its an item their getting rid of thats why their so cheap, IF you can find them!

  6. Valerie says

    Meagan, how is it a rip off?… People that do find them wil lor did appriciate the clearance price and each store is different. At my store, we had all kinds of different once…Even easter colored once…And yes they were gone within 2 hrs…about 45 of them and the people that bought them sure loved the price :) We sold ours for $ 2.99 and they still went quick…It’s called buisness :)

    • Al says

      also found pigs for 2.49 at a different CVS. These were in the back the manager went to go look for me, he said that they had been pulled from the floor. So maybe it’s worth asking if you can’t find them. Also price check because this same manager swore that “as seen on tv” was NEVER reduced in price. :)

  7. michelle says

    I went to several cvs here today! Some are restocking the 75% off diapers and I was looking for more of those for a couple of friends. I did see the pillow pets though and here they were $4.99

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