*HOT!* Ends Tomorrow!! FREE 1 Year Membership to Coupons.com Savings Club ($30 Value!) = Higher Valued Coupons!

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This ends tomorrow so be sure to get yours!!

Wowie! You can score a completely FREE 1 Year Membership to Coupons.com Savings Club a $30 VALUE (which offers higher valued coupons!). You will just need to use the code BIRTHDAY at checkout. They always have really high valued coupons (higher than Coupons.com) and if you don’t sign up now, you may be regretting it later when I do matchups using these better coupons. ;-)

You will need to enter your credit card info but you can cancel before your year is up and you won’t get charged anything. You will also get an email right before your subscription ends stating you will be charged so it will be a nice reminder to cancel at that point.


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    • Maria says

      It’s basically like signing up for a subscription, so it’s still asking for your account to be able to be charged for next year. Like she said, you can cancel it before the year is up.

      • Michele says

        How do you cancel it tho? I can not find anywhere’s on the coupons.com website where you can cancel your current subscription?

        • Maria says

          Here’s how to cancel:
          1) Sign into your Savings Club account at Coupons.com
          2) Click Member Center tab
          3) Click “Contact Support” link.
          4) Fill out the form to submit your cancel request. Include full name and email address and/or Subscription ID from your welcome email.
          5) It will be processed in 1-2 business days.

        • Maria says

          Here’s the instruction from their own website:
          How do I cancel my Coupons.com Savings Club membership?
          You can cancel your Coupons.com Savings Club membership at any time by logging in to the Member Center on Coupons.com and clicking the “Contact Support” link.

          Simply provide the order number from your order confirmation email or the full name and email address you used to sign up for the Savings Club and someone from our Customer Care team will get back to you within 24 hours during business days

  1. Deanna O says

    I tried to use a prepaid visa (gift card) it gave me the message that the declining back declined the card, just an FYI

  2. K says

    Yup, not giving my cc info either…don’t want it to be an “automatic renewal” type situation when the year is up!!

  3. Erika says

    Don’t have a credit card and wouldn’t take my debit. Only had this problem with xbox live. I’m missing a great deal. this sucks…

  4. Stephanie says

    I was distracted while signing up, and forgot to enter the “birthday” promo code and now it is saying that my card will be charged the $30. I have been trying to contact them by phone and email since yesterday, but have not gotten a return email and no one is answering the phone(waited on hold for 20 mins). Anyone know how to contact this company???

    • Michele says

      Stephanie, I also am trying to cancel my current subscription, there is no option at all on their website to do so. So I sent them an email back (off of my invoice) to cancel and no word now for 3 days…..if I hear anything I will let you know. Best bet would be to contact your bank and have them cancel all future charges…..

  5. wendy says

    i did a one month free trail and u don’t get an email notice that they are gonna be charging u!! sou need to remeber if u really want to cancel!! but it is only $3 to stay!!

  6. Denver says

    Is it really worth the extra savings? Just curious as I hate to sign up for things I then have to remember to cancel!!! Not keen on giving my CC info either…

  7. Laura says

    Yeah also not giving my CC info.. if it’s free it should maintain free with no gimmicks… or let us try out the free trial and after a year decide if we still want it and then we enter our CC info.

    BTW from one of the coupons you entered they really don’t have “high value” coupons. I found the $3.00 off TEN WW meals and this coupon is off of 12! Just my thoughts =)

  8. cindy says

    I used my prepaid visa card. I don’t like using my bank card online so I make sure to put $20 on a card every month so I can get in on all the great deals!

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