*HOT* FREE $10 American Express Gift Card! (with Prepaid Card)

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(This is a gift card another blogger received with this promo!)

How would you like to easily get a FREE $10 American Express gift Card?! Check out how to do it below:

Here’s how to get the FREE $10 gift card that can be used anywhere American Express is accepted:

  1. Sign up for a FREE American Express prepaid card – The prepaid card is 100% completely free with NO MONTHLY FEES and NO CREDIT CHECK! Plus, read my opinion below about what these are good for…
  2. When you order your card you will need to load $50 on it at the time of order – you can use this on anything, anywhere American Express is accepted. So instead of using cash to buy $50 of groceries, just use your card.
  3. Then, within 45 days you will get your American Express FREE $10 gift card in the mail! This is a WHOLE DIFFERENT card then talked about above. You can then throw away the prepaid card or use it…below is what I do with mine:

Want to know what these prepaid cards are GREAT for?!….

I’ve been working on coming up with an idea on how to steer clear from having to enter your credit card for certain freebies. Now, a lot of the time companies will still make you enter a credit card when getting a free item. A good example would be on a daily deal site….let’s say you get a FREE $10 credit which would make for a completely free item, well sometimes they will still ask for a credit card and a lot of us don’t want to do that but I’ve come up with a solution and it’s worked for me!

This is what I’ve started doing and it’s working extremely WELL! You can get a FREE prepaid card! It can be left empty or with $1 on it. You can enter this card number when they want a credit card and VOILA! No weird charges on your accounts….

It’s completely FREE and you can leave it EMPTY and just use it for freebies. :-)

The American Express Prepaid Card. Get exclusive American Express benefits- with no credit check. Get your card now!

Photo Credit – Midget Momma

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  1. Dawn says

    Be careful with this deal! The last time they offered this I did it & when I never received my free card I called them & was told that only people who received this email promo were eligable for the free card.

  2. Samantha H. says

    I also did the promo last time and was told the same, that it was only for original email recipients :(

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