*HOT* FREE $10 Off ANY Order at Vitacost (I got 8 Items for $6.63 Shipped)!

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WOW! So I took some time over at Vitacost to see what HOT deals I could come up with and look at everything I got for just $6.63 shipped right to my door! You can get yourself $10 off any order! You just have to sign up through this link here and they will immediately send you your $10 code via email. Shipping is $4.99 so after my $10 code and shipping look at what I got for $6.63….

I was able to choose 2 FREE samples in the sample section and you can select 2 different samples with your order!

Here’s what I got:

  1. 6 ct box of Clif Bars
  2. 2 pack of Peanut Butter Dog Balls
  3. Milk Chocolate wafer bars
  4. Peanut butter wafer bars
  5. Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Bran
  6. Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda
  7. Vitacost soft chews (in the sample section)
  8. Vitacost Calcium Chew (also in the sample section)
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  1. Amber says

    I got these for $5.06 shipped! Thanks!

    1. St Dalfour Organic Golden Peach Tea – 1 Tea Bag(Free Sample)
    2. St. Dalfour Organic Black Cherry Tea Black Cherry — 1 Tea Bag (Free Sample)
    3. Van Ness Plastic Auto Waterer® For Cats — 3 Liter Capacity
    4. PureVia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener — 80 Packets
    5. Kay’s Naturals Better Balance™ Kruncheeze™ White Cheddar Cheese — 1.5 oz 1 $0.87 $0.87

  2. Angela Payton says

    I already have an account with them. How do you get it to work if you have purchased from them before. Is this only for new buyers?


  3. says

    My order:

    1 – Clif Kid™ Organic ZBar™ Chocolate Brownie — 6 Bars — $3.63
    2 – Clif Kid™ Organic ZBar™ Blueberry — 6 Bars — $4.22
    3 – Petsport USA Catnip Jungle Balls, 2 Pack — 2 Balls — $1.82
    4 – Envirokids Organic Crispy Rice Fruity Burst GF Sample Fruity Burst — 1 Bar (Sample)
    5 – Nature’s Path Optimum Blue Cinnamon Omega 3 Sample — 1.09 oz (Sample)

    Subtotal was $9.67, after $10 code, I only had to pay the $4.99 S&H :D

  4. Sharon F says

    Here’s what I got for about $15. INCLUDED A 24-BAR BOX OF TIGERS MILK BARS!! That alone in-store would have been over $20.

    Envirokids Organic Crispy Rice Fruity Burst GF Sample Fruity Burst — 1 Bar1FREE
    St Dalfour Organic Lemon Tea Sample Lemon — 1 Tea Bag
    Optimum Nutrition Melatonin — 3 mg – 100 Tablets1$1.70 (A steal!!)
    Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel — 1.78 oz1$4.28
    Schiff Tiger’s Milk Protein Rich Nutrition Bars — 24 Bars1$14.66

    Thank you for the heads-up!

  5. Amber says

    My husband did an order too! $5.22 total this time!

    1. Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals — 60 Tablets
    2. Atkins Advantage Bar Caramel Chocolate Peanut Nougat — 5 Bars
    3. Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Pouches Salmon and Chicken Recipe — 3 oz

  6. Michelle Smith says

    Clif Kid® Organic ZBar™ Peanut Butter — 6 Bars
    Bell Wafer Rolls Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate
    Bell Wafer Bars Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate
    Pet Naturals of Vermont Hairball for Cats Chicken Liver — 45 Soft Chews
    St Dalfour Organic Golden Peach Tea Sample Golden Peach Tea — 1 Tea Bag
    Nature’s Path Optimum Blue Cinnamon Omega 3 Sample
    Petsport USA Catnip Jungle Balls, 2 Pack — 2 Balls
    Best Of All Organic Super Soynut Trail Mix — 12 oz
    All for 9.99(S/H incl. :)

  7. Kara says

    Bell Wafer Rolls Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate — 0.9 oz- $1.34

    Envirokids Organic Crispy Rice Fruity Burst GF Sample Fruity Burst — 1 Bar – $0.00

    St Dalfour Organic Strawberry Tea Sample Strawberry — 1 Tea Bag -$0.00

    Nutrition Now Rhino Chewable Calcium With Vitamin D Cherry — 60 Chewable Tablets- $3.04

    Nature’s Way Damiana Leaves — 100 Capsules – $4.32

    Auroshikha Flower Candle Tuberose Small Cylinder — 1 Candle – $1.42

    All for $5.11 shipped!! Thanks!!

  8. Shelley Hoskins says

    Nature’s Way Alive Once Daily Women’s Multi-Vitamin Ultra Potency — 60 Tablets- $14.74

    Bigelow Tea Green Tea with Peach — 20 Tea Bags – $2.57

    Order Subtotal: $17.31
    Promotional Discount: -$10.00
    Sales Tax: $0.00
    Shipping: $4.99

    Order Total: $12.30

    Thank you Sarah! I’ve been wanting to order some vitamins and this was the perfect deal! ;-)

  9. Erica says

    Heres what i got for a total of $15.59
    Bob’s Red Mill Gluten and Wheat Free Pizza Crust $2.90

    Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Cake Mix Vanilla — 19 oz 2@ $3.99

    Newman’s Own Organic California Raisins — 6 oz $ 2.79

    Enjoy Life Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies — 6 oz $ 3.29

    Enjoy Life Chewy On-The-Go Bars Cocoa Loco — 5 Bars $ 3.64


  10. Dora says

    Yeah!!! this time it actually worked for me, I had to use a different email address but I’m getting my chia seeds in the mail soon!

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