*HOT* FREE 2 Year US Weekly Magazine Subscription (Celebrity News Magazine!)

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Still available!

WOW! Hurry over to score yourself a FREE 2 Year US Weekly Magazine subscription! That is an awesome freebie so act fast before they are gone.

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  1. Melissa says

    Got mine but those questions you had to answer were crazy!!! I put “I dont’ know I think this is silly.” for each answer, hopefullly I get my magazine!!!

  2. Amy Berthelette says

    I signed up and was emailed saying that I would be emailed a password. Nothing yet. Seems tricky to get in.

  3. Sherri Q says

    I had to go through questions on soaps and deodorants. And yes, I expanded my thoughts to get the minimum 25 words in. But then it asked about the magazine and it said I would get it in 4-6 weeks. I have never done one of these before because nothing was ever worth it. 2 years free…a magazine every week….of HOllywood gossip…heck yeah I’m in.

  4. Andrea says

    It makes you answer endless questions, and I just copied and pasted the same word 25 times in each review!! ridiculous!!! but i really want the magazine!!! lol

  5. Kaytlin says

    Lol! Those were insane questions. I’m surprised they didn’t ask me the details on wiping my butt. I put as an answer for one of them and copy and pasted it on the rest to reach the 25 or less word requirement that, ” I love my Dove brand deoderant. I feel special and smell good when I put it on. After words I frolic in my front yard then grease up my v****a.” I feel sorry for the people who have to read these reviews. LOL! Either way I’m getting the magazines in 8-10 weeks. :)

  6. Christina says

    Thanks, got mine! I have gotten several other magazines through RewardsGold and I never have been quick enough to snatch up this one! Thankfully, I finally did! Yes, the questions are long, but that’s what you have to do. Complete a few surveys, your points add up, free stuff for you! Thanks!

  7. jennifer says

    i just wrote like 10 words in the review box then copied and pasted it 3 times, it worked, said i got it, thanks so much!

  8. jennifer says

    This was a pain but so worth it! i wrote like 10 words in the review boxes then just copied and pasted 3 times, worked! said i got the magazine! thanks so much!

  9. Sandi says

    Totally worth it as long as they send the magazine, even if not still wasn’t too much of a time consumer. Had to answer two surveys about soap and deodorants, the hard part was coming up with 25 words to answer the questions!

  10. Julie Simpson says

    was worth it but it did take a long time to complete all the questions. but DEFINITELY worth it for a 2 yr subscription thanks!

  11. Pam says

    There was a lot to do to get this offer but when you think about it this is 2 years of a weekly magazine it was not too bad.

  12. Paula says

    The questions may be silly and take 20 minutes to fill out but a 2 year magazine subscription is totally worth it. I’ve filled out the rewardsgold surveys several times for different magazines and have always received my subscription.

  13. Milena says

    Awesome! This is still available, if anyone is wondering – I just got mine :)
    P.S. The magic of copy & paste let me complete those surveys in less than 5 minutes. Totally worth it!

  14. Brandie says

    Got the magazine, done a ton of these in the past. Always got what I completed. Up to you to do the work for the reward.

  15. Christy Anderson says

    Got it! There where tons of questions to answer, but worth the time for a 2 year sub. when these mags are like $3-4 per issue! I’ve gotten all the mags I’ve signed up for on this site before, hope I get this one too! Thanks for the heads up Raining Hot Coupons!

  16. terri says

    it was alot if stupid questions but in the end if I get this for 2 years itll be way worth it!! Have to love gossip mags!! thanks!!

  17. Dana says

    Still available, and I just did it. They aren’t hard questions to answer – we coupon, so we’ve probably tried every brand of soap and deodorant imaginable so I just gave honest answers. This is a great freebie and it’s worth the 2 page questionnaire.

  18. Melody says

    Just got it!! Didn’t take to long to fill out the surveys. Only 2 pages but a little annoying that they required 25 words minimum but definitely worth the 2 year subscription!! Thanks:)

  19. kim says

    This is a nice deal but may not be worth your time. The first page you enter basic stuff then the next 2 are full of stupid questions on soap and deoderent. You must answer some questions with 25 word min. I have never and will never talk about my body wash that mutch ever again.

  20. MIndy says

    Thanks, I got mine, but yes I agress the Questions are way to much. So I just answered them, and if i didn’t have 25 words, and just typed, I’m I at 25 words yet.

  21. Jen says

    Wow those were a lot of questions but hopefully this will pay off. I have a guilty pleasure of US Weekly and they cost too much at the newsstand. The 15 minutes of answering questions about soap and deodorant may be worth it :)

  22. Laura says

    I can’t submit the form. It keeps telling me to enter a “valid email” and I AM entering a valid email. Is anyone else having this problem???

  23. Amy Berthelette says

    I finished 1 page of this the other day and was annoyed thinking it was a hoax. Didn’t realize I had to finish 2 pages! Well, it is certainly worth it. I love US Weekly! Thanks for mentioning that there were 2 pages!!

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