*HOT* FREE $20 to Spend at Toys R Us or Babies R Us = FREE Toys and Baby Items! (New Links!)

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Calling all you Toys R Us and Babies R Us shoppers! I have a way for you to get $20 to spend at those stores for FREE! You can score (4) $5 off ANY in-store purchase coupons!

See how below:

  1. Print a $5 off ANY purchase coupon! Just wait for the banner to appear as shown above to print yours!
  2. Sign in or up for Shopkick – check under Toys R Us to find the coupon.
  3. Check into Foursquare on your phone while at the store to unlock another $5 coupon!
  4. And then text 5ONUS to 78697.

*You will have to do separate transactions to use all 4 coupons but you should be able to score 4 FREE or inexpensive toys and baby items!


Thanks, Hip2save

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    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Shannon, the printed ones have the same barcode but the others (Foursquare, Shopkick and Text) should be different. =)

    • Julie says

      It will not take but one coupon with the same barcode. Tried it today, and they said the code had already been used.

  1. Jessica says

    no go. I just tried, all mine have the same barcode and each barcode will only work once. But $5 off and size purchase is still an awesome deal!

  2. Kim C says

    I’m pretty sure all of them have the same bar code becuase I printed one from my facebook and then one from my hubby’s facebook and they are the same bar code. So if that’s true then only 1 person ever should be able to get one. My bar code ends in 60315

  3. sakura says

    I had the problem of having the same numbers too, so my brother couldnt use his coupon. I think its one barcode per computer then.

  4. sakura says

    i tried the 4squared thinig on my computer and iit gave the same barcode as earlier. yeah, one coupon per computer/device.

  5. Lauren says

    ok i have the shopkick one, the text one and the one online (havent dont foursquare yet..) and all have different barcodes. Yay!

  6. whitney says

    Why is the text not working for me? So frustrating! I’ve tried capital letters etc… anyone else having an issue?

  7. Shanna says

    It just boils down to the store managers opinion.

    Thanks for posting. I went and took in 4 coupons and then I also had a 5.00/5.00 coupon for signing into foursquare in the store. When I went up to the register the cashier said that both STORE MANAGERS said the coupons were fine to use, and they were allowing ppl to use the 5 it would allow you to print. Only thing they had to do was to do separate transactions. While standing in line we had to do an override on each transaction because it was the same coupon. I somehow had a 5.00 coupon left and I gave it to the guy behind me. (He patiently waited to pay for a small 9.99 bucket of animals for his 2 kids) He was shocked that I gave him such a big dollar off coupon. He never once got huffy waiting an extra cpl of minutes while I used my coupons. I was more than happy to give it to him =)

    Again, thanks for posting.

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