*HOT* Free 24×36 Poster + FREE Shipping (a value of $37.90)

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They are getting slammed right now so you may need some patience..

Wow! Right now at Polaroid FotoBar you can get a Free 24×36 Poster + Free Shipping (a value of $37.90)! Plus, there is no credit card required!

  1. Go here and click SHOP NOW
  2. Select a Poster and the size has to be 24×36
  3. Upload the photo you want to use
  4. Use the code FCES3 at checkout!


Expires 1/11/13.


Thanks, Clip & Follow

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  1. Rebecca says

    They must have shut the site down now. I just had my pic uploaded and edited and then it was gone!!! Was working on this for almost an hour!! :(

  2. Kerry says

    I am still waiting on this site to go through my my photo. It has been saying “Hold tight …magic is happening for the last 30 minutes

  3. cara says

    I tried to do 1 around 11am and after an hr working on it it said the promo expired. Now I just tried to go on there it goes to the hpome page but will not let u click on any thing.

  4. Kathy Selaty says

    I don’t think anyone is getting one!! They have this posted now =(

    Our free poster promotion is available for on site attendees of the CES show. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is not a public offer.

    Polaroid Fotobar

  5. says

    This is what it says now:

    Our free poster promotion is available for on site attendees of the CES show. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is not a public offer.
    Polaroid Fotobar

  6. Jennifer says

    Finally it worked for me. Code worked and I got my printed conformation order form and I also got my conformation email!!!

  7. Sarah says

    I hope I dont get that email saying its not a public offer!!! Eeeek! It actually let me put 2 posters in my cart, lol

  8. lisa says

    I really don’t think we should take advantage of this offer since the company posted not for public, shouldn’t it be removed, not cool to take advanage??

  9. Amanda Fultz says


  10. Stacey says

    I have tried alot of times to use different promo codes offered on Raining HOT Coupons. Every time I do it ALWAYS ALWAYS says expired. I am tired of trying to get a bargain and not get one. THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME!!!! Deleting from my FB page and will not ever visit this site again!!! BOGUS!!!!!

    • Sarah says

      DEFINITELY not Sarah’s problem! She finds deals and posts them and everything is limited. Unfortunately for you, you find them too late. And way to be greedy about getting free sh*t!

      • Linsleigh says

        I have been watching this website for quite sometime and there are more comments about NOT getting free offers than there are getting them. I have tried a few from time to time to no avail. So maybe “Sarah” should check these deals out before she posts them and she might have a few less frustrated, negative comments. Doesn’t sound like Stacey was being greedy about anything. She was just trying to get a deal like everyone else.

  11. Jennifer says

    Stacey – my sister got one earlier with the code…it is the fact it is a free item and they go fast…you have to be quick on the draw….
    LOVE you RHC!!

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