1. Becky R says

    Hubby and I started this in our neighborhood in January and it has been awesome. Here is our referral link would love for us all to get gift cards!!!

  2. Becky R says

    Just to let you know, the original post is worded a bit funny. You don’t need 10 people to use your referral code, you need one person to use it, start a neighborhood group and get 10 of their neighbors invited and joined to get the gift card. So if you easily know 10 neighbors, husband and wife count as 2, and you are on top of them to accept the invitation within 3 weeks it is an easy earn. It’s easy to send invites too. In addition to fliers, email, word of mouth, You get 50 free postcard invites the 1st of every month that Nextdoor will mail out, no charge to you. You can view all of the homes in your neighborhood and just click on them to invite. Our neighborhood grew fast by all of the original members doing this monthly and just randomly selecting homes from various areas of the neighborhood to get the word out. Even though we may not have known each other, when they received their postcards they often accepted and joined, so much so that our HOA is using the site through hubby and I to get out their info as well. We also are planning our first neighborhood wide BBQ which will be a lot of fun.

  3. Nikki says

    Please click on my referral link, I’ll click on yours. here it is:

  4. Tiffany says

    Do the 10 people all have to be in your neighborhood? I don’t really live in a friendly neighborhood. Why are Nikki and Becky r’s referral links the same?

    • Becky R says

      they do have to be in the same neighborhood. You are only considered to have an “official” neighborhood after 10 members have joined, otherwise they close your neighborhoods page due to lack of interest. I suggest sending out the 50 postcards to random neighbors. Not sure how big your neighborhood is, but ours has over 400 homes and over 5 months i have been able to send over half of them postcard invites and many have accepted once they checked the site out. Word has got out enough now that others are requesting to be added if they have not been emailed or mailed an invite yet. I am no sure why Nikki’s referral link is the same as mine. I know mine is working because I am able to go to my neighborhood sign in page and see who has started a new neighborhood.

    • Becky R says

      i disagree, we have had great success with it, no spamming. Even got the word out about a series of neighborhood break ins resulting in the arrest of the suspect. We’ve used it to arrange play dates, advertise yard sales, plan a neighborhood BBQ, get people together with similar interests in groups for baking/cooking, motorcycles, hunting/fishing, etc.

  5. rina says

    i need somebody from a different neighborhood. plz use my link to sign up.

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