*HOT* FREE Bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles ($3.99 Value!) Coupon

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Oh wow, there are a lot of hot freebies and deals tonight! Hurry over to get a coupon for a FREE Bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles ($3.99 Value)!

Details: Only one coupon allowed to be downloaded per Facebook User. Customer must provide the physical coupon, in printed format, at time of purchase. Maximum value $3.99. Cannot be doubled or combined with any other offer, discount or promotion. 

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  1. Kristine says

    Mine just printed as a blue box (no pic) and something to scan. I work in a retail store and no way would we take this. Maybe mine just printed weird?

  2. LaDean says

    It seems like they are all printing the same way by what I’ve been reading. Don’t know what store would take this type of coupon. It looks too strange.

  3. melissa says

    States the Lindor shops will take it, so I guess if you have one of them, you may be able to use it. The coupon looks odd, the ucp code starts with a 2 and not a 5 or 9 like it needs to and there is no address for reimbursement, so no regular store will be able to take this.

  4. melissa says

    Got a normal one that looks 100% different than the first one(on our other laptop), so I think they fixed it now.

  5. Janine says

    Mine printed okay – it is large, but there is a remit to address and the beginning of the UPC code is a 5. Not sure if the stores will take this “FREE” coupon. I’ve been told that there are “usually” no “FREE” printable coupons due to easy fraudulent coupons. I’ll see if my store takes it. Bummer if they don’t!!!

  6. Dana says

    Most retailers will not accept printable “Free” coupons – can’t blame them – too much fraud going on.

  7. jess says

    when I try to print the deal it produces a pop up screen asking me to login with smart deals. When I cancel it says user is logged out and no alternative to print the coupon. Any ideas?

  8. Kristine says

    I printed it again and this time it looks like a normal coupon. It has another barcode on the left that starts with a 5 and the picture printed. This should work now

  9. Danielle says

    When I printed my coupon it only printed the top portion that says complimentary lindor truffles, and nothing else. On the computer the coupon does appear to look like a regular coupon, so I’m sure it would work. Just wish it had printed correctly because I cannot try to reprint it, as I get a message that says my print limit has been reached. :-(

    • Danielle says

      I contacted the support email and was able to reprint the coupon with the information that was provided. I was even able to print more than one coupon!!!!!! I hope I can use all the ones I printed.

  10. Kayla says

    I took mine to Fred Meyers this morning it does not scan. I got a nice lady who took it anyways. I know some stores will not take if it does not scan. Mine also printed out perfect. So good luck :)

  11. mariam mansour says

    Got mine, this morning, but Hubby, couldn’t teh coupon prented with out a bar code,and when he tried again it said reached limit print!! :(, too bad wanted to get 2 for Hallow!!

  12. MaryBeth says

    I used this coupon today at Target (in UT) without any problem scanning. (I even blacked out my name and FB photo.) Since it printed out kinda small I wasn’t sure if this coupon would work, but it did.

  13. Lisaanne says

    neat thing is, if the members of your family each have a facebook account, they each can print a coupon!! I did!!

    • lia says

      I was able to print 6 because of family members and wasnt sure if my store would accept these coupons as I thought it was way too good to be true especially for FREE LINDT CHOCOLATES (which are so good!) Was glad the clerk was able to take the coupons with no problems. Family already finished 1 bag!

  14. Sakura says

    how much are they at target? the cvs near my house was 4.99 so I would have to pay $1, so I figured I’ll wait until they go on sale

  15. becka says

    Printed out 4, one tot each member of household. Brought one to Walgreens where it was on sale got 3.99. Coupon didn’t scan but they took it anyway

  16. mariam mansour says

    Well yester, i went to Target and i picked the 6 oz bag, but they refuse to scan it, saying that its not a manifacture coupon!!!!!!! which was obvious that it is,the I headed to Walmart,and get 5.1 oz, so easy and they scan it.!! I advise you to Walmart :)

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