*HOT* FREE Diamond Candles + FREE Shipping!!

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Please note – they are getting slammed with traffic right now so you will need some patience!!

WOW!! Hurry over and follow the directions below exactly to score a FREE Diamond Candle + FREE Shipping!

Follow the steps below exactly:

  1. “Like” Diamond Candles On Facebook
  2.  Then sign in or sign up for  Sneekpeeq here
  3. After you sign in you will need to Click here and Claim this badge on Sneekpeeq for FREE Shipping on Diamond Candles and $5 off your order. (IMPORTANT – Make sure you have LIKED them BEFORE clicking this)
  4. On Sneakpeeq you will need to check your badges to make sure you were given the $24 Diamond Candle Credit (You may have to “peeq” at more than one candle and then go back to badges and refresh) Just be sure yo see this $24 off a Diamond Candle Badge!
  5. Then select your favorite Diamond Candle Scent here
  6. Shipping will be FREE if you got the Diamond Candle badge.



Thanks, Spending with Pennies

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  1. Angela W. says

    Didn’t like that I had to enter my credit card info for $0 payment, but psyched I was able to get a candle. I’ve been wanting to try one! Thx. :)

  2. Brianna says

    What an amazing deal! Almost every scent was sold out, but it’s free so I’m not complaining! Thank you for posting, I’ve wanted one of these for forever!

  3. Jade Knight says

    Awesome freebie! I got mine, but when I sent the deal to a friend it only gave her a $5 dollar off diamond candles badge and a free shipping of diamond candles badge. Not sure why, or if it was just her — but five bucks off and free shipping is still a grand deal. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tami says

    … not sure of why this was even posted since we cannot take advantage of it. Every single candle is sold out. That sounds like a hoax to get people to sign up. Very disappointed that I even wasted my time.

  5. Jean C says

    How do I make sure that Sneakpeeq and Diamond Candles are linked? Im not sure what to do so I can get my free candle. Please help

  6. Tami says

    Congrats bc your prob 1 of 10. We tried for 45 minutes and every time we hit submit..it would say it was out of stock. Mind you, it was supposedly reserved in our cart for another 15 minutes. Waste of time in my opinion.

  7. Shannon says

    I agree that it`s a hoax to get people to sign up! she conveniently fails to mention that she gets referral credits for every person who signs up through her link and if you`re already a mamber, you probably are not going to get the deal. It`s very dishonest not to at least mention that!

    • Kristy T says

      She may get referral credits, but she also GIVES AWAY Diamond candles all the time to her “Fan of the Week”. It’s not like she hoards them all for herself.

    • Molly says

      Ok and I think she deserves referral credits bc she has gotten me TONS of free stuff and amazinf coupons! WOW, some people!!!

    • Jade Knight says

      I was already a member and got my candle, so it wasn’t just for new members. I have signed up for many of these freebie deals she posts and I have not been disappointed yet. She posts amazing deals, is good to her fans, and does her best to provide us with good deals all the time – if she’s getting some referral credits or even monetary kick backs from us signing up for things through her whats the big deal? Shouldn’t she get a little compensation for all the time and effort she takes in posting these things for us? She’s doing all the work and even outlines exactly what to do to get the deals! There are *tons* of items I’ve messed out on because they go so quickly, and this particular mission took me almost 20 minutes to complete, if it doesn’t come the only thing I’m out is a little time I was already wasting online. Get a grip, people, and stop being so ungrateful!

    • jennifer says

      Wow I cannot believe how RUDE you are Shannon…..she puts in all her time to help all of us, and doesnt get paid for it. You are an UNGRATEFUL BRAT who should have to pay full price for everything!!!! PPL like you ruin things for everyone else!!!

  8. Alyce says

    I checked my badges and I have the free candle and free shipping! The free candle badge is good for 30 days, so hopefully they’ll be back in stock soon. Gonna keep checking. :D

  9. NIchelle says

    If you were able to get the badge, keep refeshing the page, they are popping up randomly. I have like 6 in my cart but cant seem to earn the badge!

  10. Kristle says

    all candles are sold out:( so can’t earn the badge because I can not peek :( but i did get the free shipping & $5 off but still all are sold out so can’t use those either

    • Jade Knight says

      I saw that… i emailed sneakpeek about it, Diamond Candles says they had nothing to do with it what so ever so we’ll see what sneakpeek says.

  11. Kristin says

    I ordered mine, got a confirmation email and all— and today I got a 5$ apology credit and they said it was an error. That is so annoying! It took forever to do it! :(

  12. Tami says

    Like I said.. SCAM. It was Sneakpeek trying to get people to sign up. Disappointing especially since we were all asked to provide credit card information.

  13. Nichelle says

    They are cancelling all orders, saying it was an error giving out the free candle badge. It was only intended for those who didnt receive their guaranteed by Christmas order

  14. Roxanne says

    I called them and I e mailed diamond candles and asked that they do not work with them and I wrote to the raining hot coupons, giving out my info to a co that cant stand by their deals is not making my day! I am a bit bitter with this one!

    • Megan Bowen says

      I am too. I don’t blame anyone but Sneakpeeq. The main problem for me is that I had to pay tax and I am going to go all crazy on them for my $2.

  15. Mrs C says

    I was so excited to get a candle and then they cancel the order. So annoying. It took a long time to order one only to get canceled and all I got was $5 credit. Ridiculous. I’ll not fall for another offer from them! Really hoping them having my credit card info isn’t a mistake!

  16. Krissy Coupon aka Krissy Osborne says

    I was able to get one for 3.99$ and free shipping! Yesterday I was unable to get anything, bc they were sold out.. so anyone who had issues yesterday.. do go back and try again! I know 3.99 isn’t free, but I was happy with that! What an amazing gift to myself :) Just keep “peeqing” and share with 5 friends and you will unlock more badges, that is how I got mine cheap.. wasn’t free, but I am still happy!

  17. Suzanne W says

    I could get a madicure kit for free, BUT it asks for my cc number and I was wondering if this site is safe enough? It has 20mins left on it before it expires. Thanks!

  18. carmen says

    I got my 2 candles, one of them free, bc the other did not make it on time for Christmas, just got a pretty ring of my vanilla scented one, gave it to my daughter, she loves it, the other one I got is the fresh laundry scented one. If you don’t mind waiting for the merchandise then go for it.

  19. Dee says

    This badge was meant for the people who placed an order before the deadline for their candles to arrive before Christmas…all orders got cancelled if you did not place an order on or before deadline and DID NOT recieve your candle by Christmas.

  20. Kari says

    I had never ordered anything from sneakpeeq before, but I got the free candle badge. I was so excited, quickly placed my order…..then read a lot of people complaining that sneakpeeq gave them the badge in error and they cancelled the order….. Well, I don’t know how I got so lucky, but they didn’t cancel my order, and I received both my candles! (One was free, the other I had a $10 off badge) I’ve since placed 3 other orders, and gotten my candles quickly. You just have to make sure the candle you order is in stock at the diamond candle website.

  21. Sam says

    I have had many problems with sneekpeeq and especially with Diamond Candle offers. Email and had pretty good communication until I was told they didn’t know what was wrong with my account “must be an “IT” thing” never heard another word. I won’t shop through them again.

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