*HOT* FREE Pepsi Next 2 Liter + MINE CAME Today!

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Just a reminder…this is still available and I just got my FREE product coupon in the mail today!

Play the “Wheel of Levy” to score a  FREE Pepsi Next 2-Liter Product coupon!

Just click on the Pepsi bottle. Then spin the bottle to get a FREE Pepsi Next product!


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  1. Donna says

    I clicked on the pepsi bottle, but it comes up with Loading Levy and then sits there. How can I get the coupon.

  2. Rachael carter says

    I got mine but when i went to walmart to use it they said it wasnt real even though it says to scratch the back with a coin. I saw the logo but i guess the cashier and the manager didnt?? was this a problem with anyone else?

    • says

      I tried at Albertson’s (grocery store) and they wouldn’t take it :/ and because it looks like a printable coupon, I don’t think any other store around me will take it either. Bummer.

  3. Bonnie says

    We did pay sales tax on it, however, the soda was on sale at CVS (this was a couple weeks ago) for 99 cents, and the cashier entered the full retail amount for $1 overage, so I won’t complain about the sales tax. ;)

  4. Taysariece says

    I wanted to ask how many times have you guys done this deal, so far I’ve received three free coupons ( they went through at walmart with no problem and I paid a about a few pennies in tax for each one) but i’e put in for a few more times, do you think i will receive it lol?

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