*HOT* FREE Santoku Knife (Just Pay $3 Shipping)! This Cuts through things VERY Easily!


Wow! Hurry over to score a FREE Santoku Knife (this knife cuts through things like it’s melting them…it’s super easy to use and a $100 Value!). You will have to pay shipping of $3.00 which means you will pay only $3.00 to have this awesome knife shipped to you!

Please note – Once you receive your knife, if you do not want to get monthly shipments, you will need to call and cancel – it’s automated and super easy, you don’t even have to talk to anyone!

Santoku knives are best known for their sharp edges, either beveled or hollow ground, which enhances their cutting performance. Another feature is the ‘granton edge’ release pattern (scalloped) on the blades that not only adds style, but helps to release thin slices and sticky food after slicing.



Photo Credit, The Daily Goodie Bag


  1. I did order this but when the I got the confirmation number my address was missing the apartment number. I tried to find their number to call them but I couldn’t. Did you see their phone number any where?

  2. how do you find the number to call and cancel?

    • The toll-free number is 1-800-209-8397. Operators are available Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST.

  3. it didnt have my apartment number either. :/

  4. how do I cancel my order? I was charged $17.95

  5. I just canceled. Omg I am going to have an heartattack if they charge me again xD

    • did u get charge again? its so weird how they dont take out the money from my bank.. its been 2 days now..
      im so afraid now

      • D: I just saw a pending amount of $17.95…and today there is no pending amount. OMG i am scared. I talked to my bank and they said even if I cut my card, they can still take out our money. Did you cancel? I canceled the program the same day and they said I have to wait 21 days for package to come…and then return it with the label -_- and I am scared I get another bill of $80-100. I read online about cooking pleasure. They said it’s a scam but I can file a dispute if it happens. Just BEWARE. I was tooooo gullible and I will never buy anything that this blog puts lol

  6. My x wife ordered this knife she said she wanted to use it to castrate me :/

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