*HOT* FREE Similac Baby Formula Cans & More!


How awesome  is this…you can score some FREE Similac Formula (and if you don’t use this you can surely donate it or give it to someone)! A friend of mine got 2 FREE tubs AND $20 in vouchers which can be used with coupons for get free or close to it formula. Takes about 3-4 weeks to get.

Here’s how:

  • Go here and sign up
  • Make sure you “Check” the box for Similac Strongmoms (on the second page for me see below)
  • Check your email for a confirmation

Here’s what comes in the mail:

  • Coupons and vouchers for $5 off and FREE products
  • Full size samples


Thanks and photo credit


  1. It let’s me log in but can’t fill information out

  2. They will also send you coupons every month.

  3. Danielle Horsley says

    This is a great deal, I don’t have kids, but i know a bunch that do!

  4. i cant find the deal… not an option on any pages 🙁

  5. Michelle Spiegel says

    I was able to log in and click on “free baby stuff” on the top bar. It appears when I have NOT scrolled over anything. Once clicked I was able to find the Similac ad!

  6. I Got two FREE full sized tubs of formula last time this was on your page! It was over $50 of formula! it was pretty awesome!!

  7. I dont even get an option for Similac?

  8. not seeing similac either :0(

  9. Definitely no option for this anywhere. Trust me I tried a million different things and nada!! Not sure why

  10. just look up similac and go to their website,thats what I did.

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