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You can possibly score a FREE Thit! T-shirt! Just fill out your info and registered Users will be randomly selected to receive a free Thit! shirt. I got mine as you can see above!!

This is a soon to be Social Networking site (kind of like Facebook or Twitter).

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  1. Logan says

    After a certain amount of people using an invitation code that code will stop working. If anyone has that problem, here is mine : 2hduQL

  2. Angel says

    here’s my code if the above 2 run out. I think the first one posted only has one more sign up allowed on it. Then there’s logans and mine :)


  3. Amanda says

    Does anyone else think it’s a little odd that there is no info on this website, no clue as to what it is… and we just gave them our address?

  4. Smokie Simpson says

    I am registered user number 31149 of 31149 but how do we know if we got the shirt it does not tell you anyone know?

  5. Dawn says

    Everything worked fine for me, I copied and pasted the code, and got to the next page to email friends to invite with another code, ordered my t-shirt and all that. Thit!

  6. Teri says

    This does work. You have to click on “FREE Thit! T-shirt” on this page and manually input the code. You cannot cut and paste the code because it won’t work. Then just scroll down and complete your information and follow the additional prompt.

  7. tracy says


  8. Stephanie says

    Hey Guys, you have to CLICK On the link that says FREE Thit! T-shirt! then enter in your code. Good lord some not so smart people – LOL

    • angela says

      I got it now their instructions really don’t say to do that
      thought it was wierd they didn’t ask where to send the shirt

  9. Christine says

    Why is everyone putting the code here in the comments? You have to click on the link and enter it there along with personal info.

  10. brittany says

    “This is a soon to be Social Networking site (kind of like Facebook or Twitter).”

    Thit is nothing the owner is still doesn’t know what Thit will be. Thit was launch at carsforsale.com in the spring of 2012.

  11. Lisaanne says

    i’m so confused why people are leaving their info on here? Go to the site and you can register there! I’ve already received mine and so did my husband!! They are actually really nice. But I will probably wear it around the house. Not sure I want to sponsor something I know nothing about.!

  12. diane says

    I don’t give my cell phone number out. That is when you start getting charges for various things on it. Not a good idea. I will give up getting the shirt before I give it out to get charged for things I am not going to use

  13. fanny says

    i gave my landline number just to go through the process as i do not wish to give my cell # as well, then they keep sending txts and other charges…maybe i won’t get a shirt if they check…lol

  14. jennifer says

    has anyone who also signed up for the creme free shirt and the nfl towel from tide recieved those? I “ordered” mine about 8 weeks ago and still havent gotten anything.

  15. Julie says

    Just wanted to let people know that I registered for this a while back and I got my shirt a few days ago! I had already forgotten about it. So it does come :)

  16. Bridget says

    I got mine in the mail today! Great surprise for me from being stranded in my apartment at school from this hurricane haha

  17. Barbara Olmedo says

    Got one, & my husband got one too. No charges, no calls, Nothing!!!! Nice shirt, Thanks….. Raining Hot Coupons

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