*HOT* FREE U by Kotex Tampons, Pads and Cute Clutch!

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This is still available!

Wow! Hurry over and click on “Build your Board” to score FREE U by Kotex Tampons, pads and cute Clutch!

Thanks, Cyndy

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  1. Jennifer says

    Does not work right now. Maybe check back later and the rest will load up. It says drag pics here but nothing to drag. Oh well.

  2. Leah says

    I dunno, I got mine to work even after others said it didn’t go through…took forever to get it to load, I even wandered off to mc donalds to let it load…but after I pinned it asked my info and said it’ll take 4 weeks to get to me

  3. Patti says

    P & G is giving away an even prettier sample filled clutch this Saturday @ participating grocers……along with numerous other samples…..I’ll be @ Krogers in Indianapolis, Indiana. C ya’ll there!

  4. brittany says

    it keeps sending me to the walmart homepage and i cant scroll or anything in the popup… right after i finish board and pin it that happens, dosent make sence?

  5. Riven says

    Got mine. Board took forever to load so I just clicked a random thing onto the board and clicked save or whatever and it gave me a button to click for sample and 4 weeks from now I should have it.

  6. Vicki says

    I had to switch browsers. Couldn’t get it to work in firefox, but it took less than a minute in chrome.

  7. Mariah says

    I just got mine, it’s just before 8pm in FL…I had to switch to chrome, Firefox wouldn’t load right…just thought I’d share!

  8. ashley says

    it gave me the info to fill out but i can’t finish filling it out cause i live in canada!! :( this sucks

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