*HOT* FREE Unreal Candy Bar Coupon + 5 Readers Win Baskets Full of Products!

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This giveaway ends today!!

Yummy! I have a FREEBIE and a special giveaway exclusively for Raining Hot Coupons’ readers!

You can head over to the CVS Facebook page to get a coupon for a FREE Unreal Candy Bar item.

Then, CVS and Unreal are giving 5 Raining Hot Coupons readers a basket filled with Unreal items.

Here’s what the winners will get:

·         Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar

·         Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar

·         Peanut Butter Cups

·         Candy Coated Chocolates

·         Candy Coated Chocolates with Peanuts

These delicious candy bars are much better for you. They are “unjunked” – what does that mean? Here’s what Unreal has to say about it:  

Corn syrup?  Out.  Partially hydrogenated oils?  Out.  GMOs?  Out.  Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives?  Out. Reduced sugar by over 40% per serving on average?  Check. They also decided key ingredients needed to be responsibly sourced, supporting farming communities and preventing destruction of the rain forests. All ingredients are non GMO.  Dairy comes from pasture raised cows with no antibiotics or added hormones.

How To Enter:

1) Sign up for the daily email. *You will be immediately sent a confirmation email to confirm you wish to receive our newsletter, go right to it and accept. You must confirm this to have your entry count.

2) “Like” Raining Hot Coupons on Facebook here! (Optional)

3) “Share” this with your friends by clicking on “Share” in the bottom right corner. (Optional)

4) After completing the entry tasks, please leave a comment below for each entry completed.

Giveaway will end on 8/27/12 at 9pm MST. This Giveaway is not associated with Facebook in any way.

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  1. Carol says

    I am signed up for daily emails, I shared to Facebook, and I “Like” (more like LOVE) Raining Hot Coupons! Thank you.

  2. Dorothy Troller says

    Get your newsletter. I have liked and shared. Love your fun and interesting site. Alot of my friends are now your fans.

  3. Danielle Bupp says

    Already subscribe to the newletter, like your facebook and shared this giveaway! :)
    Hope I win! I love treats!

  4. Dawn Daugherty says

    That was ez already liked the site prior I on it daily. Shared & twitted for ya. Thanks for the chance.

  5. amanda says

    Have been following your blog for a long time and already liked you on facebook. Would love to win, have never tried these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Lee Ann says

    I already am subscribed to your emails, like on facebook and have shared in the past. Thank you for all you do for us. I really appreciate it.

  7. Lauren Q says

    Signed up for the e-mails! I usually look at the Facebook statuses but I got extra excited because I just discovered this brand and am OBSESSED! Would love a gift basket of these treats :)

  8. Chris says

    Step 1 √ Step 2 √ Step 3 √ Step 4 √…..excited about the give away and can’t wait to try the free candy bar (Via coupon) at the very least!

  9. nichole says

    Daily email subscriber already – check; liked on fb already, check; now going to share! Hope I win, I <3 chocolate !

  10. Penny says

    I’ve long since followed RHC on FB and receive the emails. LOVE Unreal candy! So thankful my son can finally have candy with no artificial dyes!

  11. Jill N says

    I LOVE this candy from CVS! I am already a fan of your fb page and I get your daily email. Thank you for another great give away and good luck to eveyone :)

  12. Krissey Perry says

    Signed up, liked, shared and for them comment….thank you for sharing your savings information, love this site.

  13. Claudia Horn says

    Have been receiving your daily emails already, and I like you on FB already, I shared this giveaway and I am commenting now ;-)

  14. Jill N says

    And I shared this on my fb wall! Thank you for the opportunity! I appreciate all of your great contests and all the great deals you post :)

  15. Lisa Baldwin says

    I LOVE the Unreal Candy! It’s the bomb! Yes and I love Raining Coupons too!:) I’m always sharing your deals!

  16. Kelly Brittain says

    I shared on fb.
    I already receive your emails and liked/follow rhc on fb. Getting my coupon….can’t wait to try these. Thanks!

  17. kinga. says

    Hi! I am signed up to receive daily emails.. and also ‘like’ on Facebook.. Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. Meredith says

    I’ve been following your blog/website/facebook/emails for about a year. You have such a great site! Thank you for all of your work, its made couponing for my family so easy.com! :)

  19. Kristin says

    I have been a member of your site for a long time now. I have got many great deals, freebies & great coupons that have saved me so much. I have sent many people to your site both on facebook and your site for the blogs. Thank you so much for all of the time and work that you put into helping us all get great deals. Also, baby girl Miley is so precious and I enjoy seeing your videos and pics of her. I have shared this great giveaway to many!!! Thanks!

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