*HOT* Get Paid to Test FREE Disney Perfume and More (Limited Openings)

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Wow! How awesome would it be to test out a FREE Disney Perfume AND get paid for it and be able to keep the item?! Well a lot of you may have the chance to do just that! This just opened for sign ups today so you may want to hurry over since there are only limited openings!

Here’s how you can get in on testing a Disney Perfume and get paid for it:

  1. Sign up for Toluna (a survey company which will pay you $1 – $5 for surveys + you get paid to test products)
  2. After you confirm your email, sign in
  3. Click on the “Rewards” tab at the top where you will see a “Test Area” tab.
  4. Come back and let us know if they choose you!!

They are also going to need testers for other products soon such as:

  • Axe after shave cream
  • Car air freshener
  • and MORE!

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  1. melanie says

    Ok, so I went and signed up, verified email and all, went to test products and I’m clicked on Disney perfume and a pop up box came up asking if I’d heard of the product but I don’t see a way to answer or do any other action outside of zooming in on the product. Am I missing something?

  2. Jamie says

    It asked if I heard of the Disney perfume, asked if I had ever sampled it, and then just said if I was chosen then the sample would be sent to the address on my acct and to verify it.

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