*HOT!* Gevalia Classic Coffeemaker + 4 Boxes of Gourmet Coffee ONLY $9.99 Shipped!

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Wowie!! I have a super HOT deal for all of you! You can get a Gevalia Classic Coffeemaker + 4 boxes of gourmet Gevalia coffee for a whopping $9.99 shipped to your door. I told you it was a *HOT* deal….

Just choose your favorite 4 boxes (my favorites are Crème Brulee, German Chocolate Cake, French Vanilla, Raspberry Danish, Pumpkin Spice and so many more)! Then you will need to add the coffee maker to your cart and checkout!

Important – you will be set up to get regular shipments BUT you can cancel that anytime after receiving your order and it’s very easy to do. You can either do this online or by calling 1-800-438-2542.

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  1. christy says

    i just recieved this in the mail yesterday! its fantastic and my dad needed one. perfect fathers day gift.

  2. Nikki R. says

    Thanks so much!!! My coffee maker JUST died !! This couldn’t have been offered at a better time since I needed to buy one anyway! PLus now I get 4 free boxes of coffee!! YAYY!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Asa says

    I did this a while ago. It was a great deal but it was difficult to cancel so I hope they’ve made it easier since then. Also after I cancelled my account I noticed a random charge on my credit card statement from them I had not authorized. When I spoke to the company they told me I had received a “special gift” as a thank you for using the company which i never even got! Where I come from you do not pay for gifts and if you’re going to be charged, they should ask you in advance if you even want it since its not free! So make sure you cancel everything and maybe contact customer service to be sure you won’t get any unexpected “gifts” or charges in the future :)

  4. Lauren J says

    Have yet to recieve mine though its been a while and my card was charged. It actually debited for $10.99. Not a big deal but it said my total was $9.99 and thats conflicting.

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