*HOT* I Am Looking for Some “Raining Hot Writers” – Write a Frugal Article and Get Paid by Me!

Update – I’ve had a pretty good response to this and have received several great articles. It’s going to take me some time to go through them but please, please don’t think I am not going to post your article if I have not responded to you yet. I have them all in a special folder in my email, and will get back to you ASAP. When and if yours is posted, you will get payment as soon as I post it so please don’t worry about that.

I am super excited to tell you all about an idea I’ve been having for awhile. I am always getting emails with questions, and great ideas for topics of discussion! So, I started thinking…with all you creative Raining Hot Coupons’ readers, I would LOVE to get YOUR help!

I am looking for some “Raining Hot Writers”! It will be a great way for some of you Stay At Home Mom’s and Dad’s to earn a little extra MONEY here and there too!

Here’s my plan and my idea….

I would love for you all to write up a post about whatever “Money Saving, Frugal” topic you’d like! This is the creative part…thinking about what you would like to tell others.

Here are some examples of past topics:

  • How to save money when planning a Birthday Party
  • How to Meal Plan
  • Freezing Food
  • How to save money on “Knock-off” brands
  • Saving money purchasing online
  • Parenting
  • Paying down debt
  • Organizing Bills
  • Frugal Recipes
  • ETC….(I’m excited to hear your topics)

I’m going to pay you too! If you’re topic gets posted, you will get $5 cash via Paypal! Plus, there is NO LIMIT on how many times you can contribute….hey, I may even want to hire one of you to do this on a consistent basis for Raining Hot Coupons!

Depending on the quality of the articles and how much the RHC readers enjoy them, I may pay more in the near future for each article but right now this is a test to see how it goes. I may post up to 1 (maybe even 2 a day). That means you could earn a good amount of money submitting your articles each month. 😉

Rules….Darn those things….Let’s call them Guidelines!

* You will need to make sure your content is original and in your own words.

* Make sure you are giving CREATIVE and UNIQUE tips that most of us may have not though of or ever heard of.

* Personality – please don’t make this boring…we want to read fun pieces with your personality infused – be cheesy…nothin’ wrong with that! 😉

* Please add a photo or two to your post. If you find this photo on another website please just be sure to include a link to their website at the bottom of the post.

* Remember, this is a coupon, money saving site so if there are coupons for products or links of places for them to save money, etc, don’t forget to include links in the post too!! I Love these!


Email your article to me at sarah@raininghotcoupons(DOT)com – If I choose to post your article, I will let you know and send your payment or gift card (whichever you choose!).


  1. How long will you be accepting articles?

  2. Nita Frazier says

    Word count?

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Nita, there is no specific word count but please make it sorta long….not too short. Thanks!

  3. I would LOVE to see a spot on your site where I can look up coupons to see what insert it can in and the date it came out and ofcorse expire shortly maybe high lighted in red.

  4. Tonya, there is one… right side, coupon database. 🙂

  5. I am SO excited!!!! I have been thinking of breaking into writing, and this is perfect! I don’t mind the frugality, I’m just happy to possibly get my work read =)

  6. Teresa Alexander says

    Just sent you an email!

  7. Just sent my email as well!!

  8. melinda besinaiz says

    I would love to contribute home made baby food ideas…let me know of you are interested. Very frugal compared to store bought and WAY healthier!!!

  9. Sent you a message. I’ve been writing articles with the hope that one day I could get paid for helping others how to do gardening on the cheap, free plants and all. Lets face it I can use extra money.

    • and we could all use pointers on gardening!! so much cheaper then getting produce at the store!!

      • Alisa, when I see the price of produce and herbs at the stores or farmers markets I cringe. I started gardening when my son was a baby, he was allergic to every thing. Now at 32 he loves vegetables and can out cook the best of us, I believe it was because he was involved from the beginning. Gardening can be fun with your kids and even more fun when you not opening your wallet. I have great ideas to share, but want a commitment first from raininghotcoupons.com

  10. Is there a certain format that you would prefer this to be emailed to you? A PDF? Just an email, etc?

  11. Norma Narviz says

    A friend and myself have gathered together and made a recipe for tamels. It is healthy and easier to make…sure everyone would like to learn how to do them. Let me know if this would make a good story post. thanks

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