*HOT* JcPenney: FREE Kids’ Haircuts ALL August!

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Just a reminder about this awesome freebie!

JcPenney has a great offer that they doing for the month of August! All kids grades K-6th can get a FREE haircut!! What an awesome freebie!

I suggest going here to find a location near you and calling to make an appointment before they get booked up.

Nice little back to school freebie!

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  1. angie says

    Talk about a great idea,but bad advertising ,they do not over this anywere I can find in the upstate NY,why not it states all over USA..??????

  2. Regina Tipton says

    I don’t encourage others to take advantage of JCP these days. Their spokesperson , Ellen D., does not represent our values as consumers. The breakdown of the family as God intended is more important to avoid than partonizing a merchant who no longer honors the values of their founder!

    • Love Abounds says

      Ellen rocks!
      She doesn’t judge you and if you are truly a believer you know you shouldn’t be judging anybody. Stop stressing yourself out & enjoy the ride, let Him do his work. Nobody likes a hippocrit.

    • Megan says

      Your comment is deplorable, everyone deserves a chance to be happy and kudos to jcpenney’s for realizing that.

        • Lauren says

          She represents mine. And my best friends moms (yes, I said MOMS). my children will grow up learning love and equality and (gasp) even acceptance. Now. Keep your personal opinions to yourself. This had nothing to do with the item posted

    • Melissa says

      Wow Regina, you are so ignorant it’s laughable. Wake up and welcome to the 21st century! People like you make me sick.

  3. Michelle says

    I am in northern NY, and I just called the closest store to me which is Massena and they are participating but are not taking appointments till July 20

  4. Kathryn says

    Regina, speak for yourself. Ellen is a fantastic spokesperson and represents a huge amount of people. In fact, how they have handled the homophobia shown to them, just like on this page, is the main reason I WILL be supporting them.

  5. Monkeymama says

    @Regina–YOUR values are not OUR values. I am proud to support any organization that chooses its spokesperson based on their beliefs and personality and not their sexuality (or race or any othe trivial factor). What an atiquated idea.

  6. Brittany Arrand says

    I’ve been telling any one I know with kids about this deal….in this economy anywhere we can save is MORE important than any politics/beliefs…savings r what is important!

  7. NIkki says

    Down girls….you may not agree with Regina…but like you said we all are allow to have our opinions so you have spoken yours allow her to speak hers.

  8. Sara Munoz says

    Booked my appt the other day. I don’t know if this is true of all locations, but in my area, I was told the free haircuts were offered Sun-Weds only. Just an FYI!

  9. Lauren says

    booked this AM, in Western NY. they didnt have any restrictions, though it is a 2 week wait. Fine for me. Closer to school lol

  10. Hollie says

    Whether we agree with Ellen or not, the amount of charity that woman contributes to is unreal!! Her awesome heart for those struggling most certainly represents my ideals and what I want my girls to be like. That is what we notice when we watch her show.

  11. Meghan says

    Hey Regina!!! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUTT! You don’t speak for everyone, and you certainly don’t speak for the majority! I feel sorry for you!!

  12. says

    Thank you! My kids all got their hair cuts and they even gave my 3 year old daughter one and shes not in school yet. They also gave a coupon for free 8×10 photo and sitting session at JCPenny Photo

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