*HOT* LOTS Of Hello Kitty Watches ONLY $2.52 + FREE Shipping (Diamonds, Round, Square)

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I just wanted to remind you all of this HOT deal because I’ve had a few readers emailing me and commenting that they received theirs and love them.

If you have a Hello Kitty fan in your life then you may LOVE this next deal! You can currently get some Hello Kitty watches for as low as $2.52 + FREE shipping! These make for AWESOME gifts and I highly recommend them…I received mine and love the quality! See the list below for several watch deals:

Square watches (as pictured above):

BLUE – Hello Kitty Square Leather Band Quartz Watch $2.76

PINK – Hello Kitty Square Leather Band Quartz Watch $2.94

WHITE – Hello Kitty Square Leather Band Quartz Watch $2.94

Round watches (pictured above):

BLACK - Hello Kitty Shell Dial Plate Leather Band Quartz Watch $2.92

PINK - Hello Kitty Shell Dial Plate Leather Band Quartz Watch $2.92

BLUE - Hello Kitty Shell Dial Plate Leather Band Quartz Watch $2.92

Or with diamonds (as pictured above):

WHITE Hello Kitty Analog Wrist Watch with Diamonds $4.57

PURPLE Hello Kitty Analog Wrist Watch with Diamonds $4.57

BLACK Hello Kitty Analog Wrist Watch with Diamonds $4.57

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  1. Maggie says

    Be aware when u order these that the glass on the face of the watch is not very durable, I bought one and the glass broke a few days later. : (

  2. Julie Quinn says

    bought 2 of these before – sometime in November??? – for Christmas or bday gifts – never received them

  3. Jay says

    Bought some in October as gifts had to fight a case with the company and received a new set in February. If it’s worth the hassle then go a head. I bought 4 so it was worth it.

  4. Couponrolanda says

    I bought some last year, never received em, send them a message, they gave me an couponcode to use on a new order. Tried to do so but code didn’t work. The watches look cute, but I think it’s a scam.

  5. Brandi says

    I’ve bought from them twice. It did take quite awhile to receive but was nice quality items. I did receive one watch that the face was broken, plus I didn’t receive one of my white watches. I sent an email & pic and received a very quick response. They immediately sent out the watch I was missing and replaced the broken watch at no extra charge. I ordered other items too, phone chargers, headphones, etc and I’ve been very happy with my stuff. I do have to say their customer service is 100% better than what you receive around here. I try to buy locally when possible but I was very satisfied with their products.

  6. Tiffany says

    I bout these last Christmas for my daughters and their friends. Once came broken, hassle to get credit for it. One of the girls broke the glass within a day. and it is GLASS. Sharp and not appropriate for a 5 year old.

  7. Doreen says

    I did buy one and took a while to come to me. If I remember, it came from Hong Kong and it was in a regular type envelope–nothing special to protect it. It was nice and lasted for a while and eventually the little pink thing you put the strap through broke but at this price, it’s a good deal.

  8. Tonya says

    It comes from China! I bought some last year for Xmas one broke the same day! I also got a 7inch tablet cover that did not fit! Lol yes they Email you back right away, but you have to pay for shipping (more than the watch) also not Diamonds. more like glass. Lol

  9. says

    FAKE and its ILLEGAL to import. I ordered from them too last time and many didn’t come, they kept telling me to wait 20 more days when I had already waited 4 weeks, When I told them that they didnt work when they did arrive, even when I bought new batteries at $6 a pop at walmart! they didnt respond. Then in looking at them, these are fake. I researched them and even asked them if they are real and they would not respond. Then I saw on tv investigation that it is ILLEGAL to import fake stuff, so NO IT IS NOT worth it! I was sweating it, cuz i had already ordered! Maybe its worth it to some people but not to a regular person like me.

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